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Let’s Play ROBLOX #5: SAVE FAMILY OR PLAY GAMES? Natural Survival Disaster w/ FGTEEV Duddy & Chase

August 22, 2019

Oh, yeah, can’t wait play me some Roblox. *screaming* Wow. Oh. On second thought, maybe I’ll just go get a burger. It’s… FGteeV! Beba ba leep bop beleeda Bop pllllhhh! Haha, but to play some new Roblox. Yo *laughs* Oh. New video message is waiting. Click to watch. What’s this for? Oh my, is that Lexi? Lex! Oh, oh baby Oh my goodness, Mother Nature’s gonna destroy them! I don’t think I can play Roblox right now. I’ve got to go. Don’t go save your family, play Roblox, man. Can’t stay and play Roblox. I’ve gotta help my family. Oh, thank goodness. You’re here. You’re gonna talk me into going and saving my family, right? I want you to… play Roblox *laughs* See even he thinks so. Think you’re right though. I’m gonna. I’m gonna stay and play Roblox Let’s make sure I made the right decision Chase should we save mommy and lex or play Roblox? Roblox [alright], I guess I did make the right decision. What’s up everybody its fg TV buddy, and me Chase and we Are playing Roblox is very own natural disaster survival games the next mark is the [raving]? Raceway yeah, I have to do. Oh look at the real cars well We have to do is try to survive any natural disaster that comes our way [it] could be acid rain It could be a tSunami it could be a volcano. It could be a volcano [I] can’t be a bag it could be a but yet a natural disaster, but yep Whatever it recommends that we do we have to try to do it to stay alive So it could be hiding doors could be get away from tall structures. Let’s see. I’m Gonna Rob you for the car Oh, I can’t get out of the car get out of the car [ah] no fair you out of the car sir Sorry about that. I’m going to get my car. We’re going to get my car. Well. What is up with that car? [oh] my goodness. What’s up with the glitzy [Co] [ow]? The car just gave me a boo-boo looking at Glitzy car flash flood oh My [cable] [Bowing] psycho yeah, you’re but one cycle. Go inside out like this, [okay] quickly quickly I’m totally about Nonono. Oh goodness. I’m gonna drown. I’m gonna drown [all] right. That’s cool. Dude I’m I don’t know how to do Roblox cars No, no, it’s flooding. It’s flooding okay twist a balloon. I have a balloon. [I] have a balloon. [I] think I’m dead [I] think I’m dead whoo whoo whoo yes, no, I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m drowning. I’m drowning and I am dead yes, whoo, ha ha, ha So long everybody [I] have a balloon, so I’m not drowning Basically chase here. Got me an apple. [I] let go of the balloon Yeah, chase got me an [apple] in a balloon the apple basically provides some hell once a game I guess and the balloon allows me to jump and glide so anyway now they have a little taste That’s how you get it. Yeah, I did those signs you spit [a] [tea] robux. Yeah That’s all right. It’s really helpful look see I can glide so now they have a little taste of how this works. Yeah And I didn’t even know I could drive cars. Wow. Let’s play for real now the next map is a glass office Yeah, look at that little ninja guy. He’s got Mickey mouse ears all right so what could this one be it could be it [could] be get to the top floor it could be stay away from falling floors Okay Jump want me to jump but I can’t hit [their] roof out out the gang is look at that There we go, and [oh] acid rain stay indoors. Well that sounds very easy. [oh], no until the floors Until the [roofs] start caving in no no no no no no no wait. How are we gonna do this? Oh, no, wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. [oh] my goodness. I gotta stay indoors. I’m staying down here All right, so it basically it’s acid raining outside, but our ceilings are caving in yeah You know what if I stay about right here underneath this door frame. [I’ll] probably be good, right Yeah, because the door frame is not Gonna fall on my head. Oh, yeah it is Dude, I said [doors] [cream] not a door How’d you know a door was gonna fall on my head so look I’m this actually kind [of] like a cheat I’m just staying here you were trying to push me outside if the roof falls, I’m good Are you pinching my hand get out of here get it at him? Uh and now I thank good get out here like this No, don’t get out of it. All right, so I feel like I’m kind of cheating here This is kind [of] like a boring a boring one. I’m just gonna be I’m gonna be daring. Let’s take a [chance] [I’m] gonna stand here underneath the roof and just hope that no roofs fall on my head. Yes Look on the top of the list I survived let’s see if Chase can play natural survival Next map surf central. Yeah, are you ready to surf? Get that balloon. [oh] The [blonde] [yeah] get the balloon there you go all right. [let’s] see what the disaster is yeah, go on there You can make it stay in there sweet. Are you stay there watch out for sharks? There’s a shark all right. What’s the disaster? We’re waiting We’re waiting to see no fire keep a distance from the fire all right dude Stay up there [create] a fire in the ground get up get up get up get