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Kushti Ka Mukabla – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

August 21, 2019

Ladies and gentleman, there is an upcoming national wrestling champion held in Furfuri town. From Furfuri town, Motu is participatin. So we request you to come and watch this match in large number and encourage Motu. So ladies and gentlemen. Patlu, this is called scissor cut, how is it? Very good, leave me Motu, I understood, enough. Ok, now watch this second act, this is called washer man’s act. Enough Motu, stop it, I have understood everything. Ok, there are some more acts, I will show you more. Patlu if you wish good for yourself then run, or this Motu will make a pulp out of you by showing different acts. Motu! Wait for a minute, I will show you one act. Yes, show me, to win the wrestling match I need to know more acts, come on let’s start. This is called run helter skelter act. Patlu wait, I will not let you run away like this, I need a partner to practice with. Hey, have you blindfolded yourself? If I give you one punch then not only would you see the road clearly but also see the stars and the moon. Hey Boxer bro, if you are so interested in fight then go and fight with Motu. Motu has gone crazy about wrestling, he beat me up so badly. Hey, Motu you are using your strength on this thin frail guy, by beating him. If you want to practice different acts of wrestling then come fight with me. I will remove all your craze for wrestling. Ok, big brother, come on, this is a matter of joy for me. This is scissor act and this is washer mans act. This is Motu special act. And this one is Furfuri town special act. Hey, leave me, I can’t do it, I will just show you an undercut. Today no undercut, over cut big brother, today only wrestling, see this Motu special wrestling act. Hey stop Boxer brother, there are some more acts to show. Oh my god! Can’t you see and walk? One minute, you are Boxer right? Yes Chingam sir, I am Boxer, Motu beat me up and made a football out of me. My insult is also insulted. Insult is insulted? What kind of insult is this, anyways let me see myself. Motu, I am coming. Motu! You are under arrest, you beat a simple man like Boxer, I will not spare you. I swear on my motherland, I swear on India. But sir, I was just practicing wrestling acts, if I win then Furfuri town’s name would be glorified. But nobody is ready to practice with me. Oh my god! I dint know that. Sir now mine and Furfuri town’s respect is in your hands, now only you can stop us from insult. You are our guardian, our savior, sir you are great. Oh my god! Motu, I am with you, Furfuri town’s respect is our respect, I will practice with you. Oh my god! Idli, Dosa, Sambher, wait Motu, stop, enough. Chingam sir, show more interest in being Motu’s practice partner, now face it. Oh my god! Motu! I have had enough, now the person on the top will help you. Who is this person on top? Chingam has fooled you and run away. Now only big brother can help me. Big brother, help me. Motu my brother, my friend, come on let’s have a competition. So how was this big brother? Big brother, what’s wrong with you? Very good, well done Motu, that was my duplicate robot. Hey! Robot? Why did you send a robot big brother? I am not interested in getting beaten up like Patlu, Chingam and Boxer. Today you did good wrestling with the robot, I swear on my patience, no one would be able to defeat you, Today evening in the match you will win. Now the wrestling match is about to begin, Motu is representing Furfuri town. And from Kamalpur is Gangu wrestler. In this wrestling match who ever falls out of the wrestling ring will lose the match. So now watch this match between courage, hard work, strength and Motu vs Gangu. Hey! Now Motu will win in this way and become Furfuri town’s hero. It cannot happen till I am there, because I will not let this happen. Hey tea vender brother, what are you standing here for? There are so many people here. Go make samosa and sell them and earn lot of money. Wow! John brother, you gave very good suggestion, I will just go and make. Aroma!! What is this nonsense? If Motu goes with this aroma then he will lose. Motu you are here to fight, not to smell, go fight. Hey tea vender, do you want Motu to lose,? You want to ruin Furfuri town’s name? Come on stop making samosa, make after the match. This trick has failed, have to think of something else. Now Motu will feel sleepy, and he will get beaten up, and finally he will lose. This is washer man’s act. This is a scissor act. I am sure there is something fishy, John has played some trick again, now Motu will lose. What should I do? Idea!! Motu! If you win then I am going to give you twenty five samosa. I will give you fifty samosa. Oh my lord! Even I will give you twenty five samosa. Oh my god! I will give seventy five samosa. Long live! So many samosa.


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