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How To Score Like Connor McDavid [Between The Legs Shot] πŸ’

August 25, 2019

– Hey, what’s going on, hockey players. Kevin here from and in this video, I’m gonna talk about how to bury like Connor McDavid. So I’m gonna roll a clip here, this is Connor McDavid’s
40th goal on a season you can see he makes a
nice move on the D-man gets in tight, pulls the puck
between his leg and buries. So in this video, I wanna talk about how he did it, I wanna
talk about why he did this, and why it’s important to have this move in your toolbox as a
player and some drills that we can use to work on this. So first of all, the how. As you saw in the clip,
McDavid made a move kind of inside, outside on his off wing, he got in tight, so once he was in tight, he pulled the puck behind his inside leg, he actually lifted up that inside leg to create some room, got a shot off on net and scored, so the why is what I really wanna talk about in this video. Why should you have this
move in your toolbox? Well, if you’re on your off wing and you’re in tight, and you pull the puck to maybe here, you don’t really have, first of all, as much power on that shot, kinda more of a flick from here, and you also don’t have that angle, the goalie’s gonna be challenging you about right here, so by getting that puck further back, you’re creating more space, a better angle for your
shot, and you can also get a little more on your shot as well. So if you’re in tight, and you’ve kinda over committed, the only real way to get a better angle
on the goalie from here ’cause if you’re shooting from here, you’re not gonna have much of an angle. The only real way is to pull the puck further back to get that angle back on your side, and
the best way to do that to also protect the puck and get it as far away from the goalie as you can, is to lift up, or you
don’t have to lift up you could even just put
the puck between your leg and back here you can see, the angle’s pretty good from here and probably just helps
you get a little more power with that leg up, because
you can have more weight on this leg, and you get a little bit more rotation and you get that shot off. So obviously, that looked a little silly with me standing still,
but you get the idea. (ice scrapes)
You’re just creating a better angle for yourself with the puck so think of the puck from here, you’re not gonna have much of an angle. If you can pull it back to here, while your body is still up here, you’re gonna have a much better angle you can get that far side a lot easier. So that’s they why behind it, now let’s get into a
coupla drills that you can do in order to put
this in your toolbox. Alright, so for this first drill all we want is a pile
of pucks near the net, we wanna be on our off
wing, we wanna get in tight. All we’re gonna do is do
a stationary drill here where we’re pulling the
puck between our legs balancing it on that outside leg and getting a shot off, it’s gonna feel a little bit funny, I’m not skating, but we just wanna get used to the shot and how it feels while
we’re standing still. So again. (stick clangs) Just pull the puck between your legs, lift that leg up, balance
on your outside leg. (puck clacks) Just like that until you feel comfortable. So once you feel comfortable, we’ll move on to drill number two,
which involves some skating. Alright so for drill number two, it’s gonna be the exact same thing, but we’re gonna come into the shot with a little bit of speed, a little bit of skating to make a little
more game situation like. So again, we’re probably
gonna start this off by just about half speed, so we just wanna get in tight, pull the puck back, (stick clacks) practice that shot. Circle back, get in
tight, pull the puck back, practice that shot. Nothing too serious here, we’re not going too fast, we’re just
getting used to the shot. (puck clangs) As you get better, you can start getting tighter and tighter, and try to pull the puck back further and further. So that’s drill number
two, now we’re gonna move on to drill number three, which is basically putting it all together and kind of moving at a faster speed. Okay, so for drill number three here, I’ve got something set
up at the hash marks that we’re gonna dangle around. We’re gonna put together
the full Connor McDavid move so we’re gonna go around a D-man, make a move on him, get in tight, and get that shot off inbetween our legs. So this is how it looks. (skates scrape) Alright, so obviously I’m not as silky as Connor McDavid, but hopefully this video helped you and gave you some ideas for some drills to use so you can learn this move and put it in your toolbox and if
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