Let’s Play Minecraft: Ep. 221 – Creeper Soccer X

September 22, 2019

G: NOOOO! J: Hey guys! We’re doing creeper soccer! G: I don’t want to play it again. M: C’mon Gavin! C’mon Gavin you’re coming with us! G: I don’t want to play it again!
M: Get outside! G: Alright… M: Get outside you fuck. R: Come out now! G: Alright. I guess we- (Collectively)
Oh god! M: Man… J: Jesus…
R: What were you doing with a zombie in there!? M: He was trying to kill himself so he does’t have to play Creeper Soccer. G: No actually, I’m stuck in like a tutorial mode, so it keeps spawning zombies on me so it teaches me how to fight. M: How are you in tutorial mode? We’re in Achievement City.
R: Well why wont you learn? G: I don’t know.
J: I got- I got the exact same thing. It reset my my… status on me.
M: Chill your fucking shit. Alright? L: nice G: Yeah, it was like: “Zombies attack you.” R: It spread to me! I just got infected with it when the zombie came out. M: Get away from me, I don’t want the tutorial thing. R: Okay. G: I got a virus. M: Welcome to Creeper Soccer X. Lowercase j: Did you break all your paintings… Gavin? G: No.
M: No they’re good. j: Alright. G: Did you? M: No. G: Get out! M: Uh…your paintings were fucked at one point but then they got back. G: Jeremy’s gub dumping in my chest. J: Ryan do you like your house? I wasn’t here last time. R: I do, I like it very much. 🙂
M: Hey! M: Hey speaking of which. L: There is a broken painting here.
j: Gavin I put Kung Fu in your house. M: Youu- you guys want to see the sweet set that me and Ryan built? J: Do I!
M: And by that I mean made Matt build while we looked. J: Sure!
G: Yeah. J: Lets see it. M: Ryan actually, accidentally kept helping him, R: I did.
M: and then he would stop. G: kept R: I tss- I mean I just worked on the table.
M: He kept helping him. R: I like the table. J: Does anyone have any meat? j: I’ve got some pumpkins pies.
M: How… How are you hungry already? J: Uh, I was running around fighting a zombie?
M: We just started. R: The tutorial was exhausting. L: Just getting a good workout in. G: The tutorial punched all my meat out. M: So uhh,
L: Jacks been going to the gym. M: We didn’t really make a way-
J: I need some calories, I’m bulking up. j: Hey Jack, you want some meat?
(As Jeremy offers him pumpkin pie) M: -didn’t really make a way to get here. G: Oh, you- M: I guess we’ll swim. j: Here’s some pies for ya. R: We need to make a branch. G: Why’d you build it on water? M: Because it was cool, it looked cool.
R: Scenic. M: It was scenic, it floats, it’s got a beautiful backdrop. That- that was um… A big importance to us.
R: Yes. G: Yeh.
M: We- we changed the color glass a few times… R: Here, I’ll make it daytime so you can see. L: It’s like those uh, never ending pools or whatever the fuck they’re called- infinity pools? R: Infinity pools. (Collectively)
Yeah. (Ryan, singing)
♫ Never ending pool! ♫ ♫ Ahhhh~! ♫ M: Matt built the bleachers out of marble for some reason. ‘Cause in his mind, that’s what you’d sit on. R: Way fancier than the wood chairs.
G: Is this- ma- you mean quartz? Oh is marble a thing now? Or is this quartz? M: No, I mean it’s quartz. But I was referring to like real life… like it looks like marble. j: Oh this looks just like our table! J: Yeah it’s just like the dining table that we sit at, during Off Topic. M: Well we, we wanted it large, I mean it’s not supposed to be Off Topic, it is a new set. (Commotion) J: Oh I thought uh, thought you were re-creating-
M: No! G: There’s no brown stain in the middle. M: We also don’t have green and black checkered floors. L: What’s the name of this podcast? M: This is just our- it’s not a podcast, it’s a fucking set. J: Ahhh. M: It could be anything. G: It’s just for lovely chats. M: It could be for a podcast… It could be for like a charity stream.
L: Raise your voice to me… M: We could do a charity stream in Minecraft on the set. Gavin and I could drink some milk ‘n throw up in the water. R: Can we have Marcus like rebuild this in, in real life?
