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March Madness Stereotypes

October 10, 2019

*Phone Ringing* *Phone Ringing* G: Sup, man. C: Hey, man. You wanna come watch the games? I got two TVs and a frozen pizza. *Chucklng* *Laughing* G: No, I’m good. G: Oh, what a shot! C: Guys, last second shot! Last second shot! All: Oh! Wow! T: The beginning, but then you pin it, rebound trying to prop the building. T’s Wife: Barrett (Ty’s son), who do you think would win in a fight, a wild cat or a musketeer? T: I would probably pick them. T’s Wife: I can’t pick the Blue Devils, my dad works at a church. T’s Wife: Oh, Baylor Bears, that’s chicken JoJo’s team, right? T: Are you looking at the numbers? T’s Wife: No. I’m looking at Pinterest. New Mexico State. I’ve got a customer whose son was there place-kick. Oh, that’s football, but I’ll still pick ’em. Texas Tech and Stephen F. Austin. Well, I had an uncle who went to the tech, never did like him. Go, Stephen F. Austin. Miami, I just got back from there so… yeah. Auburn in Charleston. Oh, I still feel bad their tree got poisoned. I’ll pick Auburn. C: Did you guys see the North Central Kentucky Baptist school got the win last night? C: I don’t know if I picked them in the bracket. C: Whoa, They’re not in your bracket. They’re in the NIT. *All Laughing* T: THE N.I.T.! C: YOU KNOW THAT STANDS FOR NOT IN TOUNAMENT, RIGHT? G: How are we losing to Rhode Island right now? T: If this was football, we would be killing them! G: Dude, basketball is so dumb. When was the last time you even watched the game? T: I don’t know, how long ago did Blake Griffin play? G: On a side note, A & M is looking pretty good this year. G: I applied, didn’t get in. T: Didn’t we all? G: Boomer! T: BOOMER! C: Hey, sweet start to the tourney. 0 for 1 in your picks. C: What? Dude, someone must’ve changed my bracket! C: Wow, *unintelligible* lost me that one. C: He makes his free throws, we win the game. My bracket is perfect. C: No, I picked them in my bracket that actually counts. This one’s just kind of a practice bracket. C: There’s so many good games on Thursday, C: I know I cannot believe we have to go to work. T: Oh, the games start this Thursday? [Dr. Carter’s office, how may I help you?] T: Yeah, I was gonna see if you guys had any available surgeries on Thursday? T: One to two week recovery time would be fantastic. You have anything other than a hip replacement? Lehigh shocks the world taking out Duke in the first round. And that is back-to-back early exits for the Duke Blue Devils. Your national champion, Duke Blue Devils. C: You guys have brought me back! and South Carolina coming out on top, sending Duke home early. C: NOOOOOOO!!!!! G: Dude, can we speed this up, there’s some great games on right now. T: Yeah, as soon as I can find something for my grandma that’s under five grand, we can get out of here. T: Oh, man. There’s some good stuff in there. Guess, they’re renovating. T: Dude, would you pay attention? If you break it, you buy it. G: Hey, didn’t you have Michigan State going all the way this year? Yeah, in the championship. They just lost the first round. Your bracket is toasted, man. *Overlaying Speech* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAERRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH! C: YES! C: I just saved you guys a fortune! C: You have no idea what was going to happen here. C: And women’s bracket? All: UConn. G: Seriously, no one’s taking Mississippi State this year? All: Nah. C: No, I gotta get that deal done today. Hey, did you fill your bracket? What? C: It takes five minutes. I don’t have five minutes. I have only one minute. You just wasted it. C: Sandra, I need Tom in OSHA on the line yesterday! *sings* T: For one shining moment… G: Are you seriously crying right now? T: What, No! What, you’re crying. T: All those poor kids, I always feel so bad for the losing team. C: Kentucky blue I see. T: It is, I got my boys winning it all this year. C: Oh, I didn’t know you went there too. T: Basically, my brother went there. T: My brother went there on a campus tour. T: We’re not related T: and it’s one of those friendships where you’re really close like a brother. C: Right, so you’re a wildcat because your almost brother almost went to Kentucky. T: Go Cats! C: Hey man, forgot to tell ya. Thanks for the lunch today. No problem. C: I’m pretty much a shoe-in in our office bracket, so cash ain’t really an issue right now. C: Where did you get that? C: What, these new shades? C: No, the car! C: Oh, this didn’t even dip my billion. C: You don’t have a billion dollars. C: Oh, dude, I’ve got a perfect bracket going through day one. C: Tell me, you’re not talking about Warren Buffett’s C: Billion Dollar Perfect Bracket Never-Gonna-Happen-In-The-History-Of-The-World Challenge. C: You’ve heard of it. C: Yeah, I couldn’t decide whether to get avocado ranch or red. 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