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Men’s Hockey: RIT vs. Air Force 1-12-18

August 28, 2019

>>Hook to head opportunity going in! Logan, breakaway. Logan, backhand! And Christopolous, a save! It was sitting right there. Center ice, Baskin trying to push it ahead. Here’s Kucera. Kucera leaving there and scores! Goal by number 27 Erik Baskin and just like that 9:28 remaining on the first. Air Force taking the 1-nothing lead. Trevor Stone, a shot and a goal. Stone with the goal, 2-nothing, Air Force.>>I’m just saying, Air Force is applying pressure right now. They really are. Mackey got away with the turnover from where he pitched. Drackett just didn’t locate the puck, the puck he’s gotta handle. That’s a shot, he’s got a clean window to see it, and, right there.>>Tomorrow night, kids are free here.>>It’s supposed to be a little bit better tomorrow night. I think it’s supposed to stop whatever we’re getting. I don’t even know what it’s doing outside. Don’t even care.>>Cameron in front!>>Get in there!>>Pushes it in! And finally, the Tigers on board, with 7:24 remaining, Miles Powell with his eighth goal of the season.>>There you go, working harder.>>Back to Powell, centering pass, in front! And that’s going to be swept to the near corner. Brown, in front, Powell off the stick. Brubacher fires, big save by Christopolous. Trying to get it out, Willett holding in, Willett sending it ahead off the glove. Right out in front, just going wide. It’s going to be clear, but then it’s going to be clear for icing. To take the draw. Big fight for it, kicking it ahead. Trickling through, push it to the corner, five seconds remaining. And Air Force is going to win this game.

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