M: Yeah! R: Hey! Who broke somethin’ already? M: Someone- WHAT WHERE? L: Me! M: WOA, CAR- WOAH! L: That’s what happens when you raise your voice! M: Did you- hey stop. J: Oh shit. R: No, I made this! M: Put it back! Put the carpet back! R: Why you hurt others for Michael’s problems?
M: You fuckin’ monster. J: “Why you hurt others” G: Oh dude, and also there’s a good view of the penis,
L: Hurt people hurt people. G: in the side of Mega Dig down. M: Mhm? Seriously, put the fuckin’- put it back. Where- where are you and put it back. j: Ah, the head got removed. R: Eht- are we missin’ a head too? J: It exploded.
j: Yeah, the head of the dick got exploded. M: No no no, no, these heads are fine, they’re talking about a different head. (lip smack) G: So I guess we should go over to uh-
M: Yeah… G: Turd and go from that.
M: Yeah, we should do that ’cause apparently Lindsay’s not fixing the fuckin’ set. L: Done. R: That’s worse… you made it worse! M: You fuckin’…
(sigh) R: Just made it worse… M: Alright, so where the hell is this piece of shit? (Ryan yelling)
G: Does Lindsay do that stuff at home? Does she just trash stuff and leave it?
M: Yes, she does actually. J: Ryan’s having a seizure. (Ryan yelling again, but softer this time.)
j: It’s on the other side of Ice Cube. J: Yeah, it’s over there right? …In this direction. (Ryan mumbling to himself) j: I guess towards the alter. M: Guys I’m really glad to be back here playing Creeper Soccer the brand new, completely Matt Bragg
R: Ahh, no! I broke another piece! M: redesigned, Creeper Soccer. G: Maybe it’ll be good ’cause it, it wasn’t made by me and Geoff. … Geoff and I. L: Well, yeah. J: You corrected you, so I’m glad you did that. G: Wait, is that right? J: “Geoff and I.” L: It was made, made by me, so Geoff Geoff and I, right? J: So it was made by me. M: “Me- me and Geoff” would be correct. R: I thought Lindsay made it?
L: Yeah I, I helped out. M: Th- three of you did. R: That’s why you’re ev- the- we were like “Hey! We gotta have Lindsay in this video!” M: I also like how-
L: I was the one who quote un-quote fucked it up. M: I like how in this video, Gavin goes “yeh Geoff and I made it” in the history of Minecraft, every time it’s not his fault, it’s Lindsay’s fault. But now- but now it’s like, “yeah I did that”. G: I don’t wanna’ dump blame on Lindsay again, I feel like a- L: ‘Cause I’m here… this time. j: You’re just a blame dumper. G: Nah! I mean you were there last time and I dumped it all on you. L: Nah… what, was it the actual Creeper Soccer recording? I wasn’t there for that… L: I was in another room. M: I mean you, you were there falling off over and over and over and over again. L: That is true. R: By the way where are we going? M: To Creeper Soccer!
J: Creeper Soccer, Ryan! R: But how do I get there? J: Just walk!
M: Follow everyone else. L: Wish!
M: Follow everyone else. R: What I-
M: Follow everyone else. R: dbt- it’s just me and Gavin, we don’t know where we are.
G: I wonder if the uh- M: I’m on, I’m on the altar right now. G: I wonder if the flood lights are even this time.
M: Jeremy and I are hopping up the altar. R: Is it that way? M: Yeah, yes. J: It’s over by Ice Cube. R: You’re over by Ice Cube… L: I did ask Matt to keep those uhhh- lights uneven. j: Oh, I’m gonna’ guess it’s all those beacons over there. J: Yeah, I think that’s new ohp
dohp M: GOD… (Ryan, singing)
♫ I can see your true- ♫ M: It’s like the horror is shooting into the sky before we even get there. (Michael makes an odd sound) L: Come on ‘lil ocelot. (Either Jack or Ryan “oooh”s) Come on friend. I’m a cat, you’re a cat. Let’s do this. M: Yeah, you’re a, you’re a fucking cat now, too. You’re not Kazooie. G: Speakin’ of cats, my-
M: Actually- G: my cat was a real prick this morning. J: Was he? M: Oh yeah this is-
G: So uh- j: Did it wreck your other finger? G: I do- I usually- M: That’s exactly what I said. G: Sometimes I lock him outside of the bedroom, ’cause he always wakes up at 5 AM- R: Sounds like YOU were a real prick this morning. G: Alright. (Lindsay chuckles) j: Go on Gavin. G: Well I usually lock him out, ‘cau- J: Hey Gavin, Stop. … M: Hammer Time. (Quiet chuckling) (Quiet chuckling) R: That was the sound of his cat outside the door. L: I guess I was…?
