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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Judwa boxer| Wow Kidz

October 9, 2019

Brother I have come. Hey, when did you come ? You never move out of the house. When did you come? What should I do brother? I get scared in the city. It is so crowded, many vehicles move around, I am scared. Hey! Why fear when I am here? Anyways, no worries, now remove these clothes, go inside and wear my clothes. Afterwards we will go out to roam, come soon. Hey this is It. Hey Patlu, come on fast, I am very hungry, the samosa will become cold. Sorry, big brother. Sorry, my mistake, sorry What’s wrong with him? It seems like today he is afraid. Come on let’s take advantage of this situation. Ok! Let’s do it. Hey! What sorry, sorry? This is a road and not your lawn where you can stand wherever you want to. What if we would have got serious injury? Hey Motu Patlu, what’s happening? It’s nothing, Chingam sir, bye! See you later. Yes, so what were we saying, is this road your own? What do you think? You will do whatever you want and we’ll keep tolerating it? Those days have gone. Do you both want to say something else? We want to say a lot, but today we will let you go. Don’t come in our way next time, got it? You want to leave it, but I won’t leave you. Oh my god! What is happening? Motu, Patlu, Boxer, stop. Stop! Stop in the name of law, swear you in the name of law, swear you in the name of Mother India. Sorry Chingam sir, if we wait now then we won’t be able to walk again. I won’t leave you. Sorry, I made a big mistake, next time it won’t happen. What is this happening Motu? He is changing his colors faster than a chameleon. Let him change, what have we to do with that, we will take the advantage of this situation, let’s do it. Every time you make a mistake, you want us to tolerate it? I said, I made a mistake, next time it won’t happen. Forgive me, please. We will take revenge of all present and past situations, so that next time you won’t make any mistake. Today we will teach you such a lesson that you won’t dare to come in front of us. You will shiver in front of us, you will be scared to see us even in your dreams. Are you both alright? Or are you both in a mood to be beaten up by me? Okay no worries, today I will fulfill your wish. Do you want to challenge me more? Sorry, I made a mistake. Motu! Now what to do? He is running away from us, Is he again trying to create an atmosphere to hit us? But right now he is running away from us, come on lets wash him down. Where are you running away? Today nobody can save you from our anger. Yes! Enough of daily dramas, today climax will happen. We call this, come bull hit me, you are willingly trying to bring about your own destruction. Seems like we are going to get beaten up again. Please forgive me! Please! Big brother, now we won’t get trapped by these tears. We have been beaten up enough, now you please forgive us. No, you please forgive me. Yes we forgive you, now even you forgive us, Motu run! Wait! Let me thank you. We don’t want that beaten up thank you. Big brother, we can’t understand what’s wrong with boxer? Yes Dr. Jhatka, he starts crying at one minute and then starts beating us up next minute. Hye Motu Patlu, my brothers, my friends, I swear on my patients, Boxer’s brain condition isn’t good. He needs to be treated, you guys get him here and I will treat him. But don’t let him know about his condition. Get him here? He is not a cow or a sheep that we will catch him and bring him here. He will beat the hell out of us. I don’t know anything about that, he is your neighbor, it is your responsibility to get him treated. Big brother, Dr. Jhatka was remembering you. What? Nothing, its nothing. Boxer brother, will you visit Dr. Jhatka? Why? Do you want him also to get beaten up along with you? Run away from here. What to do Patlu? My mind doesn’t work on empty stomach. Hey! Who are you and where are you taking me? Hey! Where are you taking my brother? Hey!! Motu Patlu, what are you both trying to do? Nothing big brother, we are here to treat you, the condition of your brain is not good. What’s not good? The condition of your brain! At one minute you become brave and then in next minute you become a coward. I become a coward? Me? It seems like you both have lost your mind, leave me or else I won’t leave you all. Hey! You all are beating my brother! Where are you running? Big brother, what is this matter? Come down! No, we won’t come down. Will you come down or shall we come up? Coming. Hey, Motu Patlu, thank you, thank you very much. Thank you for what, big brother? For getting beaten up? Hey! For making my brother brave, I have never seen him hitting someone, he is always scared. But today when he saw me in trouble, he hit you both, which made me happy. You have made him brave and because of you he is no more scared. Yes! Earlier I was even scared of even a mouse, but now I am not scared of a lion also. Thank you very much Motu Patlu. Oh! So you were the one asking for forgiveness. And boxer brother was the one who was beating us. What do you mean? It is a very sad story, we will tell you later at ease, now let’s go back home, we had enough beating for today.


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