up dude. Oh, baby Go, oh, you can climb up all right find this fire no This is like fire watch go up the tower Okay, okay, stay there all right dude Dude, I smell a fire if you stay in there look around you see a fire. I don’t [know]. I don’t know there’s a fire This is pretty easy. Don’t go towards a fire. I stay there. Are you standing in somebody’s head? So we just kind of wait here. Oh no the fire spreading. What’s gonna happen when it goes underneath you Chase get ready to jump wait guys. Just like [chilling]. Oh, do do [go] jump jump. It’s falling its falling. It’s really not enough. Oh Okay, stay away from the fire stay with him in the fire. [I] were good. I stay right Right here. Just keep staying there. Oh good. It’s good jump jump jump jump jump don’t go in the ocean I didn’t mean jump in the ocean [I] told you not to jump in the ocean all right my turn. No mines here no Why don’t you just die next map is [Sooni] Ranch [oh] This was a double disaster. Yeah You know what a double disaster means it means two disasters in one game Did I know you don’t get to choose? It’s just telling you that it could be an earthquake and a tSunami it could be acid rain and in Volcano Well, you just played a new jump in the ocean [alright] my turn. We’ll take turns You know [I] gotta be a game hog. So maybe we’ll [unlock] [her]. I’m a butt knocker. What is all right you ready and Knock all right, that’s enough. That’s enough of the butt knocking disaster warning keep distance from the fire So that’s the first disaster. Oh, no, [wait] will it fall to the sky I? Didn’t know that. Oh goodness. Who is this is this the scarecrow gandalf? Gandalf would wise wisdom do you have for me today? Oh? Yeah, I know you just ditched me. I saw with my own eyes [-] thanks man All right, so basically we’ve got fire from a falling from the sky. I don’t see the double disaster yet [I] [wanna] play and gandalf get away, you jump her in the ocean get it off. Just ditched me [oh], no [oh] this parts Gonna cave in that part’s gonna. Oh goodness gracious. [oh] goodness gracious No, no, no, no guide safely savely safely. Yes Aha, I what’s the double disaster jump dude. I think I’m like making it look at this guy up here Can I go in his head no? No? No sorry? I just knock him down. [oh], [no], okay? I’ll just stay here. Hello Why are you chewing on my foot spider Jockey? He’s smelling my foot. You should too Sorry pumpkin Good gegege [I] wasn’t weird pumpkin by 8 x 4 3 6 1 5 I only saw one disaster I’m a fetty wap yeah. Oh yeah, baby. No, sorry um [alright] Let’s go now chases turn no, baby. Oh who was that? It’s [the] island no this is an eye, and this is when you land see Lucky Mark next Map Lucky mark alright. Chase do good [kay] Chase I Think [this] one is gonna be a hide indoors. Let’s let’s see if there’s a volcano Please be a Volcano no What does that smell like [hot] [sauces] cream hot sauce and cream? All right, stay there. Let’s see what the disastrous Disastrous that’s actually a word or what if your sister was an evil supervillain name disaster. She be disastrous is right Or if you had a cyst on your cheek, okay? I’m gonna stop wait dude dude Volcano Volcano fuck are you just stay right there? You should be good ready? Okay, volcanic eruption get away from the volcano Dude, I don’t think that volcano can reach you. [oh], oh. Oh, it’s getting close. Geez whatever – oh [gosh] no no [you] going to the ocean you’re going into the ocean you just [dumped] in the ocean stop jumping ocean So when you die if you want to you get to sit here And you can just watch all your other teammates suffer. Which is kind of cruel. It’s like hey guys. I have a balloon I got no let’s see if we can glide to it ready, and yeah, wait Maybe I can glide to the island I can make it I can make it shark Ouch that shark attack was pretty gruesome there. Sorry you guys had to see that fight so now Oh my goodness. Look look there’s still that guy with [the] balloon see. I’m pretty sure everybody who has a balloon would make it Except for ones that jump in the ocean now. It’s my turn to play yeah I get to play all Righty this is Gonna stay away from the fire No points a high more And you jumped in the [ocean] again? for the third time Dude, that building is [takin] some crazy dommage Oh, no, oh no look. They’re all gone Dawg [honest]. [bye] next Matt sky tower yeah That’s wrong from Everybody used to call me sky Dad from sky tower double disaster double power look at those guns You messing up my guns [look] if you get closing you’ll have a big head, ooh [well], we don’t even know what the disaster is do we want to go inside of a tower right now? Say, oh, this is Sandstorm buying shelter are you shelter excuse me sir? Are you shelter? Are you shelter? Which one of you guys is shelter? I can’t find shelter anywhere. Oh goodness. Oh goodness. I’m stuck well actually this one ow [I] was just I was just a [roll] block sandwich really quick I’m looking for shelters anyone seems shelter I Can’t find shelter sorry shelter I’m sure you keep doing this no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no