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NEFFEX – Never Give Up ☝️ [Copyright Free]

August 20, 2019

Yeah My hands steady I feel ready But my legs heavy I don’t get it How come I haven’t hit it already? Still workin’ I’m still learning I’m still searching Finally earning something Finally turning something Called a profit If I hear you talking shit Don’t get caught in it I’ll be popping off and hit your ass dropping all your shit Yeah i promise this, I got promises You ain’t stopping this Cross my shit You’ll be knocked unconscious bitch That’s the consequence I got this I will not quit Man i’m on it Honest I’m gon launch quick then I’m gone it’s just a matter of time before I’m over the climb and moving onto my prime just quit my 9 to 5 I’m rocking and they watching cuz it’s shocking dropping all these top ten songs no stopping it’s time to live my life it’s time to live not die wish I could slow down time and just enjoy the climb (yea) I’m the one to get it bruh I swear to god I’ll get it bruh so don’t just let me give it up yea I’m gon get it up yea I’m the one to get it bruh I swear to god I’ll get it bruh and I ain’t never giving up… yea I never give up I got this
man I got it I will not quit
I’m on it never off it
got the block lit I’m toxic
spitting logic make em nauseous
honest cannot stop this
never cautious drop it
I’m the hottest knock knock bitch
watch it….. I’m the fucking king of rock bitch prophet
spittin hot shit off topic
chronic…. I think I’ve mother fucking lost it take it back
matter fact making racks
where it’s at had my back
to the mat not an act
that’s a fact we attack
in a pack dont react
no we act think I’m blacked
off this jack while I rap
bout to snap throw a jab
give a crap where it lands
I’m the man got a plan
better than most brands
god damn Ima rhyme
till I die never lie
that’s a lie I don’t try
I defy can’t deny
that I’m right yeah Yeah I’ve been in and out the studio
like a student tho working on a movement yea I’ll do it
cuz I’m in the zone and you know that I’m ready for the shows
how it goes
I don’t know but I’m waiting till I’m chose
front row here I go all these people want to know
what you think of them lately do you really love me or do you really hate me on a scale of one to ten what would you grade me all this social media has got me going crazy
lately everything’s inflated
mainly everyone’s invaded
privacy is naked man I really hate it
god I really hate it I just wanna make it
through all this fake shit livin in the real life
livin for some real times talk about the real climb
passionate and real rhymes steal time
back from my 9 to 5 takin back my fuckin life
I just wanna feel alive I’m the one to get it bruh I swear to god I’ll get it bruh so don’t just let me give it up yea I’m gon get it up yea I’m the one to get it bruh I swear to god I’ll get it bruh and I ain’t never giving up… yea I never give up fake it till I make it
mother fuckin take it take it back from these
haters playin tracks for the traitors got the passion
and that’s when it happens
factions take action
drafting their captains
it’s happening I’m raising my status
facing the madness I’m out gaining traction
avoiding distractions I’m snapping
no captions attracting
reactions adapting
attacking commanding
the masses practicing habits
I don’t fuckin ask bitch I just fuckin grab it
i am never static massively
active expanding…
that’s lit planning
to have it so I will go capture it and Ima stay after it
I’m gon fuckin master it put em on blast kid
they will never last kid! don’t be so dramatic
not my demographic this shit is democratic
they vote NEFFEX yea bitch!


  • Reply NEFFEX Music December 12, 2018 at 5:04 pm

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  • Reply peice of shit drawings August 7, 2019 at 5:21 am

    Who else thinks this kinda sounds like swagger souls

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  • Reply Kuk Soun Kuk Sokun August 8, 2019 at 1:06 pm

    Can i use this song on my vdo about gaming? I need link for use this song with license ❤️
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    Best of me paling BEST
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