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How to Use a Screen | Basketball

September 7, 2019

Dwayne ‘Swoop’ Simpson: Hey B. What? Eric ‘Broadway’ Jones: AS. Dwayne: You know what man? Eric: What’s up? Dwayne: You konw, I think that you and I will
be a great combination right. You know like a one, two punch, alright. Now, I think with your jump shot, right. I can just figure out ways I can get you open
so you knock down the shots and score 90 points a game. Eric: 90 points a game? Why not? So you want to learn how to get a screen. Dwayne: Yeah, yeah for you. Eric: You are going to screen for me? Dwayne: Yeah so you can get open and get some
shots up. Eric: Oh. Dwayne: I’m a good team player I don’t really
care about scoring. Eric: This is a selfless act. Dwayne: I’m a selfless type of guy man. Eric: You know what? Dwayne: That’s what screens are about. Eric: Let’s bring in some experts.. Dwayne: Really? Eric: at showing people on how to get open. Dwayne: Oh, okay. Eric: We got the king, King Arthur, and DP. Dwayne: Wow. Eric: That guy can set a screen. Dwayne: Okay. That sounds good Eric: So what we’re going to do is we’ll put
you on the defensive end. Dwayne: Okay. Eric: I’ll be on the offense end.. Dwayne: Uh huh. Eric: and DP will set a screen on you. Dwayne: Okay. Eric: We’ll move over to the court and show
the people at home how to set a proper screen. Alright, Swoop. Dwayne: What’s up? Eric: We’re going to break it down. Dwayne: Okay. Eric: This is how you set a good screen. First of all DP is going to be the screener. Dwayne: Okay. Eric: And then Arther is going to be the one
getting screened. Dwayne: Oh okay. Eric: So now, this is what’s going to happen. BP is going to let king Arthur know that he’s
coming to set a screen by putting his hand up in the air. So that gives him the signal that he’s going
to set a screen. Dwayne: Okay. Eric: King Arthur, What he has to do is he
has to make sure that he gets himself open and then waits for DP to come and set a screen. Dwayne: Nice. Nice. Eric: So everybody’s got a job. So, First DP’s going to give him the signal. He’s coming to set a screen Arthur sets his
man up. DP holds his position. Arther rubs off shoulder to shoulder. He’s open. Notice the action that happened down here. If you come back down here king Arther, King
Arther put his what we call putting his head in the rim because he’s right under the rim. BP gives the signal, stay there. BP stays very still so he doesn’t commit a
foul. He get’s a wide base, protects himself and
then King Arther is able to run his man if a guy’s trailing him, running behind him. He’s going to rub shoulder to shoulder right
here. And cuts this space off so this guy can’t
get around the screen. Dwayne: You’re telling me that this is going
work to get you open. Eric: Absolutely. Dwayne: I gotta see.. Hey, man. Eric: Let’s bring in 540 Dwayne: Let’s play some defense 540 to see
if they can get this guy open down here. Cause I’m a great defensive player too. Eric: Yeah and you can do whatever you want
after he sets the screen. Dwayne: Okay. What in the world has happened? Eric: You just got screened. Dwayne: Man, that’s legal? Eric: Yeah that’s legal. Dwayne: Ah, let’s do it, okay. Eric: You want to try it again? Dwayne: I got something for that one. I got something for that one. Here you go. Eric: See, you can do whatever you want off
of the screen. Go get ’em. DP: Use me, use me, use me, use me Eric: You never know whose going to be open
off of that screen. Dwayne: Makes sense. Alright, well thanks a lot man. I guess that’s the proper way to how you learn
how to screen, huh? Eric: Hey that’s what it’s all about. First you have a couple of people that are
involved in the screen. You have the screener and you have the person
getting screened. First you want to give the signal or whatever
your signal is for going to set a screen. Then you have the guy who has to set his man
up. In this case ducking his head in the rim and
making sure he rubs off shoulder to shoulder. He protects himself and he gets wide open
and then you have a bunch of options and you play basketball. Dwayne: Sound’s good Eric: Setting a good screen.


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