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Ice Hockey Stories to Watch at PyeongChang 2018 | Olympic Winter Games

August 21, 2019

Pyeongchang 2018:
Stories To Watch. Ice hockey. Ice hockey made its debut
at the 1920 Summer Olympics, which were held
in Antwerp, Belgium, during the temperate month
of April, but it has been
a Winter Games staple since the first was held
in Chamonix 1924. A women’s tournament
was added in Nagano 1998. Six players a side face off,
playing three 20-minute periods, showcasing dexterity,
strength and grace. In Pyeongchang, there will be
a men’s tournament featuring 12 teams divided into
three four-team divisions. Group winners
advance to quarterfinals, as does the second-ranked team
with the best record. Semifinals follow,
then the medal games. A total of six games
will determine the medallists. The women’s tournament features eight teams split into
two competition groups. The top two teams of Group A,
loaded with talent, will jump directly
to semifinals. The next four ranked teams contest in
the quarterfinals first and then on to the semifinals, before advancing to
the medal finals. Ice hockey men’s events
will take place at the Gangneung Hockey Centre in
the region’s coastal cluster. The main arena there
will seat 10,000 spectators. Gangneung will also host
curling and speed skating, both short-track
and long-track. The women’s competition
will be held crosstown at the Kwandong Hockey Centre on the
site of a university’s former gymnasium, with seating
expanded to 6,000 spectators. When the women reach
their semifinal round, they’ll join the men
in the Gangneung Hockey Centre. What team in the
National Hockey League actually copied its nickname
from a movie? The answer later on Pyeongchang
2018: The Stories To Watch. MEGHAN AGOSTA, CAN History in the sport could
be equalled at Pyeongchang 2018 by Meghan Agosta. She has won gold with Canada
at each of the last three Olympics, and a fourth would
tie the record held by two others and put her
in austere company. Her 2010 tournament performance
was so good, Meghan was named MVP, amassing
15 points in just five games. At 18, she was the youngest
member of Canada’s team in Turin 2006. Meghan started on ice
as a figure skater but switched to hockey
at the age of six. In 2014, Meghan took a break
from sports to join the Vancouver Police Department
as a probationary constable. Meghan will turn 31
during Pyeongchang 2018. Can she run her victories
to four straight Olympic golds? OLYMPIC MEDALS The all-time medal table of ice
hockey – tied for fifth place, Great Britain
and the Czech Republic. In fourth, Sweden,
with two, 11 overall. Three golds for the US.
In second, the Soviet Union. Canada almost equals all
countries on this list with 13. IS IT THEIR YEAR? While it’s likely the European
teams in the women’s tournaments may
battle for bronze, it’s also possible
that one of those teams could pull off a surprise, and the most likely candidates
would be Sweden and Finland. Both have beaten
the top teams before in international contests. The Swedes at the 2006 Olympics managed a silver-medal
performance. In Vancouver,
Sweden lost in overtime for the bronze to Finland. In the 2014 Olympic
bronze-medal game, Sweden’s Lady Crowns suffered
a 4-3 loss and finished fourth. Meanwhile, the Finns have won
two Olympic bronze medals and finished fourth place. Finland was 0 for 20 against
Canada at the worlds since 1990 but finally beat Canada
in a qualification game. Finnish goalie Noora Räty feels
her team can beat the Canadians in Pyeongchang because
the styles are similar and defensive in nature.
Will it happen? PAVEL DATSYUK, OAR A four-time Olympian,
39-year-old Pavel Datsyuk is still one of the world’s most
stylish two-way hockey players. Known for his outstanding and subtle defence as well as
his offensive skills, Pavel is called the Magic Man
for his ability to steal the puck from opposing players before they’ve realised
what he’s doing. Pavel won two
Stanley Cup titles with the NHL’s
Detroit Red Wings, and in 2017 he led
SKA Saint Petersburg to the championship in the Kontinental
Hockey League in Russia. He was Russia’s team captain during the 2014 Olympics
in Sochi. He might once again
for the renamed Olympic Athletes from Russia. Did you know since 1998 the
National Hockey League allowed its players to participate
in the Olympic Games and suspended its season? This allowed some of the world’s greatest
hockey players, from Canada’s Wayne Gretzky
and Sidney Crosby to Russia’s Alexander Ovechkin,
Sweden’s Nicklas Lidström and the Czech Republic’s
Dominik Hašek to play on the world’s
grandest stage. However, this year
the NHL players will not participate at the Games. Many nations see this as
an opportunity for their team to jump into history. TONY GRANATO, USA Tony Granato has the difficult
task of bringing together a USA men’s team
in short order. Tony, who played for the USA
Olympic team in Calgary 1988, is now the head coach
after a career behind the bench in the NHL and now coaching
at the University of Wisconsin. We have a talent-pool level now that is as deep as it’s
ever been for USA hockey. We’re looking forward
to showing that off. By the end of the tournament,
I’m sure the Americans and our hockey fans will
fall in love with these guys. Tony will have some
Olympic veterans helping players from college
and European teams. Former NHL captain Brian Gionta and 2010 silver medallist
Ryan Malone are expected to play in Pyeongchang. Tony’s sister Cammi played on
the US team in 1998 that won ice-hockey gold
in the very first women’s Olympic tournament. Can Tony accomplish
behind the bench what Cammi did on the ice? HILARY KNIGHT, USA Cammy Granato’s impact
on Hilary Knight was so strong that this US forward
not only wears Cammi’s old number 21, Hilary bears
a tattoo of the number on her left arm. Before she became a two-time
Olympic silver medallist, Hilary dreamed of the Olympics
as soon as she started skating. Her mother supported her
and agreed to send Hilary to one of Cammi Granato’s
summer camps. At age 17, Hilary joined Team
USA and was still the youngest player on the 2010 Olympic team
at the age of 20. Hilary set career scoring
records at the University of Wisconsin under head coach
Mark Johnson, the leading scorer for the US
Miracle on Ice team that won the 1980 gold in Lake Placid. Did you know our answer
on what NHL team took its nickname from a film? The Mighty Ducks, from 1992, became the name of the Anaheim
franchise just a year later. The women start
the Pyeongchang tournament. The men begin their
round-robin games on the 14th. On the 17th, the women’s
quarterfinals, then the semifinals
on the 19th. Medal games start the 21st. Two men’s semifinals
take place the 23rd, with the medals finals
on the 24th and 25th. The Olympic Winter Games
in Pyeongchang are set to begin February 9th. Fill your knowledge tank
by watching other episodes on Olympic Channel.


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