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LFR6 – Round 1, Game 7 – Bos-stunned – Bos 5, Tor 4 (OT)

August 20, 2019

F*** (Bleeping) ****(Bleeping) *****(Bleeping) ****(Bleeping) ****(Bleeping) F***(Bleeping) Your beard sucked anyway Oh my goodness! Finally! Good old Canadian kid Kadri! Deal with it DION SMASH! OM Garabovski GTFO Boop! I got it from a bar (Laughter) My clean shaven face makes me sick. The Leafs lose 5-4 in overtime to the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals And they are eliminated from the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs 🙁 I’ve never done a Leafs playoff elimination video before. When I started doing these videos I was like well looks like Paul Maurice and the crew couldn’t get it done this year! So times have changed pretty significantly so… looking at the final outcome of the game, if we can kind of step out of our Leafs jerseys for a sec step out of ourselves and just look at it. Here’s what it is: what game 7 COULD HAVE been was an amazing comeback story. Instead… we got an amazing comeback story. The Leafs: nine years without the playoffs They’re playing the Bruins… probably the last team they wanted to play in the playoffs They’re down 3-1 in the series, they force a game 7, they’re up 4-1 in game 7, and imagine if they win. it’s only a first round victory, but you kind of wipe your hands clean of it and you move on to the second round and who knows what happens from there. Maybe you lose, maybe… maybe the rangers sweep ’em! But, it’s a change! It is a definitive end of the terrible era for the team and their fans. And you know what, you could call just making the playoffs that. Instead, down three goals, the Bruins find a way with like half a period remaining… To score all three, tie it up, and win it in OT. And the last few years I’ve seen some terrible repugnant finishes the games that just leave you …agh! (*clutches chest*) I was actually there in Saskatoon when Jordan Eberle scored two goals to tie it up for Canada against the states. You could hear team USA celebrate on the ice because the stadium was so quiet I was in Buffalo when team Russia scored five unanswered goals in the third, to come back from a three nothing deficit. Another three goal deficit in the third period that wasn’t safe. And Canada looses, and I wasn’t in Boston for this one, but to be down in Maple Leafs Square… pfft *Blows Raspberry* And I was there *points to right* in Vancouver though for Canada’s gold medal win. *Points to left* And there’s, how do I do this on camera? There’s my ticket! But to see those three losses…just brutal, brutal, brutal. A lot of people want to play the blame game I play the blame game all the time in these videos, but…. *shakes head* *blows raspberry* I got… no, I can’t. I’m seeing a lot of people dump on Phaneuf you know what? Whatever. That’s fine My favorite was Don Cherry on the tieing goal like.. *Don Cherry Voice* “Here’s Phaneuf… JUST MOVE CHARA HE’S IN FRONT OF YOUR GOALIE, MOVE EM!” One does not simply move Zedeno Chara. *Don Cherry Voice*”All you gotta do is move the biggest player in NHL history it’s really not that hard” And while I was really impressed with Jake Gardiner’s performance in this series, Cody Franson was very good… Dave Nonis’ homework for this upcoming offseason… He’s got some things to deal with up front: Bozak may be leaving, he needs to bring in a new centre… Get. Another. Defenseman. That Phaneuf-Gunnarsson pairing is the best one on the Leafs, but they are playing way too much. As for the OT winner, I…I haven’t watched it again. I know Bergeron scored, uhh cover…um cover him next time! I don’t know. I don’t want to watch it again! And losing like that… there’s no POSITIVE coming from that you can’t say well… “There’s a lot of positives you can take..” No! No. You can, however, take positives away from the whole playoff experience and I think this team will. And I said it before so you know I’m not just being a sore loser… The Boston Bruins put on a clinic of what you can get away with in the playoffs that you can’t in the regular season And they put on even more of a clinic in what you can get away with in the third period of a game 7 as opposed to any other period In the playoffs. I’m not gonna say “oh this Bruin should have got a penalty” or “that guy should have got a penalty” It’s just… you can get away with murder You can just huck a water bottle on the ice if you don’t like the way a faceoff is set up. My cousin, you can follow them on Twitter @Visco75, made a great point. What if Claude Julien just walked on the ice and told the ref himself, what would the difference