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My New Favourite Hockey Bag – Pacific Rink Bag Review

August 18, 2019

– Hey guys, Jeremy here
from How to Hockey. In this video I’m doing a
review and sort of overview of two different hockey bags that
you might be interested in. The first one is the Pond
Pack from Pacific Rink. I’m just gonna do a
brief overview of this. I’ll do the full review once
it’s pond hockey season, I get to test it. So this is a big backpack. It’s for the guys who don’t
wanna bring full gear. It’s got a spot for skates, it’s got a spot to put your helmet, it’s got a lot of space
inside to put all your stuff, so awesome for the pond hockey guys or for maybe the coaches or referees, so I’m gonna do a brief overview of that. I’m also gonna do a full review of the Pacific Rink Player Bag. So this is my hockey bag, I’ve been using it for quite awhile, and I am very particular about my bag. I looked for a long time, years and years and years
for the perfect bag, I’d try one, try another
one, try another one. I always found I was close, but it wasn’t quit there. This one is my bag, I love
it, I’ll tell you why. Let’s just dive right into the player bag and talk about the
features that I really like and what sets it apart from other bags. First, I mean it looks great,
red is my favorite color, so that was a bonus, I
like the red and white. Just looks great, the straps are really
comfortable so it’s not, it doesn’t dig into your
shoulders when you carry it. Some straps can be too small
or too long, too short. These ones are really nice
because they’re adjustable so you can get it just that right length, so it’s not banging off of your legs, but it’s not like cut off
when you try to lift it up. So these straps, really
nice addition right there. This feature I really like, I tend to forget to
bring a towel to hockey, but now I can just go this, and I can see if there’s a towel up top. So this is where I store my dry stuff, it keeps it separate my hockey equipment so it doesn’t get wet and
bacteria and stuff like that. So that is a dry storage
compartment right in the top flap. Now is actually pretty smart too, they put a secret zipper right there, so I can access it from right
there if I want as well. The major selling point for
this bag is the organization, that’s one thing that I
was really looking for, and I couldn’t find in another bag. The best I found was a side pocket here and a side pocket there. To keep some sort of organization,
I have a lot of stuff, I got water bottles, I got tape, I’ve got little bits and
pieces to repair stuff if I need it. I’ve got my shower stuff, so
I want it all in one spot. With almost every other bag, I would end up forgetting things. Maybe a shin pad fell out, maybe I take my skates
and I play pond hockey, forget to put ’em back in the bag. So it’s the worse when
you show up at a game, and you’re missing something. Here, it’s organized,
I’ll show you what I mean. There’s a center divider right here which keeps things separate, so on this side I’ve put my shin pads, I put my elbow pads, I put
my gloves and my helmet. It all fits really easily right in there, so I know everything, all my
protective is right there. And on the other side I
have just my hockey pants, but there’s room for
shoulder pads as well. I also keep my jock, my
jersey and socks down there, so I know everything is in there. But that’s not all. When I get dressed the first thing I do is pull my skates out, I
tuck ’em under the bench, and then I have easy access to them. So it’s really nice that they
have these skate pockets, and all this stuff is removable, if you don’t want something, you can un-clip it and
take it out of the bag, it’s fully customizable. But I like all the
features just how they are. So with the skate pockets, they’re great because obviously
easy access to skates. The second reason is if
you don’t use skate guards, if you’re using a cage and
you have your skates in there, with no skate guards, it
could knock off the cage, it could wreck the edge on your skates, so it just helps keep
your skates protected, it helps keep the moisture off of them by having it in this
protected skate pocket. Another nice feature is the
water bottle holder right there, I hate not having water, so I can open my bag, I can see
water bottle is right there, always have it, it’s great. Another great feature, which I did not think
I would use very often but I use it almost every
game is the undergarment bag, so anything that’s wet after a game, you chuck it all in there, so your socks and your Under Armour, and all that stuff
that’s stinky and gross, just throw it in there, it’s separate from all
