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NHL 15: EHL breaking news. Playoffs and Pigeon-gate

August 20, 2019

I’m back bitches! playoff time, some great fucking matchups
are waiting this is hockey at its best! The people’s
team PK is going up against the angry
god-fearing Church of hockey no love lost between these teams so this
will be an interesting one. The scout report
saying that the second place team have no defense, no goaltending and only one forward carrying the team. Now that’s just stupid. with that being said I think this will be a tight series
Church of hockey is a strong solid team and good on both ends of the
ice this will be entertaining. Sjukstugan and Northern ascendancy is a good
matchup I think IronBYOB and bjono will be the reason this series goes to Sjukstugan. two teams that take their game veeery veeery seriously. It will be a big letdown
for whoever gets knocked out in the quarterfinals.
Baltic Sea Eagles will win – with a name like that how can you go
wrong now onto Brotherhood and pigeon-gate this of course sets the team back I’m
guessing semifinals won’t be a problem but losing players like that
will sure make it harder to go all the way. The punishment is
of course way too harsh for the crime my god, you guys all play video game you know that right? Anyway I wish the
best of luck to all the rest of the Brotherhood boys. I
wish good luck to almost everyone, let’s get this shit
started. Also on a personal note: Bomanovic tonight we
are visiting my parents and if you do not show up you are moving the fuck out.

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    Haha this is hilarious!

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