be? And I’m not saying that the ref should have called a penalty in the Bruins home arena at the beginning of overtime in Game 7. But again, It’s just proof you can get away with anything you want. Brad Marchand for example? So hate-able. He does all these dirty little things… he gets away with it though! You can learn from him! Hate him…too…I guess but LEARN from him. And hats off, absolutely full marks to the Boston Bruins for… an amazing comeback. I can’t believe they did that. And I’m not sure exactly how appropriate this is to mention but… someone made an amazing observation on Twitter yesterday. His twitter handle is @suicidepass. He’s good. Give him a follow. This is a cover photo from after the Boston Marathon bombing. This is a photo of the Boston Bruins after they won in game seven of overtime. That is an eerie, eerie shot. And after something like that, I’m glad to see Boston so happy. It’s good that they get to experience a celebration like this now. I just wish it wasn’t at the expense of the Leafs. And with the exception of a few stupid fans on both sides, I thought both fan bases were great. Here was the scene down at Maple Leafs square during game seven. Just check out all the friggin amazing fans! This is shot by the way by my fiancee, @MrsDangle on Twitter She’s up on my shoulders and then Ialmost drop her at the end because I suck So let’s start to wrap this up here, let’s figure this out. The Leafs are out. *clap clap* Ey! But, they made the playoffs this year! Which… despite the brutal way they went out is a huge improvement! We found out that injury was just a bump in the road, and James Reimer is actually a pretty damn good goalie. And, in his absence when he went down with an injury for a little bit, Ben Scrivens is a pretty damn good goalie too! The Leafs have the second cheapest goaltending tandem in the entire National Hockey League! and after Braden Holtby’s extension in Washington, I’m pretty sure they’re slated to have the cheapest in the NHL next season. Reimer and Scrivens are just over 2.4 million combined. Luongo, what was that Kiprusoff? I got something in my ear. What? We now know that Nazem Kadri is an NHL player. We don’t know exactly how good of an NHL player, right? He had some good streaks, and some bad streaks in a shortened season, but he’s here. We learned that Phil Kessel is amazing and if you disagree you’re just wrong. We learned there’s some work to be done on defence, but really what else is new? We learned that even though this is Dave Nonis’ team now, Brian Burke might have made the steal of last offseason by getting Jay McClement for what he did. We learned that new Leaf James Van Riemsdyk is a heck of a player and an even better playoff player. Holy crap was he great in that series! And we learned that the Leafs, for now, are back I’ll say it again. It was a devastating way to lose, but consider this: No team that used to suck gets good right away. Look at all the recent cup winners, with the exception of the Detroit Red Wings because they are Mutants. The Penguins were terrible, horrible, brutal for years and years and thats how they got players like Malkin and Crosby They were crap, and they finally make the playoffs and they play the Sens and they get killed Then they make the playoffs again, and they play the Sens and they kill them. And they make it all the way to the final where they lose to the Red Wings. Next year they make their triumphant return to the final to play the Red wings again and they beat them. The Chicago Blackhawks seem like a perennial contender now. They were terrible for a long, long time! Caves and Tain and Keith and Seabrook They missed the playoffs by three points. They make it to the conference final the next year. Cup. The Bruins were garbage! They had Andrew Raycroft, had that one sick year, and then they sucked! That’s the reason Tim Thomas came to be! He was like their third or fourth Goalie! And they were like “well, I guess we’ll give this guy who spent half his career in Finland a shot” and look what he did! ’06/’07 they were last in the Northeast. Finally make the playoffs again. They lose. then Semis, Semis. Cup. The L.A Kings were a Joke! No playoffs, out in the quarters, out in the quarters, just squeak into the playoffs and become the first eighth seed to ever win the Stanley Cup. So I know nothing’s really gonna make up for that game 7 loss. But take some comfort in the fact that it’s super rare a team just goes “oh we suck. No, we’re amazing! Ah, Cup!” Just doesn’t happen that way. If that’s how the Penguins had to do it, and that’s how the Blackhawks had to do it, thats how you have to do