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Michigan State Hockey vs Penn State | Spartans All-Access | January 12, 2019

August 20, 2019

(dramatic music) – [Announcer] Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Pegula Ice Arena on the campus of
Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pennsylvania. Michigan State taking on the
Nittany Lions of Penn State for the second consecutive evening. Martin’s into the zone,
– [Announcer] Oh! – [Announcer] Back end,
try in front by Goodsir, still a scramble for it
– [Announcer] Yes! – [Announcer] Shot,
goal for Michigan State! The Spartans with a hard work goal right out in front of the net,
take the lead one to nothing. – [Announcer] Spartans
get it out to center ice, tipped in by Sanford, Sanford
down to the goal line, left it out in front, Apap there,
– [Announcer] Yes! – [Announcer] Shoots and scores! A goal for Michigan State, Tommy Apap for Brennan Sanford,
(crowd cheering) the Spartans reclaim the lead
with a late first period goal. – [Announcer] Steps around
Larson out to center ice, weaves his way through traffic into the Penn State zone,
finds Hirose off the bench, – [Announcer] Yes! – [Announcer] Shot, goal! – Oh, what vision by Khodorenko to see Hirose streaking
in off of the bench. Three to one Michigan State, in the lead. – [Announcer] Back to Sternschein,
back to Berger rather, Berger shot in, a goal. We’re tied at three all. – You gotta see the floor green. Good job! – [Announcer] Over to
Hirose, top of the circle, cross ice to Milan, into the slot.
– [Announcer] Yes! – [Announcer] Shot,
goal for Michigan state! They got it to Mitch
Lewandowski on the back door, and he popped it in. Five-three Michigan state. To the blue line, held in, Myllari on the left side tries to
trickle it through the slot. – [Announcer] Oh! – [Announcer] The shot on the goal line! What a save by Lethemon! – [Announcer] And that will do it. Michigan state gets a
much-needed road win. (clapping) – ♪ Colors, green and white, ♪ ♪ go right through for MSU,
watch the points keep growing, ♪ ♪ Spartan teams are bound to win! ♪ ♪ they’re fighting with
a vim, rah rah rah! ♪ ♪ See their team is weak!
We’re going to win this game! ♪ ♪ Fight, fight, rah team fight! ♪ ♪ Victory for MSU, woo! ♪ (dramatic music)

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