NBA Star Stephen Curry on Golfing with POTUS

September 9, 2019

You golfed with Barack, right?>>I have a good time with Barack.>>Yeah, he spends a lot of
time golfing with my husband.>>[LAUGH] That’s what
he said on the course.>>Yeah, I know.
>>So he knows, he knows.>>So who’s a better golfer?>>Stephen.
>>I’m a better golfer. But obviously in golf, you play with
the handicaps and everything, so everything’s pretty fair. The last two times I’ve played,
I’ve lost to him.>>What’s your handicap and what’s his? I’m a two,
I can’t disclose that information.>>[LAUGH]
>>What is your handicap?>>I’m a two, I was told not
to disclose that information on our president [INAUDIBLE]
that’s top secret.>>Okay, it’s top secret.>>I’m acting like secret service so
that’s top secret.>>But two,
that’s amazing that you’re a two.>>That’s pretty good, I didn’t have
my A game when I played him both times. But I really wanted it.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>He’s a trash talker though right?>>He is, but you know how he is.>>Trash talker.>>During his speeches, he has like this, they are kind of a slow cadence,
that kind of draws you in.>>Yeah we know [LAUGH]
>>He brings that same kind of vibe to his trash talk, so
I’ll hit a shot out of bounds and he’ll just look like yeah,
that’s not a good shot.>>[LAUGH]
>>I gonna need you to do better next time. So it gets under your skin too,
cuz I know, I hit it out of bounds.>>You should trash talk back, Stephen.>>Give him some things to say.>>Talk about his ears.>>[LAUGH]
>>Here’s one, here’s one.>>[APPLAUSE] [LAUGH]
>>As you’re putting, you wanna say, the shadow from your ears,
>>[LAUGH]>>Is really messing up my putt. [LAUGH] Try that one.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I’m sure you’ll say that.>>Yeah, for sure.>>That is low.>>[LAUGH]
>>That’s what trash talking is.>>That’s what trash talking is.>>That is the trash part of the talking.>>That’s not fair though,
he has 50 secret service out there so if I trash talk, he just gives them
the look and then I’m out of there.>>Yup.>>[LAUGH]
>>And we never see you again. We don’t know what happened.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Last we saw you play golf. Let’s talk about what
you’re doing together. You’re doing something called Drink Up. Which, I love that you’re
doing something about water. Because I am a big fan of water. I think everyone should drink water. It’s good for you in so
many different ways. It flushes out all the bad stuff. It’s good for you, it’s better for you than anything else that you could
possibly drink, so tell us about Drink Up.>>You said it best.>>Really.>>It’s like, duh.>>It’s true.>>Teaming up with our first lady and
my partner Brita to encourage families and kids to drink more water, more often,
and giving them an affordable option for better tasting water so.>>And one thing I’m so
proud about with you, Stephen, is that you have- you are supporting
water, fruits and vegetables. I mean, you are stepping up and
endorsing things that are healthy for kids and families.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Our audience can drink more great tasting water with their
Brita water filters and a $200 American Express Gift Card.>>[APPLAUSE]

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