How to Pass & Shoot Fakes | Basketball

September 22, 2019

Dwayne ‘Swoop’ Simpson: Broadway? Eric ‘Broadway’ Jones: What’s up? Dwayne: It’s time for the faking. Eric: The faking? Dwayne: Now you know I’m a master fake artist,
right? Eric: You’re a juker. Dwayne: I’m a juke master. Eric: Yeah. Jukebox. Dwayne: Yeah, they used to call me the Jukebox
when I was playing forward back in the day. Eric: That was your nickname? Dwayne: Of course. Eric: It was Jukebox. Dwayne: The JB. Eric: The JB. Dwayne: The JB. The JB. I get the ball they didn’t know which way
I was going, left or right. Right. Let me show you something. I would come out, I … Eric: Yeah. Dwayne: … they ain’t know what’s going on
right here. Right here. I’m going this way. I shot fakes, and pass fakes together. Eric: Shot fakes, and pass fakes? Dwayne: Yeah, I mixed it together. Eric: So how do you explain that? Dwayne: Well, see, that’s a master level right
there. Eric: All right. Dwayne: You have to go down a little bit [indecipherable
00:46] . Not dealing with those kind of jukes … Eric: You just can’t … Dwayne: … you just can’t get that. Eric: That’s innate. Yeah, obviously. But we’re gonna let DP show us the proper
way … Dwayne: The expert. Eric: That’s why he’s here. The proper way how to shot fake, and pass
fake. Dwayne: Okay. Sounds good. Eric: So first we’re gonna go with the shot
fake. BP’s in the position where he could actually
take a shot. Dwayne: Right. Eric: And when you’re shooting the ball, you
got good shooting form, you got good feet. Dwayne: Oh. Eric: That’s balance right there. Dwayne: Okay. Okay. Eric: You got good knee bend. Then on the shot fake. The key here, Swoop, you want to show the
basketball … Dwayne: Right. Eric: … on the shot show the basketball,
but you don’t want to raise that boom-boom. Dwayne: Right. Eric: You want to keep the butt down. Dwayne: Right. Eric: Ball goes up, butt stays down. Dwayne: Okay Eric: That’s a good shot fake right there. Dwayne: Nice, nice, nice. Eric: So what happens is when you come here,
and shot fake it here if the defense react you can go by them. Dwayne: Oh. Eric: And you don’t have to up … Dwayne: Yep. Eric: … and come down. Dwayne: Yep. Eric: Maximize time and space. Dwayne: You got it. Eric: Now a good pass fake. You want to step with a pass fake. Step out, show the ball, and make the defender
believe that you’re gonna actually pass it, but you’re holding it. Dwayne: Oh. I thought it was coming to me. Eric: He faked you. Dwayne: He, oh, that’s a good one. Eric: Yeah, let me see. Dwayne: That’s good. Eric: Bam. You see that? Dwayne: Yeah. Eric: Pass fake. Dwayne: Okay. Okay. Eric: Try it with Swoop. Oh. Dwayne: How you get me with that? That’s good, man. Eric: Yeah, that’s a good pass fake. Dwayne: Okay. Eric: So there you have it with the broke
down. The shot fake, and the pass fake. So with the shot fake you want keep that butt
down, show the basketball. With the pass fake you want to step, but you
want to hold on to it and maintain your pivot foot. That’s the brake down of the shot fake, and
the pass fake.

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