(Ryan making dying cat sounds) (Ryan making dying cat sounds) G: SO USUALLY RYAN, I LOCK HIM OUT OF THE ROOM RIGHT? ‘Cause he goes mental at 5 AM?
(Everyone laughing) Yea? Uh- Did my game just crash? (Everyone laughs louder)
M: Nah you’re good. M: Nah you’re fine. L: Wow. J: Ow. (Michael starts saying something, Ryan yells something, then they all laugh as Gavin crashes.) L: Oh lord R: The games like “I wanna’ play this too!” M: Yep, it sure did. G: Full on crashed, the game interrupted me aswell! M: Hey, don’t worry. We’ll be at Creeper Soccer, you continue your story. R: We’ll teleport ya’. G: So wakes up at five, but Meg’s out of town so I thought ahh I don’t want to be lonely in the bed. J: Aww G: So “cat, you can come ‘n sleep with me”
J: Aww (again) ‘n obviously he woke me up at five, he started walkin’ on my face, walkin’ all over the side tables ‘n stuff. So I was like, alright I’ll put ’em out. And then uh, the, the alarm on Meg’s side of the, bedroom went off. So I guess he walked on her alarm, set an alarm for seven. (Jack laughs) So he woke me up twice, and one of the times, he wasn’t even in the room. (Everyone laughs) j: Champion. M: That’s pretty good. G: Yea.
J: That’s fantastic. G: ‘Lil, ‘lil bastard j: I did not realize you could make black stained glass.
G: Tactical. R: Huh. j: Make black beacons. Pretty cool. R: Also it appears the old Creeper Soccer has been overrun with snow. M: It also looks like fucking shit. Look at it. R: It’s a little…- M: Just look at it G: How am I just now getting the update?
R: It is a little dirty. M: I got to Creeper Soccer, right? Just now. I looked at it and I’m like “This is what Matt built? This looks awful. Oh, this is the old one.” (Michael laughs) That- no there’s the new one, right next to it. (Mostly Gavin laughs) L: Gavin wasn’t the argument on the first one we were like “no, obsidian looks gross so let’s not use it”? G: Uh, it might have been. j: So you used-
G: And we- j: So you used dirt? J: Well yeah, it looks much nicer. M: So we used a bunch of old insulation that we found. G: Yea, I think- M: And Asbestos. G: Ffteen minutes of, of the Let’s Build was us building the game and like thirty minutes was deciding the height of the flood lights and trying to get that- j: Of which they aren’t the same height.
J: Yeah, they’re not. G: They’re, they’re at three different levels I think. M: They’re… quite off. G: So you know that thing that my Minecraft does
L: I’m really good at hanging paintings though. G: where it takes, it takes eight minutes to start. M: Yeah. That’s okay.
R: Yeah, it would, we’re all familiar. M: It’ll, it’ll… it’ll calm down. j: yea M: So what do we, what do we need here? Just- I honestly don’t even fucking remember how to play this game. J: I remember: the creeper would appear ‘n destroy the rink ‘n that was it. R: Yes M: Right, so that’s what we’re doing again? Why do we have snowballs? j: I think that’s-
R: To throw at the creeper. j: Yeah, I think that pisses the creeper off too. G: I think it just bunces it. M: Is that for us? Or for-
R: Wait… j: That’s for us- L: Oh sweet, I found the bang tree. R: Are we blue? Or were you blue? M: No we were, we were- … red. j: We were red. M: We were red. R: You were red. That’s what I meant. R: Michael I’m gonna’ ah- I’m gonna ask you to
M: I don’t remember, I don’t remember. R: take that jersey off.
M: Don’t take- don’t take my shirt! R: Take your shirt off!
M: Don’t take my- M: Don’t take my shirt sir, I’m sorry.
L: Do it. R: Strip!
M: I’m sorry. R: Strip now!
