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Kid Golfers Play Golf Skee-Ball Against PGA Tour Stars Jordan Spieth and Jason Day

September 11, 2019

-We are joined right now by three of the best
junior golfers in the world. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome
5-year-old Isaac Riches… [ Cheers and applause ] …8-year-old Aiden Dinani… [ Cheers and applause ] …and 10-year-old Madison Moman
right there. [ Cheers and applause ] Welcome, welcome,
welcome to the show. Isaac, eyes up here, buddy. [ Laughter ]
Hi, I´m right here. Isaac, where are you from,
and what grade are you in? -I start kindergarten
in 122 days, and I´m from Australia. [ Cheers and applause ] -Now, Isaac… I heard — I heard that, when you make a good putt
or a great shot, you do something cool. What do you do again? -The eagle.
-The eagle. Now, what is — can you show me
what the eagle is? Okay, yeah.
So, yeah. That´s… [ Cheers and applause ]
All right. All right. All right.
Stop with the eagle. -[ Laughs ]
-That was the eagle. I´m sure
your teammates love that. [ Laughter ] And who is your favorite —
who´s your favorite golfer? -Jason Day,
because he´s an Aussie like me. -There´s — That´s right.
There you go. [ Applause ]
[ Chuckles ] He´s an Aussie. You ever meet him?
Did you ever meet him before? -No, but if I did, I´d give him
a big huggle cuddle. [ Audience awws ] -Man, I wish
I was Jason Day right now. [ Light laughter ]
Hey, how are you, buddy? Aiden, now, where are you from,
and what grade are you in? -I´m in third grade,
and I´m from Upland, California. [ Cheers and applause ] -Now, you just won the —
you just won a big tournament, didn´t you?
-Yeah. -How´d you do in that one?
-I got first place. I got — I shot 6 under
and won by 3 strokes. [ Cheers and applause ] -Can´t believe this. And who is your favorite golfer
and why? -Jordan Spieth
because he wins, like, a lot. [ Laughter ] -Jordan Spieth,
because he wins, like, a lot. Yeah, okay, good. And there´s our pal right here,
Madison. Now, I heard that, if you played
a foursome with anyone, who would be
your favorite foursome? -It would be you, Justin Timberlake,
and Taylor Swift because I love your show,
and I love their music, and I thought
it would just be cool to get you guys out for a round. [ Cheers and applause ] -Give me a huggle —
Give me a huggle cuddle. A huggle cuddle. That should have been — That
should have been your answer. Okay.
[ Laughter ] Well, you´re all great
at golf — we know that — but how are you at Skee-Ball,
okay? I´ve combined both, okay,
for a brand-new game. It´s called “Golf Skee-Ball.” There you go.
[ Light laughter ] Now, the three of you
will be a team, okay, but I´m gonna need two more
players to join my team, and I´ve think I found some —
some good ones. They´re in town
to play the Presidents Cup, which will be played
at Liberty National Golf Club, just across the Hudson River, and will air Friday
on Golf Channel and this weekend
right here on NBC. Please welcome two of
the best golfers on the planet, Jason Day and Jordan Spieth.
[ Cheers and applause ] -How you doing? How are you?
-How are you? Nice to meet you, buddy. -How you doing, bud? -Good to see you. [ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ] -Are you really excited? [ Laughter ] -How you doing, man?
-Good to see you, man. -It´s so good to see you.
-Yeah, right. -Oh, my gosh. Did you meet Jordan?
Did you say hi to Jordan? -I mean, I could use a hug, too. -You can give him a hug, too,
if you want to, yeah. [ Audience awws ]
No. [ Cheers and applause ]
Go on. Go on. Madison, as well. All right. Now, guys,
here´s the way it goes. The game works
just like Skee-Ball. We´re each gonna take
three shots on our turn. The team with the most points
at the end wins, and I´m really competitive. [ Light laughter ]
Isaac, why don´t you go first and show us how it´s done,
buddy? [ Cheers and applause ] -Go, Isaac. -All right.
He lines up. That´s good. Oh, wait. Practice shot. Two practice shots.
Okay. Very good. -Come on, Isaac.
-He really wants to win. Three practice shots? Come on, Isaac! -[ Cheers ] ♫♫ -Oh!
-Ohh! -Very good.
