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Magnet: SICK Fake Pass Move (STREETBALL)! Basketball Moves To Break Ankles

January 20, 2020

Magnet: SICK Fake Pass Move! Basketball Moves To Break Ankles today I got a new move for you that’s going to help you fake out defenders and you can use this in a variety of ways to set them up and do a whole bunch of different things what you’re going to do is you’re gonna make it look like you’re going to pass the basketball do a teammate or whatever but you’re going to put backspin on it so it comes right back to you to get into the details how to do this basically if you want this to be set up to look like a regular passes if you do it like this you might get some defender falling for it but you’re not going to startle them initially or set it up quite as well initially to make them think you’re actually going to go into a path Stacey you do this they know you’re spinning the ball back to yourself so what you want to make sure is whichever you want to pick a side that you’re you’re basically going to be like in your fundamental basketball Triple Threat position like you’re going to pass like that through this side or this side okay that hands going to go behind the basketball other hand you want kind of on the front of the ball so normally if you were to do a pass this can’t will be a little more behind it for this you’re going to put a little bit in the front but odds are if you’re doing this more game speed defenders aren’t going to notice that ok so this hand is going to be behind the basketball from there you’re going to push so this hand comes up and the other hand comes under it so the ball kind of rolls off your fingers and you put a whole bunch of spin on it and you want to make sure you follow through with that hand the key to making this work if you want to do a little quick you don’t want to do that you want to do it fast and put a lot of spin on it the more than you put on it the further back is going to come so I can push it way out there and get it to come back in one bounce if I don’t put much spin on it takes a whole bunch of bouncers to come back so you want to make sure you’re getting lots of spin on now from here you can go into a lot of things I like to use this to set up a whole bunch of different moves but a lot of times I’ll just use it basically to get the defender to go flying for the ball over here when they go for I’ll just come back this way ok just like that obviously you want to make sure you do this to where you can get to the basket ball before your defender so you don’t want it like if I have a defender right here I don’t want to put the ball right in his hand I want to put just out of reach of him ok so if he’s like right at the three-point line here I want to make sure it gets so it hits the ground short of that ok or you know somewhere else to the sidewalk and normally to get questions on this is this move legal it’s kind of a gray area because some people might say this is a self path okay if you do it though if you haven’t dribbled the basketball before and you know someone just passing the ball and you haven’t used your dribble yet personally i would say i would let it go but some people might call a self pass on this because you can’t pass the ball to yourself so if you’re really throwing it out there far and having it come back to yourself some defenders and refs might have a problem there’s now obviously i wouldn’t use this in a fundamental basketball game or a team type of situation this is more for fun for pickup basketball for entertainment getting losing odds and just kind of trying out you don’t mess with your defender a little bit more if you fall in this video helpful make sure you hit that like button click that subscribe button to catch the newest tips tutorials drilled breakdowns and make sure you also get on that notification squad so you can catch it right away cool if you got this movement sick you haven’t seen anything you got click this link and learn how to do some more crazy moves like that it’s one hundred percent free just click that link or the top link in the description down below you pop in your email and i will send us you instantly for free thanks for watching stay tuned for more and get after your goals today Magnet: SICK Fake Pass Move! Basketball Moves To Break Ankles


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    it is just a dribble

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    sickness!……got to tell you snake, you by far, have the best tutorials out there. i watch a lot of tom connors & professor stuff & it's great but they don't have the coaching ability like you to break it down & explain it clearly. thanks for sharing!

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