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Men’s Hockey: RIT vs Northeastern

August 28, 2019

>>Up the ice, there be Schule, coming up – Pow! Scores! [horn] Goes in! The backhander! The save! The rebounder! Put back in!>>It’s huge. What a different team they would’ve had last year if they had everybody healthy.>>As it’s put back in! The red light is on!>>Over to Shea, and the penalty has expired. Play still in the zone, and the shot, and the goal. Quick goal in severity here, but- Here’s an opportunity. Quick shot, and a goal! And it’s a one goal game. Out of position, bracket, here comes the shot! Wide open! There’s a goal.>>He never rotated back.>>Now Powell will walk in, Powell, nice move, Powell fires! Glove save.>>I thought we really controlled play, I thought we were opportunistic through the first two periods to get that lead. And then we just didn’t play very smart. I mean, too many men on the ice twice, a lazy holding call, you know, the thing that they excel at, or where they’re very good is, Gaudette and Cecere in particular, they’ve got a lot of other good players, and a couple of really good defensemen there but, those two, and their power play. And we just kept putting them on their power play. You know, we had two freshmen – we had a lot of new penalty killers out there. And a couple freshmen in that, and I thought we did a pretty good job with the kill. But you keep giving them opportunities, they’re that good that they’re going to finally break through on it. So that was the disappointing part of the game.>>This is not going to sit well with Wayne and that staff. But you’re right. They went toe to toe.

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