M: Okay, I’ll give it back. R: It’s- you’re still wearing blue under there! L: It’s just like an extra live stream. R: It’s still blue! M: Oh god no, he’s on to me. M: I put, I put an extra shirt in my backpack. R: We know where your heart lies. L: Ryan, can you teleport me? I’m lost as dicks. R: Yes! I can do that!
j: What? j: What the hell? Is this like a button down? R: Don’t push anything. You don’t know what it’ll do. J: Push the button. L: Hey puppy. J: Get the money. M: Get the money! R: That’s the kick button. L: Bitch betta; have my money. j: Michael lookit’ lookit’ these shirts, man R: Doctor amazing skills
j: they’re like button down shirts! M: Yeah, y’know we look nice. j: Yeah. M: We’re professionals! (Jeremy does a nerdy voice)
j: I’m ready for school! M: Alright, that’s not what I was thinking of, but sure. M: I was like, yeah we’re professional athletes, then you were like “GUHHGUGH-”
(Michael mocks Jeremy’s nerdy voice) J: Gavin’s back! (Michael, still mocking Jeremy’s nerdy voice)
M: Hi, I’m Michael Phelps, I have fifty seven gold medals. (Lindsay, joining in)
L: Guhh, what a loser. M: I’m, I’m, I’m an Olympic champion. (Michael talking normally now)
M: Yeah you, you took a little bit to teleport R: Okay There we go. M: Dude, what a guy.
R: Snowballs (lip smack) M: That Phelps. (Jack chuckles)
J: Gavin just died. j: Fell to the water. G: Okay! (Someone sarcastically laughing) M: No I wouldn’t say that about him. G: How do I how do I put on uh red clothes? M: Uh, put it /on/ J: Pick it up
G: wot G: Ladder: used to climb vertically. (Michael “ah”.) G: God damn!
R: You can turn it off J: You are now using a fishing rod.
R: those, you know. J: Press left trigger to use it, press a
R: It’s an option in the hud. J: to learn more about fishing, b if you already know about fishing. G: Bedrock- (Cluster of everyone talking at once) M: Hey! Hey! Here’s a thing that wasn’t a thing when we did Creeper Soccer. Do we have “keep inventory” on or off here? J: I think, I think we keep it on, right? I mean there’s really no point in losing it. M: YEA I mean, ‘s just, will slow the game down. R: Yea, we’d have to get re-dressed every time. M: I’m just saying, then should- we should make sure it’s on. G: What, what’s the TNT for? Ah, it’s to rebuild.
R: Alright, “keep inventory” is on. M: Nice. J: So we’re DYN-O-MITE! Dyn-o-mite!
M: Umm, I’d- is there’s no-
R: Probably should turn off exhaustion M: Yeah I was gonna’ say there’s no food- oh no there is food. R & J: There is food. M: Okay, then don’t turn it off. (Jack, singing)
♫ TNT ♫ ♫ (somethin) in my face! ♫ M: Ideht- that, I mean that’s fine. ♫ (Collective singing) ♫ M: Everybody just grab like half a stack of food. L: Thunderstruck. M: Alright, are we ready to go here? ♫ (More singing) ♫ M: Remember that awesome trailer for Lazer Team that used that? Like before it ever left this building because Matt said like “it’s funny but we’ll never get the licensing for the song, but look at how cool it looks” G: Yea, was pretty cool. M: Pretty cool. (Someone makes an explosion sound effect) M: I was all like shooting- G: It’s just all the explosions from the movie. J: We had a uh, Black Keys song in a Day 5 trailer for a while … was pretty cool. M: In this building? J: Mhm. M: Yea. J: I think they actually showed it at RTX. (lip smack)
M: Oh, yeah, well yeah. R: Not publicly-
j: Alright, so what are we doin? (Gavin singing)
♫ Black Keys! ♫ ♫ (Singing) ♫ M: It sounds like you sang somethin’ else.
L: Yea? R: So what are we do. … j: Welcome to Creeper Soccer! M: Yea no, we- are we ready to start? Who’s the ref? How we startin’?
R: Yeah, how does it work again? M: What’s happening?
R: Yeah, how does it work again? M: Explain the rules.
R: The ref doesn’t have a mic. M: Well that’s fine. Lindsay, either explain the fucking rules or tell Matt to come here and explain the rules. L: I can uh, relay real quick so Matt says-
G: Someone do an impression of Matt. (They do impressions of Matt) L: Um the snowballs push the creepers R: Does do that.
j: Got it. L: and the fishing rods pull them. J: Gavin, snowballs might (inaudible) for you.
