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Men’s Underwear Guide – How To Find Comfortable Briefs, Trunks & Boxer Shorts

September 17, 2019

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In
today’s video, I discuss men’s underwear, different styles, types you can wear, when
and why you should wear them, what materials you should go for, what colors, and I’ll touch
on what brands are worth your money. As you know, we’re big into history and if
you want to learn more about the history of underwear, I suggest you check out our in-depth
written guide on our website. First, let’s discuss underwear styles. Probably
the most well-known one is the boxer short. It’s made of cotton, it’s well-suited to be
worn with suits or pleated pants, and it’s very loose fitting. Usually, men either hate
it or love it. Boxer shorts are usually made out of shirt fabric material so it’s not super
flexible but since it’s cut very roomy, it’s so comfortable. Moreover, it has a button
fly, in this case, it’s covered, sometimes it’s not but it allows for easy access. The
promise of boxer shorts are that they’re usually made of absorbent cotton, they’re loose and
airy. Because it’s shirt fabric, it’s very hard wearing and some people really like to
sleep in them. The cons are, they have the tendency to bunch up and it’s very easy to
sweat in them which is one of the main reasons why I dislike them, personally. On top of
that, they’re not well-suited for physical activities
because the shirt fabric in this elastic waistband really digs into your skin and when you have
sensitive skin, it may even chafe it and be very uncomfortable so when you
work out or exercise, stay clear of them. Another very classic pair of men’s underwear
are briefs. They are cut so they basically cover everything and they don’t have anything
on the leg. It’s basically a simple , Y shape and it’s a classic that your grandpa probably
wore. They’re particularly good for skinnier clothing because it doesn’t bunch up underneath
of it and is more comfortable so, if you sit a lot, if you prefer skinny jeans, or just
slim cut pants, the brief is definitely a pair of underwear style you should look into.
The cons are that it may look old-fashioned and some people even call it the banana hammock
so maybe when you’re on a date, it’s not the best choice and on top of that, when you exercise
and go to the gym, it doesn’t offer a whole lot of support. It’s definitely better than
boxer shorts but not as good as boxer briefs or trunks. Which brings us to the next style of underwear,
boxer briefs or trunks. Some people refer to them as best of both worlds because, on
the one hand, they have the tapered cut of the boxer short, just a little slimmer and
on the other hand, they are more fitted like a brief. Most boxer briefs come with an elastic
waistband that is flat, hence, it is more comfortable to wear especially when you work
out or even during a regular day. Simply compare it to.. on the one hand, you have the harder,
cotton material with ridges that dig into your skin. On the other hand, you have this
smooth, elastic waistband. Some boxer briefs don’t have an elastic waistband but they’re
still very comfortable and basically, what you’re looking for is a smooth surface so
you can wear them without really feeling them all day. The advantage of being longer in
the leg and offering more compression and support , on the flip side means that it’s
more likely to bunch up and because of that you can find briefs and trunks in various
lengths so when you work out, you want something that’s longer. When you just wear a suit or
regular clothes and you sit a lot, you should go with shorter legs. Last but not the least, one form of men’s
underwear are thongs, bikinis, and g-strings, and if you want to learn more about the differences
of these types of underwear and when to wear them, you can check out our in-depth guide,
here. The classic underwear color is white. Usually
comes in cotton and it works all year round especially during the winter when you wear
thicker fabrics. Now, in the summer, when you wear thinner fabrics, maybe even a white
pair of pants, underwear can show through so you should stir clear of patterned underwear
and take only solids. White underwear only gets you so far because you can see it because
it’s different from your skin tone so you can either get a nude colored pair of men’s
underwear which is hard to find or make it yourself by putting it in some black tea.
Alternatively, you can get a heather grey pair of underwear which are much easier to
find than nude ones and they actually show through less than a white pair of underwear.
If you’re darker in skin color, you can look for something in a darker grey. Ideally, always
get something that’s as close as possible to your skin tone and won’t show through. Next, let’s talk about underwear materials.
The most popular underwear material is cotton and it comes in white. Now, the prices for
cotton underwear range from $1.50 to more than a $100 and as with all things in life,
just because it’s cotton, doesn’t mean it’s the same quality. The feel and the touch of
your underwear, when you hold it in your hand and when you wear it, can be hugely different
and of course, you want something on your skin that feels comfortable all day long.
A lot of premium brands try to use words like Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton, or sea island
cotton, unfortunately, there’s a lot of seal abuse going on so you don’t really know what
you’re buying unless the material comes from a trusted source. In terms of cotton, it all
comes down to staple length then the yarn and the knit. West Indian Sea Island cotton
oftentimes comes with a staple length of more than 5 cm which is extremely long. A cheaper
cotton may just be 1cm long which is less than half an inch. If you want to get quality
cotton underwear, look for hallmarks such as Swiss Cotton or Pima Cotton. Ideally, of
course, you try on the underwear and you touch it and you feel them, so can you determine
the quality of cotton by simply touching it? Unfortunately, not. When you have a short
staple cotton and you get a little fuss like on a flannel, it can feel very soft but after
just a few times of washes, it can pill. On the other hand, a quality pair of long staple
cotton underwear will also feel soft but it’s much more durable. You always want long staple
cotton for maximum comfort and longevity. The big advantage of cotton is that it’s absorbent,
it’s hard-wearing and easy to launder. The cons of cotton underwear are that they lose
color over time so no matter how high the quality, they will look faded and in the grander
schemes of things, there are softer materials out there. One of the most popular underwear materials
in today’s age is Modal. A material made by the Austrian company, Lenzing, that is derived
from beechwood. It’s a cellulose fiber so it starts with a natural fiber that is then
taken and made into an artificial yarn that is very slim with a very small diameter and
hence, it feels very soft on your skin. To get an even softer feel, the same company
created something called MicroModal. It’s simply a smaller diameter and it’s even softer.
The big advantages of modal underwear are that they are shrink resistant, the colors
never fade and it’s about three times as soft as cotton so you really get the best of everything.
The only downside of modal or micro modal are that it is prone to pilling so after a
while, you may see some of the pilling. Sometimes manufacturers try to add cotton to prevent
that but it’s simply something you have to live with and it means that you have to exchange
your underwear maybe a little more often but they’re extremely soft. As if micro modal
wasn’t fine enough, the company came up with micro modal air which is the finest and softest
underwear material on the market today. If you want to learn more, please check out our
guide on the website, here. One of the two quality hallmarks of underwear
is comfort. It has to be right for you, the cut has to be right for you. Some companies
even offer various shapes because humans are different. In terms of longevity, you can
really break it down by cost per wear so even if you buy an inexpensive pair for a dollar
or a dollar and fifty, it may actually cost you more per wear than if you get more luxurious
pair of underwear for forty dollars simply because it lasts longer. So what underwear should you buy? As you can
imagine, it really depends. It depends on your budget, it depends on the cut that works
best for you and if you want to check out some low-end and mid-market underwear that
we tested and recommend, please check out our full guide, here. In terms of luxury underwear,
I’ve tried many different brands such as La Perla, Hanro, Zimmerli and lately, one brand
called, Tani. I really like Tani underwear because they always strive to go for high-end
materials such as micro modal air, they also use a long staple swiss cotton, the cut is
modern, and I love them because they have different cuts and different things, so I
can wear a trunk for the gym, I can wear something when I sit a lot.

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