James vs. Draw With Jazza – This time it’s personal

September 23, 2019

James: Hey everyone! πŸ˜€ Today, I’m here with Draw With Jazza We’re gonna be BEATING EACH OTHER UP. D:πŸ˜€ Jazza: OH MY GOD! Jazza: These YouTube fights are really dramatic. James: I’m so glad that we’re like the first ones to come up with these. Jazza: I know. James: *mumbling* Jazza: I feel like we haven’t trash talked to each other enough. yOu sMelL bAd. And I should know because I’m sitting next to you. Jazza: and its AWFUL. James: I’ll have you KNOW. That I use the same shampoo that you use! ‘Cause we’re in the hotel! And we.. have the same shampoo providers. Jazza: But I was referring to your body odor, sir. And it’s…awful. James: Yeah! Well, you can’t dr-.. You’re right-handed! Jazza: *laughs* James: What I do is, I wind up my arm. And so then you go for the block, unbeknownst to you! BAM! Jazza: *bursts out laughing* James: FOOT! oh thank God! Both: *nervously, awkwardly laughing* Jazza: Good recovery! James: It’s not like that! I wouldn’t use that as a move. ’cause like first off, Jazza: *laughs* I’m- It’s not the right time for it. The foot went, BAM. Jazza: Into my groin. This is…. a r t. James: What’s your favorite thing about being an artist? Jazza: My favorite thing about being an artist. Are the views. *Both cracks up* It’s making things that- *disturbance* sHUT UP!- It’s making things that didn’t exist before. It’s telling stories that have never been told. Or following trends and telling stories that are being told because- James: look at us now followings trends. This is like.. Trendsetters right here. Jazza: We are. I can’t wait to see who else has- who fights. James: Okay. My hand keeps like messing with this. (prepare for edgy, angsty, sarcastic teen James.) oHhH, thanks dad! D:πŸ˜€ (PFF, that bootiful face.) Jazza: Oh, what’s he got up his Marshmallowy sleeve? James: Okay. So this is the leg that got chopped off. Jazza: Did it? Oh wow! James: it wasnt chopped of it was rIPPED OFF!
Jazza: You got more aggressive than I did. (L i e s.) *jazza laughs* So this is the comic panel where you’re showing Yourself with the arm cut off that actually is holding the sign and then the sign on the next panel Jazza: Couldn’t you just draw them both in the one picture? James: Nope. I flip it over Jazza: uh-oh what’s it gonna say?! nothing surprising and insulting I hope! Jazza: OOOOOOOOoOooOohH James: NOT!
Jazza: you still are missing a limb mister james: *mumbling*
Jazza: *laughing* you can flip the sign around all you want the cardboard says something else now. James: What you don’t realize is that since I’m made out of marshmallow. I have regrowth ability *slurping noises* It’s brand new so it has to like look the part right boom. So I got a brand new leg now here’s a vein So like I didn’t really do much You dissed me gently and you grew a shiny hairy new leg. I still kicked your groin That’s true. Right and you still you’re still holding my leg. Yeah, this is intense *insert god no meme* How did Hercules beat the Medusa not the Medusa The Hydra I’m like a Hydra every time you cut my head off I grow a strong new leg with a fabulous piece of new clothing Realizing that I could use your strength against you to become your weakness. I Reach up! I wanna go on Instagram. I just got it, you know s t o p So I reach up and my large boxing-glove hands Mmm, grab on to your hairy shiny leg Oh got it You think that’s like a really great ability you have of growing a new leg well bOOVF . I rip, I rip it off They’re the speed lines the same process happens, but where you thought it was advantage before this time. You have a giant swollen super hairy wayy Inconvenient and impractical leg the shoes you grew Really tall high heels that are really hard to move and fight in what a great ability. I’ll grow a bigger and stronger hairier So That’s how you kill The Hydra. is you is you overloaded with the head. So now you just have like this Veiny gross, like weird pulsing mass in place of the leg, your move sir. 90 percent of your body weight is in your right leg. All right chitin Like know what I was doing it, that’s so weird. You are like alien creature it really annoys My family when i do it like as soon as I do it they’re like sTOP what I’m still in the shot Right. you’re in that shot and that shot and that shot and that shot beautiful oH I regret my decision. What’s that one snake that like wraps around you in like an anaconda a boa constrictor? boa constrictor anaconda is not that. we both get up at some point and then my gross tumor of the leg just wraps around you like I’m gonna try and like Oh great. We’re role-playing. Oh boy, like around you. Uh-huh. Now it makes sense. Yeah, I didn’t know. o h n o I’m getting squished. What’s the underside of your knee called? It’s not your fine. The back knee? The back knee- that’s not real, you’re back knee? Whats the opposite of a cap? We’re getting to some deep philosophical territory here. So I call this move the Hugging knee I want to see that in an MMA fight. They’re like smashing each other. Everyone’s like hugging knee Have you ever seen a hot rod? Yeah, there is like a move he did where he’s like ultimate punch I have a really large round chin the CalArts. I haven’t even used my greatest power yet – the power of Friendship πŸ˜€ aHHH I’m hugging you with my knee right now angrily. Look at that It’s a forceful knee hug summoning my powers. This isn’t even my final form. I can’t like move much while I’m stuck in here Mm-hmm because you have me so tightly constricted However, I can pull my arm out