KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match in a nutshell

September 11, 2019

*applause* Um yeah, so up until this point, There have been a bunch of fights of youtubers no one really cares about. h o w i n t e r e s t i n g But now, it’s finally time for Jake and Da Gee to box it out! *This is what rock bottom looks like* save me *referee ascends from the depths of hell* Yeah, um, it’s time to get this party started! Coming to the ring first is Jake Paul! *Stumbles to the ring, lookin high tbh* Alright, and here is Day Gee “The Tank”, which he likes to call himself. I have no words to explain this Um, yeah you can start! *punch* *boing* *punch again* *Deji flies out M E G A O O F* Okay, the winner is Jake. (lord have mercy on us) Do you have anything to say? Um, yeah buy my M E R C (shittiest merc ever also wtf his hair looks like spaghet) *ascends to higher existence* Um, okay. Anyways, please welcome Logan “The Maverick” Paul! *intensely enters* Alright, and here is “The Nightmare”, ksi! *Graceful, but still very strange entrance* Okay, you can begin! *r o u n d 1* *vicious punching* *ding ding ding!* Um, yeah, that was it. Time for Round Two! *r o u n d 2* *punch* *ding ding ding!* *punch* *Snapping spine in two* Hold on a second! You hit him after the bell. (no shit Sherlock) Not cool! R E D C A R D (god damn another M E G A O O F) Okay, time for the next round. *Big bang theory man appears* Come on, guys. Make love, not war. Why fight when we can instead all get along? Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Thanks, Sheldon. However, guess what? don’t you do it What? DON’T YOU DO IT B A Y Z I N G A *Proceeds to hit three MLG no scopes to his enemies* *death followed by applause* #1 Victory Royale! (but fork knife is dead- okay nvm) *stares into soul* thanks for watchin, like and subscrib to the best channel in existance (if u subscrib you get loopz)

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