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October 13, 2019

I’m doing it just in the next one what
is up every buddy welcome back to the channel today I’m joined by Jake
Randall of the Randall Twins, Crissa ace and Jenna bandy we are going
to be doing a little competition guys who can spin a basketball the longest
kind of mr. beast style we’re gonna go for a while and then we have some
challenges on the wheel to speed up the process to try get people to mess up but
you guys want to win some money I don’t do any I don’t don’t do it too often my
channel but we got a thousand dollars up for grabs stick in your house I mean I
could I can win though it doesn’t have to give you money no no I’m just I could
just go he’s all mine I just I can win my own money everybody ready ready let’s
do it three two one and we’re off no no yeah we’ve got to see if anyone’s gonna
mess up early I don’t know if I’ve never seen Jake’s Jake’s ball spinning skills
before okay guys we lot of fun if you haven’t yet subscribe right now we do
awesome basketball other sports videos all the time so make sure you subscribe
drop a like and also leave a comment right now who do you think is gonna win
sit down are you ever gonna drop good idea yeah let’s need some cooks alright
I think after maybe 10 minutes we’ll spin the wheel okay everyone chillin
that’s it that’s it in here 10 minutes yet alright okay
let’s spin the wheel my finger really is burning from this I should have cut my
nails longer so guys on this wheel we have different competitions or skills or
tasks that you need to accomplish while spinning the ball on your finger one of
them is switching hands but my finger is getting tired so I’m going to spin the
wheel and we’ll see oh boy what we have to do go up the stairs are you guys
ready we’re going up to the court here we go just a little hike up to the
basketball court a little fingers cramping yes a little bit we made it up
to the court let’s go back down everyone meet you back at the at the wheel I’m
gonna take the shortcut badiya we are back from our little hike up the
steps everyone still going oh drink water here
we go got a uncap it to you honey happens actually a tough part Alexei
hold on I’ve done this trick on Instagram before okay swag to it nice we
got it folks it was about to fall off that’s too easy that’s easy see what we
got climb the cliff okay I already went down
stuff is even easier oh okay it’s not as easy as it looks
that was easy guys we lost one out there it’s a tough tough day Jake Rajveer we’re down to three
we’ve been going for like 25 minutes or something my finger is dying some light
but let’s let’s spin the wheel again that’s nice like that catch a ball with
your offhand Oh Jenna bandies idea hey jake has a football off hand does that
mean it can be either hand or half of your left hand Jenna either hand I think
well it’s your boat okay easy too easy let’s switch to my left there there’s my
dominant hand that’s kept in the next one
drink water we already did that yeah bit again right here I got you I got you Oh Josh so triggers oh goodness
let’s go go get those glutes firing please fighting I know there’s my finger
man anymore hey two more one more I’m going double sander mine I’m good about to get that money I’m about to get
that money allowance I clap in cycle hello and welcome to the finals of the
ball spinning World Championships held in my backyard let’s see what the next
round is burning we gotta go fast come on fingers switch wait is the first give
you all hungers oh nice okay Jenna all five fingers oh my gosh
wow that is not smooth at all okay alright we’re spinning again I think
someone’s dropping soon suspense go up you know what I’m I’m the co-host
co-host break ups so instead of going up the stairs I’m gonna go we’re gonna go
up the stairs ladies and where’s the layup make a layup the other way so
we’re gonna go all the way we’re gonna get both of you a second ball and both
of you have to make a lip come on that’s stinking cliff again he makes it too
easy for the final round we’re gonna do ball spinning knockout you’re spinning
with one hand and with your other hand you can knock the ball away from the
other person yeah you’re good yeah oh my god what an ending gel couldn’t handle the
intimidation look at fingers how was everyone’s fingers doing again needs to
see a hospital I need some lotion I am late I am sore all through my hand like
hand muscles that I didn’t know existed are sore my forearm is sore and this
finger can barely move so after we filmed this video I was thinking man
maybe we should have made this a world record Wednesday Kristen ended up going
for almost 30 minutes we were around twenty eight twenty mins at exactly the
time but then I looked up the World Record the Guinness world record for
longest time spitting a basketball on your finger is over four hours so we had
a little more work to do okay congratulations I’m going to I will give
you $1,000 because I don’t know it works for mr. beef so maybe I start giving boy
some money on this channel we’ll start to get more views maybe that’ll work
thank you so much for watching on we’ve got videos every Monday of ones every
Saturdays make sure you subscribe you haven’t yet everyone here has a YouTube
channel and an Instagram account so go check those out they’re all here and
links in the description I do Instagram chats every single video to two people
that follow me and comment so everyone just hold up let’s just hold up with
some screenshots right here there are there screenshots of people right here
just hold them up Pat them on the head come a little thank you for following me
that’s it we’ll see you guys later bye my touch need some cush


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