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MEN’S BASKETBALL – Virginia at VCU Highlights

September 9, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] Well, a marquee matchup in the
Commonwealth this afternoon, live from the Siegel Center
in Richmond, Virginia. We’re happy to have you
aboard for Cavalier basketball once again. What a showdown we
have today, as Virginia takes its show on the
road for the first time this season to face off
against the Rams of Virginia Commonwealth University. Hall does a good
job right there, and breaks it rather easily. Guy, pull up jumper near
corner right, rattles it home. And Virginia’s on the board. We’re all even at 2 apiece. It’s Kyle Guy for UVA. Top of the arc, hands
off for Crowfield, picked up by Salt. They
feed it off to Lane, and the whistle and
an offensive foul. Isaiah Wilkins absorbing the
contact, takes the charge. Fakes right, moves
left, lobs to Hall. Pull up jumper, far wing left,
his 3 touches nothing but net. And Virginia has its first
lead of the ballgame. Almost off balance as he caught
it, but skied over Salt. Jerome steps into a 3, and
his shot is up and good from beyond the arc. Virginia 3 of 3 from long
distance early in this contest. An interior pass, nice
cross the paint pass, Devon Hall finds Diakite
with that spinning hook. Drives left to
right for Virginia. Lobs to Guy, near corner. Quick pull up 3 on the
way, rattles around and drops through for
Kyle Guy on a good find from Nigel Johnson. Spins off of
Williams, 6 to shoot, Jerome, fall-away 3 on
the way, and he drills it! Ty Jerome, another
one for Virginia, the Hoos are red hot
from beyond the arc. Weaving into the paint,
adjust around the defense. Underneath for Lane. His shot rejected by
Wilkins and a jump ball. Picked up by Van, driving into
the paint, bounce pass to Guy. Quick release on another
3, his shot is up and good! The answer from Kyle Guy,
tucked in the near corner. Driving in the paint, whistle
with an offensive foul. Isaiah Wilkins takes
another charge! Right to left,
here come the Rams. Williams, pull up 3, no. He passed it off to Mobley. Kicking to Vann, he
wants another one. That shot is up and good. Vann holds his follow
through, and Virginia sees its lead trimmed down to 5. Now Guy deflects the
pass, picks it off. Feeds ahead for
the speedy Johnson, cruising in to right side. All the way, right
hand finger roll, to put Virginia back up by 9. His shot altered by
Jerome, tapped out, taken by Devon Hall,
who wants to push left or right for Virginia,
around Simms, he glides in and finishes with
the right hand finger roll. Ball screen from Salt,
Jerome bounces inside for Wilkins, double team. He still fights his
way up, gets it to go. Count it plus the foul. Jenkins, into the paint,
defended by Jerome. Floats it up, back
of the rim, no good. Got his own rebound,
put it back up, and this time he gets it to go. Spins around, feeds
out to Jerome. Looks inside, finds
Guy, near corner right. His shot falling away
into Virginia’s bench, is up and good. And Guy picks up right
where he left off from that opening half. High, near wing left, looking
inside, Wilkins left block. Good feed to the slashing
Salt, throws it down with a two-hand dunk, on a
great coast to coast feed, and Virginia’s back up by 7. With now 10 to shoot,
finds the curling Jerome, head fake from
3, steps inside the arc. The jumper rattles home. Good head fake and
go from Ty Jerome. Virginia has built
its lead back up to 8. Lane stepping around
Salt into the paint, his floater wouldn’t go. Devon Hall collects the rebound. Wants to push right to
left, ahead for Kyle Guy. Rip and go, right side,
around the defender, nice take with the right
hand and the finish to put Virginia back up by 8. Kyle Guy has come to play today. He leads Virginia
with 14 points. Has the steal now and
a chance for 2 more. Guy going in left side. He’ll finish, touching the glass
as he goes in with a left hand. Virginia’s built its lead
