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Men’s Hockey: RIT vs. Northeastern 10-14-17

August 28, 2019

>>Shea with it. Losing his footing here, up the ice there be Schule following up. Powell scores! One-nothing RIT! That’s number 19, Myles Powell with the goal for the Tigers. Just one second remaining in the penalty to Logan who comes out of the box! Here he goes! Mark Logan on the breakaway. Logan goes in the backhander, the save, the rebound put back in. Guard base there caught napping. It’s two nothing.>>Gets the initial save by Primeau and then look at this. There’s that extra work. That’s that hustle. Finishing bingo to seven. What’s huge. What a different team they would have last year if they had everybody healthy! As it’s put back in the red light is on at Brown in front with his second tonight and the RIT Tigers on the powerplay taking a three nothing lead. Williams over to Shea and the penalty has expired. Play still in the zone and the shot and a goal. Quick goal in front on the quick one timer. Northeastern is on the board. It’s a disparity here bBut here’s an opportunity – quick shot and a goal. And it’s a one goal game. Garrett Cockerill from the high slot number 14 and with 10:45 remaining Northeastern cuts it to three to two. Sakura coming back up with a puck cross ice feed feet down low. Out of position. Bracket. Here comes the shot. Wide open. There’s a goal.>>He never rotated back.>>Sikura ties the game with 2:40 remaining here tonight. And the Tigers in transition Brady Norrish going in. Norrish is taken out of penalty coming up! Back hand, Abt, down front! And it’s just pushed wide. That could have been it for the Tigers as Kerin’s had an open look.>>It was there. It’s a great pass

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