your equipment it’s great. You just tuck it in there, and as long as you don’t forget, then when you get home
you can pull that out, everything’s easy access,
chuck it in the wash, or just dry it out if you don’t
wash it every single time. But really simple, great for organization, and keeping all the rest of
your gear not smelling gross. And then on the other
side is more pockets, so on the top right
here, it’s a soft pocket, it’s got a nice soft material in there. You can put sunglasses or
any personal items in there, maybe your wallet. And then below that is a bigger one where you put tape and
skate laces and just all the accessories that you are
gonna bring to a game. The features don’t end there though, there’s one more hidden feature which I haven’t used yet,
but I imagine I will. If you’re traveling with your bag, you’re going on a long hike and you do not wanna shoulder carry it, we’ve got hidden straps right here. They clip into these spots right there. And now, your bag is a
backpack, much easier to carry. Alright that feels pretty good. Straps are adjustable of course. It’s a little bulky but you’re
carrying an entire hockey bag full of equipment on your back. I’d say it’s definitely gonna be better than carrying it over your
shoulder if you’re going traveling or something. Nice little hidden feature. Before we go, let’s take a
quick look at the Pond Pack. This is the Pond Pack, it’s for the hockey
player that travels light, but I wouldn’t limit it
just to hockey players, in fact my wife has
taken this bag from me. She uses it as a day bag
every time we travel. It’s a nice big backpack,
you can fit a lot in there, it has a lot of compartments
so it’s to organize. So I’m just gonna talk you
through some of the compartments. Right here we have the skate compartment, so you can slip a skate in there, grab this little strap, hook it on, and you put one skate
there, one skate there, and you’re good to go. On the front here we have a hook where you can hang your helmet. The helmet takes up a lot of space, you don’t wanna put it inside the bag. You just clip it right there,
it dangles from the back, works perfectly. I usually just have a toque
on when I play pond hockey, so I’d probably find
another use for that hook. There are two large and tall
compartments here in the front which I would use for a water
bottle or other beverages. I’m sure you can find all
kinds of uses for them. Inside the bag there is
a lot of room for stuff. I just packed it full of products that I was using for
another video that I shot on the best gifts for hockey players, and this bag was part of that. There’s also a compartment inside that you can slide a
laptop or an iPad in there, that’ great for the coaches that use it, or if you’re a pond hockey player and you wanna record some
stuff, just havin’ fun, you can pack it right there. There’s also a screen pocket, you can put some hockey tape, or anything you want easy access to, your car keys and your wallet in there. There’s also a pocket at the
top of the bag right here, I would put goggles or
sunglasses in there. If it’s really windy you’ll want goggles, if it’s really sunny and that white snow is
reflecting that sun, you’ll want some good sunglasses, so I’d slide ’em right in there. That wraps up the
overview of the Pond Pack. Once I’ve used it for a few months, played a little pond hockey, I’ll give you guys a full review. As for the player bag
that I have right here, I’ve been using it for
awhile now and I love it. Absolutely think it’s the
best bag on the market, but it is a premium bag, so you’re not gonna get
it for 50, 100 bucks like you would some of the cheaper bags, but the ideal thing is that you buy it and you use it for the whole time, and you love it every
single time you use it. So the great thing about this bag is that they put some thought into it. If something breaks, you
can easily replace it. They have all the pieces that pull out, so you can customize it. If like a little snap
breaks, they have it, so you can order replacement parts online. So far I’ve found it to be pretty durable and I think that it should
last you quite awhile. If you wanna pick one of the bags up, I have a link in the video description. If you wanna just Google search it, the company’s called Pacific Rink. And if you haven’t noticed, they also have some great apparel, this is their sweater, super comfortable, and they have new stuff coming out, it’s classy hockey apparel, so it’s not like junior
hockey lifestyle type stuff, there’s no stupid sayings on the shirts, it’s just nice like gentlemen type wear. So if you wanna check that out as well, look ’em up, Pacific Rink. Thanks a lot for watching the video, see you in the next one.


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