back up to double digits. Lane wants a 3. And he touches nothing
but net for VCU. [INAUDIBLE] to Nigel Johnson,
right to left for Virginia. Into the paint,
draws a double team, floats it up with a right
hand and the finish. What a take for Nigel Johnson. Again, he is so strong and
yet smooth in transition. He’ll toss it ahead from
Devon Hall to break the press. Now Hunter around the
perimeter, finds Guy, his 3 barely even
moves them at Virginia. Up by 10 on another
triple from Kyle Guy. He’s got 19 to lead all
scorers in this game. 11 and a 1/2 minutes to go. Johnson in
transition, lobs it up for Jay Huff on
the alley-oop dunk! Guy draws a double team,
driving short corner left. Right hand finger
roll is up and good. And Guy is truly doing
everything for this Virginia offense now. Jonathan Williams off and
running the other way. Here’s a 3 from Mike’l
Simms that’s up and good. Now dumping it off for Kyle Guy. Looking inside, Ty Jerome tries
to feed it across the paint, completes it to Jack Salt.
Hop step in the paint, and finishes with the left hand. Jonathan Williams gets a high
ball screen from Khris Lane, driving left down
against Salt. Up and under layup, hit the bottom
of the backboard, no good. Wilkins running the
break, right to left. And he will glide in with the
right hand, off the glass, and in. Wilkins with the almost coast
to coast take for Virginia. Second half, Virginia by 6. [WHISTLE] Lane driving, offensive foul! For the third time today,
it’s Isaiah Wilkins absorbing the charge. Now dribbles over to the
far wing right, back to Guy, steps into a 3. His shot up and good for Kyle,
that is big time for Virginia. Cavaliers lead by 6. Near corner for
Jonathan Williams driving into the paint. He floats it up right hand, and
he gets it to go once again. Ball screen coming from Salt,
Jerome kicks to Williams, left elbow. Back out top to Jerome, an
NBA-range 3 and then some. And Ty Jerome connects,
from what, 30 feet out? Virginia by 7, 71-64. Off the curl head fake from
3, steps to the corner, his– Oh! Up and good, in front
of Virginia’s bench! He’s got another one. Kyle’s fifth 3 of the
game, Virginia by 7. He throws it ahead for
Hall, quick-witted Johnson will break the timeline. Bounce pass to Isaiah
Wilkins, two hand dunk! Shot clock turned off, Virginia
up by 9 with 19 seconds to go. Jonathan Williams now, steps
back and beats Tillman. His 3 off the glass, no good. Rebound to Ty Jerome, and
Virginia can walk it out. Cavaliers have come on
the road to Richmond to take down VCU and their
first road test of the year. Our final score, the
Cavaliers 76 and the Rams 67. Virginia improves to 3-0,
withstanding the late charge from VCU to come away
with win number three.


  • Reply Ron Chaney November 18, 2017 at 2:53 am

    This class/team stinks with potential. Experienced upper classmen (leadership), size and strength, Shooters at every position, off the charts athleticism, shot blockers, and some quickness off the dribble. How fast they gel into the "packline", and how completely they buy into same, will tell how far this bunch goes. Rebounding is a point of concern, as is a consistant defence on the perimeter, but, so far so good. Go Hoo's!

  • Reply NRFLKN November 18, 2017 at 4:15 am

    This season is gonna be fun!

  • Reply The_Sir_Lagalot November 18, 2017 at 6:32 am

    Insanely hype game. So excited for the hoos

  • Reply Dylan Johnson November 18, 2017 at 6:47 am

    I've listened to Channing Poole call 'Hoos baseball for several years now. Absolutely love hearing his enthusiastic play-by-play of the Cavs on the hardwood. Keep up the stellar work, VSTV.

  • Reply Stephen Wood November 18, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    Y'all have the worst camera angles in the history of sports

  • Reply vamichael95 November 19, 2017 at 12:47 am

    UVA is still soft though

  • Reply delta75 75 November 23, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    good music

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