it! If we’re gunna go way back to like the 80s, the Red Wings sucked! That’s how they got Yzerman, and they built up and built up and that was the dynasty. And the Leafs have done their fair share of being terrible, so now this is their time to rise. So that’s all my thoughts in the game. uh So I guess I got to say goodbye, cause it’s my last video of the season. It was so much easier in seasons before because I knew the last video was coming because the Leafs were eliminated like a month ago. There’s like 10 games left I’m like “It’s still mathematically possible!” *Crosses fingers* And I want to say thank you for watching, liking the videos, commenting on them. Follow me on Twitter, or whatever cause this…I Gotta to think about it. I think this was the craziest year of my life. Because I work in hockey That’s what I do now, that’s my job. That’s my career. And then September rolls around and I’m just like oh damn. And I was working at the Toronto Zoo last summer just because I’m like “well, it’s the summer I might as well work outside there’s no point in sitting around” and by the end of it. I’m just like “oh, oh, oh, oh, no.” No, and I love that place, but I’m like “oh, CBC though” And I quit the zoo and my boss says “you can stay” and I go “I’m never gonna find work if I don’t look for it” I’ll be totally candid with you. I made $100 in September. That’s not enough by the way My Russian buddy Andre Asanchika and myself, we were just sitting together one day and we were like “what whoa, what do we do?!” We both work in hockey and there isn’t it. And we put our heads together and with everything that we’ve learned over the last few years, and everything we know We started doing highlight packs for the Continental Hockey League’s YouTube channel. They liked the idea. They pick it up, and that…that’s what we did! And then I started helping out with Nike again and doing some world junior stuff I’m writing and doing videos for and that starts building, and that site’s traffic grows The Mississauga Steelheads allowed me to be an in arena host for some of their games The Lockout ends, CBC brings me back. My boss my first shift in, walks into the room and looks me in the eye, shakes my hand and says “Welcome home” My buddy John Puddy. And I get another job working freelance doing highlights and all sorts of cool stuff for the NHL network So if I can cover hockey for a living in a year where there’s no NHL…what is really gonna stop me? Really? It really is the sort of thing that makes you look at life and go “And what?! What?! uh uh It’s gunna take a lot more than that to take me down” So to all of you who watch my stuff, Do Anything with any of my stuff, even…even… that hate mail, I get I just oh… Big hug, let’s let’s all hug it out right now. And these videos, we gotta take the next step with them. I hated the lockout. I was an angry, angry man during it but since hockey has come back I have never had more fun making videos than I had this season. Season season six of making LFR videos. We need some upgrades. I need a camera with a microphone that doesn’t sound like I’m in a field at night. And while this bedroom is great, and I’ve spent basically my whole life in it. I’ve gotta move out. I’m getting married! So it needs generate like, like money. And I tweeted last night that I’m gonna make this video like it’s my last, because it very well may be my last. That’s that was a dumb thing to say. It’s not gonna be my last. I love doing this way too much. I think maybe it’ll change, maybe some things need to change… But… it… I love doing this! I love doing you! what? The Leafs improved this year, and they’re gunna keep improving, I hope to resemble that. So thank you very much for watching, if you want to see more of my stuff you obviously know where to find it:,, my Twitter, my Facebook All that stuff is in the underbar and you can check it out. Thanks for watching and subscribe to this YouTube channel too. 3 million views by the way! We just passed it recently! And if you subscribe you’ll know whenever I upload a video on… whatever. *comically* “Alright guys! This is my 84th Luongo trade update video!” Ok hopefully not that Thanks for watching, go Leafs go, and take care *Crowd* “Oh the good old hockey game… is the best game you can name… and the best game you can name is the good old hockey game Oh! the good old hockey game is the best game you can name and the best game you can name is the GOOD… OLD..HOCK…EY GAME” People in hats: “WOO! The hockey game baby!” *Wooing, cheering, whistling and clapping* Crowd: “Go Leafs Go, Go Leafs Go!”


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