(What, Jack?) j: Alright! L: So you’re trying to get the creeper into the other person’s goal so they’ll … bllllllllooow it up. G: I swear I turned off tool tips and I’m sss- M: Okay
R: Wait, so I wanna get it in the red goal or the blue goal? M & L: You want it in the other persons’ goal. M: Just like soccer.
L: We, we do not- J: No no no, it’s just like basketball, you put it in your own goal. M: Like every other sport. G: Hints are different to tool tips. M: Here’s a hint: Shut the hell up. G: Alright.
j: Bam. So, ehdut- exhaustion’s off, right? M: No, exhaustion is not off, but we have food. R: You grab food, “keep inventory” is on. M: Grab like, half a stack.
j: Then let me turn that back on. boop ok M: Yea, alright sooooo
j: On-on-on-on-on-on-on-on M: Just get the creepers in- J: What does this do? M: the goal, now what happens when it blows up? … j: Then either it blows up the TNT- G: Alright, we’re goin! J: I flipped the lever, I dunno’ what that did. M: Oh god! Ahh creepers! L: Creeper on the field! M: Alright,alright here we go. It’s hop- it’s hoppenin’. It’s hoppenin. J: I may have done that. R: You did. J: Okay, well. R: So…
M: Wait, hang on wait hang on… R: Who flips the switch? (Guys stop talking over one another) J: Ow. What hit me? M: I walked up to you and punched you in the face with a snowball. G: Someone flip a coin. (Ryan enthusiastically says “oh!” as he discovers he has a coin) R: I have a coin! j: Uhhh- oh okay. J: How many times do we flip it? R: Who, who would like to call it in the air? G: I’ll call it! L: Ryan’s team captain, who’s the other team captain? J: And, cool it! M: I’ll do it. (A few of them say “okay”) M: Sure… (Lindsay is amused)
J: What? G: Uhh, tails obviously. (smack) R: It is tails! (Excited shouting) R: What does that mean? G: Always tails. j: Alright! That means spawn a creeper!
L: So we, we get to kick off. (They laugh and Gavin says something) G: Alright, I’ll hit the button. M: GAME ON! G: I’ll hit the button, are you ready boi? j & M: Yea. G: Alright, Are you ready, uh, gent-bois? J: Ready!
L: Yes! R: Yeah! M: I like to have anything that puts us at a disadvantage. G: Three!
M: ‘Cause you’e off G: Two!
M: in the corner. G: One! Thp- half! Uh- quarter! Now! R: Nothin’s, nothin’s- there it is! Hey! Be mad at me! M: Damnit I keep the sprint for some reason. Go that way you fuck! Oh I’d- we do not have nearly enough snowballs to just wail him with snowballs. Come on, hey dickhead! j: There you go, there you go!
M: Dickhead! j: Oh look at that! I pulled him in!
R: Just don’t get too close! R: Don’t get too close! (Everyone shouting)
L: Ohh we’re doin’ it, we’re doin’ it! L: Yes! He’s on our side. R: Uhh-
j: Ohh no! (Michael sings) R: He still movin’ for anybody?
(Michael sings) R: ‘Cause he’s not really movin’ for me. M: Oh no no, our games’ completely frozen right now. J: We are frozen in time. M: Wait for it… R: Look at this awesome diorama. M: Now, do you think the game will crash? Or do you think- (Everyone shouts) M: Alright! He’s back! He’s on it. R: He’s so close! He’s so close!
L: Holy shit! Holy shit I- M: Get away from our goal! G: No! L: Good! j: No! M: Stop!
L: Get it in here. j: No! (Panicked shouting coming from the red team)
(Excited shouting coming from the blue team) (Creeper explodes) (Blue team rejoices as red team shows their anger by shouting) M: The dynamite did not even blow up. R: Sure didn’t! L: That’s okay, we got the- it exploded. That fuckin’ counts.
M: It did. G: Should we turn on the uh the bit of the game that used to work? j: Oh, TNT explosions’ probably off… M: Is it off? J: Why, why would that be off, Jeremy? j: It’s on, it’s on now. R: It’s on! It is on. It was on. j: I just turned it on… R: Really? It was on on my screen before.
M: Yeah. L: That still counts.
M: Hey let’s try it again. Yea that counts, that counts. Alright, so that’s one point for the fuckers. J: What are we goin’ for? Let’s bet, first to what?
j: Aw I need more snowballs M: First eht- to uhhm, someone kills themself in real life.
