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Jose Mourinho FULL Pre-Match Press Conference – Watford v Tottenham – Premier League – SUBTITLES

January 20, 2020

What’s the latest injuries? Same. No players back from injury, no news
injuries. So it’s same situation. What can the Spurs fans expect from
Gedson Fernandes? This weekend they can expect him to be involved,
starting or not but for sure involved in the team. When you get players in January, normally
it’s because you need. And we need. because we lost important players
for long time so we need his contribution. Young player, yes, just arrived in a new country,
yes, but at the same time has experienced of playing for a big club. Has played already big matches, for instance
Bayern Munich and Galatasaray away in the Champions League. Europa League quarter-finals,
so he’s used to a high level of stress, pressure, responsibility. He’s a kid that can play different positions
in midfielder, even wide on the right if we need. We got him for his multi-functionality.
He’s what I used to call a special loan He’s not a three month loan and goodbyes. One-and-a-half year loan when he’ll have time
to develop. And who knows if he doesn’t stay here for a number of years. You’ve been linked with strikers such as Llorente, Piatek and Ze Luis, just how important is it that you get in a new striker? These are three names out of 30. Lots of names
are coming and the majority of them are coming by players entourage, agents, people that
want to put players’ names in the market. Do we need a striker? Yes, if possible yes,
but it has to be a positive situation for us so in this moment we have these attacking
players that of course are very good: Son, Lucas, Lamela, Lo Celso, Dele Alli. Of course they’re very good but we miss that
target man. So if it’s possible then we are doing everything possible. It’s not easy but
we’re trying to add players to the squad. Is it possible to challenge for the top four,
FA Cup, Europe without a new striker? It’s possible to play every match to win,
even without a striker. We did that against Liverpool. We played to win, we try to win.
We did that against Middlesbrough, we will do that tomorrow. So with striker or without
a striker, we are going to try and win matches. Inter are confident of signing Eriksen.
Are they right to be? You have to ask the agent and Inter Milan
because they know more than me. If they are confident, they are confident because they
are ready to make us an offer, which didn’t happen yet. So when I see people speaking
especially people with responsibilities speaking about it, I am a little bit surprised. That’s
all I can say. Is it sad how Eriksen is leaving with his
relationship with the fans? No, because I think he’s trying to do his
best, and I think it’s normal that until January 31st his brain is not totally in focus. I
think it’s a normal consequence of the situation, and if I am a player and I’m reading every
day and probably I’m having information about that optimism that you are speaking about. I think it’s normal that a player doesn’t
know very well what is going on, but I still don’t understand why that optimism because
in this moment for a few matches people are speaking about is Eriksen going? Eriksen played
his last match for the club, and the situation didn’t change, Eriksen plays tomorrow. Lucas Moura has been working so hard.. The problem is if the gasoline finishes, that’s
the problem. I’m sorry to interrupt your question but I understand what you say. He’s playing
fantastic, he’s working incredible. He’s playing every minute – in the last match I managed
to give him 30 minutes rest because in this moment I think he is in a very good moment. It’s a great thing for a player to know that
the coach likes him a lot. He knows that I tried to buy him to Real Madrid when he was
still in Brazil, so I think the good feeling comes from many years ago. I have a good feeling, I think I am bringing
him to a certain level of confidence, of work rate, of commitment to the team, of responsibility
that with the talent he always had, I think he is at a very good level. But again, in
this moment no rotation. In this moment, it’s just play, play, play. I hope the gasoline
doesn’t end. Could Son play up front? Yeah. Yeah. Has it been frustrating for Tanguy Ndombele
not to be able to contribute? Is he frustrated? You have to ask him. Am
I frustrated or is he frustrated? More him… What are you expecting from Watford? Always tricky. Watford I always felt every
time I go to Watford, I always felt difficult matches to play. Great atmosphere, great support.
They are very adapted to that style of play. They have the right players to play the way
they want to play. There is no way to run away from that because that’s the style they
impose in their game. And of course very good results, lots of people… at a certain moment
they were in trouble in the table. And now after a few months they were in a very good
position, and getting fantastic results, so very difficult. When will Lloris be back in contention? I told one month ago, I said February.
So the normal thing is February. If you ask me late February or early February, at this
moment I go more for early. Things are going well. He’s getting his confidence back, he’s
training so I would say he’s one of our new players in the January transfer window. With Gedson’s parents already living in London,
how crucial is that in helping his transition here? I think it helps. The fact he speaks fluent
English is good for interaction, for everything. The family living here is an amazing coincedence.
For a few years he didn’t live with his parents and sisters because of his football career.
Now his football career brings him to his family again and can only be happy and enjoy
the happiness of the family. It looks like they can walk to the stadium
because he’s really, really close to the stadium. It’s a fantastic coincidence and I’m pretty
sure it will help him. Who does Gedson Fernandes remind you of that
you’ve coached before? Wow, that’s a difficult one. I have no time
to think about that. I don’t know. Maybe I can answer you in the next press conference
next week. I need to think about it. Are you any closer to agreeing a new contract
with Jan Vertonghen? I don’t know. Is there still an issue with his agent? No. I told you at the beginning of my period
when I arrived. We had three players in a situation of ending contracts. The one that
was easy to resolve was the one that everybody had no doubts about what they wanted for the
future. Everybody wanted the same, the player, the agent, the coach, the club, everybody
wanted the same. That one was an easy one. Let’s see what happens. Mauricio Pochettino was in London this week for the launch of La Liga TV.. What’s that La Liga TV? New channel on Sky So we can watch La Liga on that channel? Yeah, that’s good you said you wanted to wait a few weeks to speak to him when you got this job, have you
had the chance to speak to him? No, I’m too busy. He’s enjoying his period,
he’s enjoying his country. It would be very, very easy for him to one day come here. His
son is here with us. This is his club. The doors are open. Any time he wants to come
and visit everyone it will be a wonderful opportunity. Will you sign a replacement if you sell Eriksen? The Christian situation is your situation
at the moment. Yours and Inter, because people with responsibilities speaking about it is
also their situation. At the moment it is not my situation. He is selected for tomorrow.
There is nothing new, I am sorry to say. Tomorrow he is selected for the game. Lo Celso looked tired after his first 90 minutes,
how is physically now? Yeah, he was, 90 minutes incredible work.
Raising his levels in terms of intensity of the game and work with and without the ball.
Incredible. Amazing kid. Quiet. Waiting for his opportunities. Opportunities are coming
step by step. I am very, very happy with him, but yesterday
he was tired and that is normal, but I cannot give him a rest. He has to be ready for tomorrow.
In this moment to make selection for the squad for every match has been very easy because
we have these numbers available. Will you take the squad away for warm-weather
training during the winter break? No. The players are going to have a little
bit of time which they need and deserve. After that we are going to work here and that will
be an important period for us. It is before the Champions League, before the last part
of the league, but we are not going to go away. To have better facilities than we have
is impossible, we will not find that anywhere. We just hope the weather is OK, not phenomenal
but OK and if that is the case we have fantastic conditions to work. We can even decide to
stay in here and sleep here and stay here together for a couple of days. We can do that
and we probably will. Will you make Lo Celso’s deal permanent this
month or the summer? I imagine yes, I think it is something that
comes from the summer. There are some loans that they have the opportunity to be in control
of the situation like is happening with Gedson. There are some emergency loans and there are
other loans where the objective is to be in control of the future of the player without
any need of further negotiations. I think Giovani is going to stay with us.


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