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How to Play Basketball | Basketball Court Field Trip | KidVision Pre-K

September 8, 2019

(upbeat music) – Hi I’m Miss Penny and
these are the KidVision Kids and we’re here today to
learn how to play Basketball. – And I’m Jim Crutchfield,
I’m the basketball coach here at Nova Southeastern University, and I’m excited to be here today to maybe teach a little basketball, and maybe make a couple new friends too. – Great! And who are you? – Connor Zinaich, I’m a forward here at Nova Southeastern University. – Terrific! – I’m Michael Moore and
I’m a point guard here at Nova Southeastern University. – Fantastic! Are you ready
to learn some basketball? – Yeah! – Me too, lets go. (rattling) (glimmer) (upbeat music) – Ah, this is going to be fun,
but before we get started, can you tell us about the equipment? What do we need to play basketball? – Well first of all, you need to come out dressed ready to play basketball, and probably the most important thing is a nice pair of shoes- tennis shoes. Looks like you guys have
all got that covered. A comfortable pair of shorts, a comfortable shirt, and I think you guys are all dressed for that too. If you ever join a team, you might even be wearing a jersey with a number on it. – Can you choose any number you want? – That’s a good question Miss. Penny, because sometimes they can,
and sometimes they can’t. Because if they join a team where someone already has that number, then they’ll have to pick another number beside their favorite number. – So it could even be like, thirty seven? – Well actually Miss. Penny,
you can’t have a number above a five on a jersey.
Everything has to be between zero and five in basketball, so when officials go to the scores table, they can say with their fingers on number five through zero, and they can’t have to
make six with two hands. – He has a ten? – That’s a one and a zero. – Ohh! I see. (laughter) A one and a zero, okay, good. – We definitely have to have a basketball, and you can see sometimes they have just the right
amount of air in them, and sometimes they’re a little flat. – How can you tell if it’s flat? – Well when you drop it, if
it doesn’t come back to ya, it doesn’t have enough air in it. – And what other things do
we need to play the game? – Well you’re going to have
to have a basketball hoop, some people call that a hoop, and some people call it a rim. Believe it or not, you can
actually fit two basketballs at the same time, through
that basket or that hoop. It has a net that hangs from it, and it’s attached to what
we call the backboard. Up on top you’ll see there’s a clock, that tells you how much time
you have to make a shot. – So to play a game of
basketball, say on a playground, you would just need good
clothes, shoes, shorts, a comfortable shirt, a
basketball, and a hoop? – Yep, and some friends. – And some friends, that sounds great. Maybe we can learn some
basketball moves now. – Sure. (upbeat music) (swish) (jazz music) – I love basketball and I’m glad we’re here to learn how to play. And so to play, we need
to learn some skills. What skills are important to know when we’re playing basketball? – First you have to know how to dribble. Which is bouncing the ball to get to a certain location on the court. You always want to keep your head up, so you know where you’re
going and what’s around you. Also, you need to know how to shoot, and you always want to
keep your elbow tucked and ready to shoot at all time. – Passing is a key skill
for when you’re trying to find a teammate who’s open for a shot, or when you’re in the
paint, you can kick it out behind the three pointer for your teammate to score three points. And making a layup is key
when you’re in the paint, for three points, and
when you’re close enough to the rim, that’s a skill
that you need to be able to do. – So, so far we learned about four skills what were those skills, do you remember? Dribbling, – Um, passing – Passing, – Shooting – Shooting, – And making a layup. – What other skills might we need to know? Those are just the offensive skills, so now lets talk about the defense. You need to be able to steal the ball, which is taking the ball
away from your opponent, and as well as blocking a shot, which is slapping the ball
before they can even score or try to shoot it. – Two other skills are rebounding, which is when the other team, where your team shoots the ball and it hits the rim or the
backboard and you grab it if you’re on offense,
you can put it back up, if you’re on defense, you
have to dribble the ball to the other end of the court to score. And dunking, if you’re tall
enough and athletic enough, that’s when you take the ball
and you slam it into the hoop, and if you hang on the
rim, you hang on the rim. – Ah, you get to be the real winner – Yep (laughs) – But we have a lot to
learn. Are you ready? – Yes – Let’s practice them one at a time, okay? (upbeat music) – Whew! We did a lot of work! You did a good job,
thanks for teaching us. Now lets learn a little
bit about the court, so that we can play a game. – Sounds good – Alright (swish) (drumming) – Great! Wow we are learning
a lot about basketball, we learned how to do our skills, we learned what clothes we need to wear, and now we’re going to learn
about the court itself. So we have the women’s
basketball team here from NSU to tell us a little bit about it. – I’m Coach Freeland, I’m the head coach here at Nova Southeastern, welcome kids. – Thank you – My name’s Alison and my
position is a shooting guard – And my name’s Claire,
and I’m a post player. – So now I think it’s a good time to learn about the lines on the court. So maybe if you don’t mind,
if you could explain to us why the lines on the court are
here and what we do there. – Sure, well the first line
we’re going to talk about, is the half court line. And this line separates the court in half. So one team is trying
to score on that basket, and then the other team is
trying to score on this basket. So that’s why its divided in half. – Terrific. What lines
are on the court itself? – Well we have these sidelines,
and then the baselines. So that is basically,
just shows the players where the court is. – So if you’re on the,
you have to be within the sidelines and the baselines to play. If you’re outside it’s out of play. – Of course. – So we have to stay in
the lines when we play, you got it? Okay, and then I see that there’s an arc,
there’s a couple of arcs. What do they mean? – Well the arc that’s on the furthest out, that’s the three point
line, or the three point arc so anyone who shoots a
basket behind that line gets three points – And how many points do you normally get when you shoot a basket? – Well you can get one
point for a free throw, two points for any shot
made inside the arc, and then three points for any shot that’s outside of the arc. – What does “in the paint” mean? – Well if you see, under the basket, the color of the floors
a little different, so on our court it’s blue. So anytime you go inside that paint, you only can be in there if
you’re on the offensive team trying to score for three seconds. So if you’re in there
longer than three seconds, then the official will blow the whistle, and you lose the ball. (swish) (jazzy music) – The referee Miss T is here, she makes sure everyone
plays by the rules. Are you ready? – Yeah! – Lets get this party started. (jazzy music) (music continues) – Well thank you very much ladies, we really learned a lot about basketball, and had a great time doing it. – Well thank you for coming today and including us, it was a pleasure. – NSU is a wonderful
place to learn, thank you – Thank you – Bye!

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