J: Alright! (Gavin singing) J: Here we go! Ready? I’m-
(Gavin singing) M: You’re a different cat now.
(Gavin singing) L: Yeah!
(Gavin singing) J: I’m gonna, I’m gonna flip the switch!
(Gavin singing) You guys ready?
(Gavin singing) j: Yes
(Gavin singing) J: Here we go 3, 2, 1 p u l l e d the switch M: Alright, we’ll say: whoever scores flips the switch (Jeremy yelling) (The rest laugh)
(Jeremy yelling) L: (Didn’t catch what she said), ‘lil J R: Okay, okay.
M: Holy shit! (Creeper explodes) (They all yell and kinda’ “aww”) L: Shit! L: Uh, need a new-
j: Michael went flying. L: need a new ball please. R: New ball! M: In both real life and the game J: Alright! Pullin’ the switch! R: New ball! J: Switch! J: Here we go. G: Hook him! M: Dude… G: Hook him! L: Bring him in!
M: (Something) is worthless. (Creeper explodes) (Yelling) M: Damnit!
(Yelling) M: Oh, and Lindsay is L: I-
M: /dead/ though! L: respawned! R: Penalty box!
G: That means- j: On the bench!
G: That means Lindsay’s out. L: woo-hoo G: Lindsay’s off. M: Alright somebody, pull one in. J: Alright pullin’ the switch! J: Oh I may have thrown two in by accident. M: You fucking
R: You sure did! M: piece of shit!
j: Oh you’ve oh man done it. (what) G: Well blow up one of them. M: Yea Gav blow up the one that’s kicking your ass. Ohh they’re both gonna blow- (Both creepers explode and they yell) M: GOD G: Who shot like a rocket? M: That was incredible! J: I uuu I used my fishing rod and I grabbed him as he was exploding. That was awesome. j: Creeper comin’ in! J: ohp I almost flipped the switch but Jeremy’s got it! G: Is there any penalty for dying? J: And we’re frozen! j: Ah shit I hit it. R: Off sides! G: Maybe they should be out of the current round. M: This happens, this happens in real soccer. j: Oh shit! Did I do two?! M: He’s off, he’s on the field he’s on the field. M:No there’s just one. G:Come here bitch! M: GO TOWARDS YOUR FATHER M: GO TWOARDS YOUR FATHER, GAVIN! G: He’s getting mighty close M: Gav, Gaaav G: Yeah M: Gaaavv G: Yahh M: Oh no my poles gone!
R: Come on now, come here, R: come here you, come here you, come here
M: It’s okay, I got a new pole, new pole. R: Come here come here. M: There’s a slight delay of game when my fishing pole…
R: Ova hea, ova hea, ova hea, ova hea, ova hea M: disappeared.
R: back this way, back this way right now
L: Hiya creeper! Hiya! R: right back here right now, right now back this way! Yea, yea, yea right this way, right this way! L: Ryan you’re not from Texas but you sound like it!
(Everyone “Aww”s in disappointment) R: You guys have gotta’ get out of my way, alright? I’m the /striker/. M: Ryan’s th- stuckit- th- ascension of the ranks.
R: Give me some room! G: Someone please subtitle what the hell Ryan just said. j: Ryan was gettin’ real old timey. R: Come on! Ahg ah ah! Yah yah yah!! It’s you gotta, you gotta’ speak it, it’s your turn to pull the lever.
j: Ah, take that creeper hit ’em right in the k’nipens! J: Alright Ryan, I’m just gonna’ throw snowballs now, I’ll let you do the hookin’ G: What time did you start the Patch today, Ryan? R: Uh- thze- nah- ten o’clock. … Well, ten ‘o seven. G: Ten o’ seven, seven minutes?
j: He’s on the field! M: Oh, creepy’s on the field? Oh my god. (Yelling) M: STOP! Hammer time. R: I-uh I lost him-! There he is ok L: Bring him over here R: Stay – don’t – Jack! Don’t get between the goal and the Creeper J: Alright R: Here we goin’ R: I hooked him now hep-upbrrr right this way now R: Rrright this way G: Right, everyone just shut up Just let Ryan do it R: There we go, yep just let me do it R: OH! There goes jdooOOLZ That’s a real bad thing for yoooOOUUU~

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