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Jatwara: India’s Hockey Village | Unique Stories From India

August 23, 2019

Tap the bell icon on the YouTube app And never miss out on unique stories from 101India It just felt good to give something back Everything I am today Is because I’ve played hockey since I was
6 years old Not only victories and defeats But also all the values that sports teach us So I thought that in a place like this It would make a big difference
I also saw that the local girls were quite deprived And they were not allowed to go out So I thought if I could make the girls play
a sport It would make a big change in the area Shivani is a very special example Because she comes from a very poor background
And she is very sporting So it was always my dream
That she should get out of this village Prove herself And see how kids at her age And her level in Germany can play I didn’t know anything about this before When Andrea came here, she got me to start
playing hockey In a short while Girls from a local school started playing hockey with us And we would all study there I even went to Germany
I would have to play hockey 6 days a week Where I played centre forward for my team The other players were quite good And would always support me
And if I did something wrong while playing They would teach me the right way to do it Going from a small town to such a big city Was a huge change The same sport that we would once scold her for playing Has now helped her to travel abroad We are very proud of her It feels great that my sister has achieved so much She is now a role model And I hope that other girls will follow her
example The children here have no vision in life We are thankful if they are even allowed to study But that’s all Sometimes, even without finishing school They get married And that’s it But sports will give them a future And the willpower to say no And to live their own lives This will help us send even more girls out Because even if not every girl can go abroad It will encourage other girls
Not just in this village But in the area, in Rajasthan and even in
India That it’s possible
And if you want to do it, you can The player who went (to Germany)
with me this year is Brijesh He just graduated from our school He came second in his batch Which is great Because we always have to prove that sports helps with education too
So it was good that Brijesh got such high marks
And he’s the role model for us to show That sports and education are the keys to
success We have left it up to the children We have told all three of our kids To keep up their studies and play
whichever sport they are interested in We have played in quite a few tournaments
We won some, we lost some Sometimes we win trophies,
sometimes prize money Since then, I’ve seen a lot of changes here And this can help me go further in my career Well, it’s pretty much the biggest change
you can make I lived in Berlin, the capital of Germany I lived in a penthouse and drove an Audi TT I’ve traded in all that
For a dusty little room in a village But I enjoy living such a basic lifestyle
I enjoy being here in the dust I think I can do my work well
Only if I live in the same conditions as the children Because only then will we understand each other My father said to me, “Andrea, just think it over” “Because you’re not Mother Teresa” Back then, I found that a bit weird Because I would never compare myself with Mother Teresa I’m just doing something that I like It just turned out to be for a social cause
We had to go from house to house And from school to school
To ask parents and principals for permission to take the kids out
And explain why and how we were doing what we were doing But there are also parents who appreciate what I’m trying to do
They have trusted me Even if they don’t say it in front of me
Sometimes their neighbours ask them “How can you send your child to this foreigner?” “She’s teaching them western culture”
“She’s converting them to Christianity” And all that bullsh*t
Now at least, they say, “No, that’s not true” But it’s been a great success
The kids came back after two months They were healthy They had great experiences staying with German families They improved their English They played with German teams
They had no reason to hide Their game was good
They even strengthened the German team of the same age group Which showed me that we are on the right track We can do anything
The sky is the limit We’ve benefited a lot from this
But the kids who come after us will benefit even more I hope this foundation keeps going like this And more kids like me get help from them People got fascinated by the fact that I’m supporting India’s national sport That’s when I understood that it was hockey! So I thought it would be so cool if I could
make that change


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