gently rest it on your gross hairy pulsing giant leg and summoning the power of friendship friendship courses through your Gross veins cuz sometimes the best offense Is a good hug? Yup, you’re like, oh, he likes me We’re buddies known here you I would like this gross like leg the power of friendship forced your gross hairy leg. This just looks awful It’s cuz you drew it *lil dab* I’ve been released and it was all a RUSE now I use the power of enemy *hUH* good that’s my foot in your face *HuYUHh* It’s my devious smile. Guess what happens? My kick is so… JAMES: Ahh No! Stop breaking my body parts There goes you’re head ahhh What a great kick so there you go without a head and all of a sudden what what your head regrows and it’s really puffy Really hairy wait, AND and there’s a shoe You’re gonna think that you have this in the bag. Yeah Okay, you want to think that you do would you pay seven dollars to view it? I think we should charge people for it. He’s like falling down. I’m imagining it like super anime in my head like uHH *james falls slowly* this is a really intimate process by the way oh and the crowd is cheering like wOahh i can’t believe it woahh oh the shorter one won – isn’t that weird *jazza gives james the death glare* But what you don’t remember my leg and then it was this slightly not gross leg But yeah, they’re just limbs and then a head scattered around- and my normal head right They all see each other. he gets an idea he’s just like woaahh So now the limbs that you have chopped off have all formed back together and then now I’m fighting two sworn enemies Well, no this one fell down. He’s dead. Yeah, he’s dead. Okay, okay. I like killed him off Here’s your stupid mug The the things that you kicked off are what make me stronger see how my hands are held here I had hidden I pull them out just in case of an opportunity like this I divide my hands and reveal, I am holding Two graham crackers And chocolate *nOO* and like cuz you like coming right at me and you kick me but I’m like slam 👏 I slam 👏 and you’re all squished in there like a marshmallow Ya little marshmallow character always bring a graham cracker to a fistfight. That’s what my mom always says. Ah AHHh Really hungry. I bring my appetite to my battles. I open up and I eat ya up son Mm-hmm you just v o r e d me? do you know what vore is?? Actually, I shouldn’t say that cut that out. a slam 👏 graham crackers *ohm* you I use you momentum against me against you to Eat you and all of a sudden got a nice full belleh. So that’s how you’d stop a Hydra is you eat it (logic) *laughing* Victory is delicious. Okay. Well if you can be like well since the beginning I had i had a graham cracker then I also want a day SS machina this Oh, that means like you have a plot device right at the very end. That saves you this one movie I forgot what it’s called but there’s these aliens and the whole time they’re fighting them and then at the very end someone Sneezes at the alien and then that makes the alien melt or whatever and then they’re like, oh sneezing works Yeah, is that a real story? Dad? Is that a real story? Okay. Well, I just made it up That’s an example of days. It was an oxygen was at War of the Worlds when I was like, oh, yeah Anyway, yes. I don’t think it was sneezing. Okay, I don’t think Tom Cruise was like *hAsphLUm* oh my god, it works! Here’s your inner organs This is like your stomach or whatever. I like how you’re just owning the fact that you’re a marshmallow. Okay, well Well you ripped my leg off. Yeah, so unbeknownst to you Before this match started I ate a time bomb! You were just ready to lose from the beginning well I wanted you to eat me you know how whenever a hero will do something and then the villain will be like aH I wanted you to do this and you’re like how did you plan for that? Yeah, that’s kind of what happened just now I knew you would win. You couldn’t hold yourself to – I couldn’t help it but eat a marshmallow You couldn’t help but to consume greatness. know there’s like a little smile He’s sad because he realizes that he’s gonna die too – he’s glad that he gets to take you out with him so.. *kABOOOOEM* What an intense round. alright, fair enough, that was a good match buddy. But you know what the audience needs? is closure. You’re right. We ended on a draw which like who does that 🤷 so I guess for round two, let’s do it again Let’s do it again. And only one hero will rise. Mm-hmm. And we will declare a winner so do you want to re-enact what just happened? Oh ok. we’re like – so i’m like ohhh and then you like don’t actually kick me in the groin aHH, and then im like skYA and then your like leg comes off yeah and i’ve got your leg and then you get a really gross, hairy leg that is a really gross, hairy leg 👉😏👉 hahahahahahHAHhHa I ripped that one off too and then a tumor- and then it turns into this repulsive matter and then i wrap it around I used the power of friendship!:D – oh yeah! oh Jazza you’re so wonderful We’re friends and then and Chuck Norris kicks your head, your head’s off and and then you die (cheery) and your head and leg come together Into a little like video game character you start helicoptering graham crackers 👏, meal bOOM explosion Dais at dances, it’s Latin. go watch *plug* my channel peeps and click the link wherever James puts it to go Check out the the next round where we fight to the death. Mmm-hmm till one of us is the winner. Let rematch time Yeah, good luck. May the best man win. It will be me. It’ll be me Oh Wear your seat belt Kphft sToP!

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