I Can’t find shelter in here. Oh Yeah, you’re right. Thank you chase. Thank you buddy, [and] one two three eat [apple] eat eat Did it wait did I already eat it all right? He doesn’t wanna eat. [it] might literally feel like the last one alive [oh], hey guys, we’ve made it. We’re outside in the sandstorm without shelter, but somehow we’re not even getting hurt Yeah, I want to be at your totem pole ready stay still guys wait wait. Wait. Did I just do it stay still guys oh Guys, let me on the totem pole if boom yay on a totem pole stop Jumping Nova [Center] was that the [the] layering of the totem pole because I was on top Nova was underneath anyways Roblox totem poles They’re awesome. Yes, Chase it is your turn tsunami get to higher ground Disaster warning art dude. There’s a tsunami coming What did that mean? Um you [know] [Konami] the guy that makes the games. It’s his sister Sue dude look look at this tSUnami wave see the way down there Look yeah. Do you’re about to fall dude get higher you higher you higher quick alright stay on top dude I think you’re gonna know I Killed you by mistake you did it my turn look Next map happy home [alright] Okay, [chases] knock down the floor are the [next] map is a happy home are this looks kind of cool I will jump on to the roof and I can’t quite do [it]. Maybe right now. Yes, I will stay here uh Slappy from goosebumps uh no fair guys. I want to go down the slide. Are you ready and one two three? Wait. Oh that’s corny. I don’t get to go down the side. [oh], [oh] fire. No. I don’t like the fire Yes, this guy catapult me. No no bravery right now. Go go. Go catapult me Catapult me See saw me She saw me hey, so I’ll call you later the seesaw doesn’t work very good. I think that guy’s is really heavy excuse me, sir I need you to lose some weight, so the seesaw will work don’t pinch my hair I’ll get a fire. Oh that’s cool. Oh look at the cute little blocks on flame. Ooh, those are legos All right, Shake it. I left job up to chase now chase his job to keep away [from] the fire Do I lose body parts are this raining body parts? listen guys you can hear somebody in the [Conect-R]. We won yay. [I] don’t know who that there’s somebody talking. [I’m] kinect Well that doesn’t quite look like a happy home now next Mac trailer park alright. Chase you ready chase. [oh] not again Chase [is] gone. Oh well Let’s just not to go up high in case we have to get away from something down below And then if it tells us [that] we have to get down low to get away from something up high. What is that guy? Why is that guy all sparkly? I want to be sparkly [I] want to be like you should be do be do me I want to walk like you talk like you you know it’s true doo doo doo doo doo. [oh] Okay, wait okay. [oh], I just lost a lot of health Blizzard lizard. Oh, I’m dying wait all right cool whoo? It’s so warm and toasty in here. Oh what [you] guys got cooking in microwave, ooh Chicken that look good whoo popcorn, huh, the snow still coming down all right Oh, no, the front of the house. Just fell down whoa. What’s going on guys? What are we looking at how come on? Why do I have a marshmallow and all you guys are like humans and stuff like feel kind of like. I’m not welcome here I’m wondering if I should Take a chance and run to the next trailer. I feel like this one’s gonna fall apart any time now uh-oh Or not maybe it Made it next map For indestructible, this is our final game whoo That looks indestructible a tank in a helicopter could be riding get off get off of my tape no no fair Why is he get to ride it no good there? Do can you fire? [oh] this is so cool? Why don’t I certain people get to ride [it]? Wait, wait who are those guys now that’s not cool. Oh my gosh this tank has a mind of its own ready Yeah, I’m driving. I’m driving all right All right, so what are we into doing for indestructible disaster to keep distance from the fire? Oh these are pouring I wanted to earthquake. We never got an earthquake blue balloon. What am I gonna slow the [Ac] jump ah? really cool if I coulda floated the Watch of a fall. I’ll fire fire fire. I’m not gonna floated the the tank up in the air with me. [oh] No, I’m almost dead. I will just stay here. [oh], [oh] fires coming fire. [oh] No, oh, no, fire. Let me up, okay No, no, no no get out get out. It’s my fire get out of my fire get in my fireplace This is my place where I get away [from] fire. All right cool that guy. [I] totally kicked that guy out of here I’m such a meanie in real life. I wouldn’t do that though. I would totally share my spot with him all righty Hey, how they get up there? I can’t even do that. Oh fire can spread wait. What wait what? Okay, cool. Ah I’ll just stay right here. Yeah, well, I’m on the bottom of the list Seriously. [oh] guys. Well that was us playing natural disasters [we] hope that you enjoy some of that fun that we play butter dum bum bum Am [I] playing with the green remote on the green screen? I just realized that [alright] guys, well. Thank you so much for watching we’ll check. Yes there peace out really bad you


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