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Men’s Hockey: RIT vs. Air Force 1-13-18

August 28, 2019

>>Two-on-one the other direction and Kucera scores. Ben Kucera, second of the year converting on the 2-on-1, and it’s one nothing Air Force.>>Beat him down the ice.>>They’re playing like this is a playoff game tonight with the effort. Here is now the opportunity and it’s a goal! Marshall Bowery snuck behind the defense just like that it’s 2-nothing.>>Like Short went down for it and then went right up over a shoulder of the puck. Committed a little early went down. Let’s see Short here. This is gonna cut the angle, it goes down, and then he does what he chipped it up over the shoulder there?>>6:16 remaining in regulation. And getting around the defense here’s Bowery. Bowery scores! Its second this period and that might be the dagger here, John. It’s three to nothing.>>You got to try to get something going here. Oh boy.>>And this will make it four as Serratore going in. 4-nothing, Air Force, with 3:02 remaining.

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