All right, all right, all right. Very good. -10 points.
-All right, his first shot. Here we go. Got good form. ♫♫ -Going for the big shot.
-All right, good. All right, Isaac.
[ Cheers and applause ] Pressure´s on.
-Come on, Isaac. -Pressure´s on, Isaac.
Come on. [ Applause ] Is it because I´m talking
during your backswing? ♫♫ -Oh!
-Oh! Oh, come on. [ Chuckling ]
Dude, that´s insane. [ Cheers and applause ] He´s got good form, this guy.
-Yeah, he´s fantastic. -Jason, you want to show…
-Oh, yeah, yeah. -Yeah, show him.
-Jason´s gonna go now. -All right, all right,
all right. -Now, you´ve seen him
chip before, right? Yeah. Of course.
Great job. -I haven´t had a practice swing,
so I better get something in. All right.
-So he does practice one. See, he does one practice shot.
[ Light laughter ] ♫♫ -Oh, no. -No, you know what? There —
Right there, that´s good. No, that´s a lot. ♫♫ -Oh, no.
-All right. This is all good. It´s still good.
-All right. ♫♫ -Oh.
-That´s fantastic! All right, that´s great.
We´ll take it! -Absolutely.
[ Cheers and applause ] Aiden, Aiden,
you are up right now. ♫♫ Aiden Dinani right there.
-Oh, we´ve got a lefty. -Oh, he´s a lefty right there.
-He´s great. -All right, be careful. [ Light laughter ] ♫♫ -Oh, good shot.
-All right. [ Cheers and applause ] ♫♫ [ Light laughter ] -Ohh! What?
-Oh! -Oh.
-Oh. -Look at the form on these guys. ♫♫ -Ohh!
-Oh, my goodness. -All right. All right.
We´re good. -Going for the big shot.
-All right, Jordan. -We have…
-It´s okay. -Oh! Ohh!
-Man. -[ Chuckles ] Dude, going
for the hundy up there. -I actually wasn´t,
but we´ll take it. -[ Chuckling ] Oh, well, yes. -All right, Jordan.
-Ohh. 10. -All right, this is good.
This is good. -Okay. I don´t like that ball.
There we go. -Oh, I hated —
I hated that one, too. -Yeah. ♫♫ -Oh!
-Oh! [ Cheers and applause ] -I think it´s…
-Yeah. ♫♫ No pressure, Madison. [ Laughter ] ♫♫ -Oh!
-Oh, good shot! [ Cheers and applause ] -That´s good on the first swing.
-Whoo! ♫♫ ♫♫ -Oh! That was a good one!
-Ohh! [ Applause ]
-These guys are getting into it. -Come on, Madison.
-Yeah. ♫♫ -Oh.
-Oh, my goodness! [ Cheers and applause ] Thank you, Madison. ♫♫ -Hey, he´s cheating.
-All right, all right. -Let me show you how it´s done.
-Don´t let us down. -Here we go.
-Come on. -No pressure. No pressure.
-Oh. -Sorry. I just want
to give you a huggle cuddle. -Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
[ Light laughter ] -Just for good luck.
All right, here we go. Ready? No pressure. -I´m not sure if that´s gonna
help — that cuddle, but… -[ Grunts ] ♫♫ Does this look right?
-It looks awkward. -Is that how
you´re gonna stand up? -You just look really awkward
right now. -Remember not to pop it
on your first swing. -Yeah, it doesn´t…
-Yeah. Flex your knees. -Oh!
-Oh! -Whoa!
-Flex my knees? -Yeah.
-Just a little bit. -Don´t talk about my backswing!
Come on. Leave me alone. -[ Laughs ]
-Okay, flex my knees. -Hit it harder.
-I´m hitting it — What? -Hit it…
-Hit it… -You talked in our backswing,
so we can talk in yours. [ Laughter ] -Come on. Just listen.
-Just do what they say. -[ Speaking indistinctly ] -Oh!
[ Audience groans ] -Man!
-Good shot. -We said…
-Here we go. -Yeah.
-For the win. -Okay. ♫♫ [ Laughter ] -All right, good. Very good.
Very good. That was good. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah. ♫♫ -Cheater.
-Whatever, whatever. -Cheater.
-Okay. Anyway, look. Congratulations, guys.
You guys — You guys won. So we´re gonna give you guys some “Tonight Show” hoodies
we have right here and some sweatshirts.
-Cool! [ Cheers and applause ]
-A couple sweatshirts. -Thank you.
-There you go. That´s for him. There you go. But there´s actually
one more surprise, guys. Jason and Jordan got you
and your families VIP passes to see them play in
the Presidents Cup this weekend. -Oh, my God.
[ Cheers and applause ] -So you´re gonna see them. My thanks to Aiden Dinani,
Isaac Riches, Madison Moman, Jason Day, and Jordan Spieth!
[ Cheers and applause ] Watch these guys
in the Presidents Cup Friday on Golf Channel,
this weekend on NBC.


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