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MEN’S BASKETBALL – Virginia vs. William & Mary Highlights

September 8, 2019

Thompson will feed the top of
the arch now, to Marial Shayok. He looks to the right. Feeds it to the corner. Brogdon hoists up a three,
and he cans another. From Brogdon, who’s had the
magic touch from outside. Draws two defenders. Passes out of it, over to
Thompson on the left wing. Darius will send it now,
right wing to Shayok. A quick pass over to Brogdon. He flicks the wrist,
another three. And he splashes
another one through. He’s got to find a way
to help on offense. Brogdon has all six
of Virginia’s points. He’s going to add to that
tally, as he lays one in with the left hand,
softly, off the window. This time, for the first
time, on the inside. Steps back behind the arch. No passing it off. Here’s the three-pointer. Threw it way short on this one. Rebound picked up off
the floor by Thompson. He throws on the jets. He’s going to take it all
the way on the other side. Off the window, and good. Darius Thompson has scored the
last four points for Virginia. All in transition. On the right wing, sensing
Virginia’s defense digging in, the noise picks up. There’s the steal. Knocked away by Hall,
picked up by Gill. He sends the bounce
pass to Brogdon, who lays it in, off the window,
on the other end of the floor. Here’s Wilkins, spinning in
traffic, on the other side. He kisses one off the window,
and good, using the right hand. He is the biggest
man on the floor. Passes off to Hall,
who’s slashing down the lane for the easy lay-in. Leaves it short, from
about eight feet away. Quickly, the other way,
Hall feeds to Thompson, goes it in the air, misses the
shot.But Nolte for the tip-in. [INAUDIBLE] Now
going the other way. Schlotman into the front court. He feeds Dixon. Long three. And this is good. At the top of the arch,
Prewitt, dribble, drive, goes to the right elbow, now
takes it right into the lane. Puts up a runner, and a nifty
one, as he gets it to fall. Dribbles with the left hand. Now penetrates. Nice dish underneath to Wilkins. And Wilkins missed the shot
off post, but stays with it, and taps it right
back up and in. Brogdon on the near wing. Passes it off down low. Goes to Gill. He draws the foul, and sends
it down with a two-hand flush. More zone defense now for
William & Mary, as the pass comes near wing,
right to Thompson. Thompson dribbles, lobs
it inside for Hall, who will send it down
with a two-hand jam on a beauty of an alley-oop. Marial trying to get around
Dixon, takes it underneath. Feeds out, top of the
arch , to Brogdon. Quick pass to Gill. Gill, left of the lane, drives
it side, with the right hand, soft touch, inside. Lays it in. Here’s a turnover. Thompson with another steal. Quick hands, bats the ball
out of the air from Cohn. A lot of promise with
Wilkins in this program. Pass down low, Tarpey got
underneath the defense. Thompson on the right wing. Lobs it right on
the lane to Gill. Gill, down low, spinning,
working on Sheldon. Fades and fires. He hits from about five feet. The other side of things. Pass out, top of the
arch, Dixon unloads. Three-pointer,
straightaway, is perfect. William & Mary start to
get into their flow now. They have pulled back
to within six now. Now he will give it to Gill. Gill, left of the lane
with four to shoot. Defense has picked up. Gill fades and fires again. And again, he tickles the twine. This time from the
opposite baseline, left. Now to the top of the arch. Surveys the inside,
nothing doing. Now a pass to Brogdon. Nice bounce pass to Nolte,
who just puts it up close, but he had it partially blocked. But he stays with it
and powers it right back up and in with a foul. William & Mary on the other side
with the basketball, Sheldon will hand it off. Ball knocked away by Tobey. He comes up with a steal. Feeds ahead to Thompson. Thompson takes [INAUDIBLE]
and takes it out on the rim with a
big, one-hand slam. Drive on the other
end of the floor. Eight minutes and
20 seconds to play. We are in half number
two, Virginia by 12. Here’s a three-pointer, and
that will pull his team back to within single digits. Back to Thompson at
the top of the arch. He dribbles with the left
hand around the screen from Isaiah Wilkins. Now takes it inside. Back to Wilkins , from behind
the three-point line, high, arching shot. Touches all net. Dribbled between his legs, push
around the screen from Gill. Nice bounce pass to Gill. Gill send it to the right side. Driving inside, Thompson
puts it off the window, and good, as he takes it right
to the heart of the defense. Here’s William & Mary with the
basketball on the other side. Dixon, 4:05 to play,
feeds it to the corner. Virginia with a 13-point
lead again, 57-44. Ball taken away. On the hand of
full court control. Thompson with the steal. He feeds to Brogdon. Takes it back, and
sends it down with a thunderous, one-hand slam. Oh, oh, oh. Mr. Dixon, watch your hand. [CROWD APPLAUSE] Woo. Darius Thompson has
this place going nuts. That was violent. Bad intentions, Dave. Darius Thompson attacked
the rim with bad intention. Virginia, 61. It’s the Tribe, 47. Ball is knocked away by Brogdon. Dixon was going
up for the three. Brogdon picks his pocket,
takes it the other way, and he will flush it down. A 12-game win
streak against teams here, from Virginia, as
the final horn will sound. 67-52. Virginia, six
straight wins, heading in to their showdown with West
Virginia at MSG Tuesday night.

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