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NHL NEWS – From the press box to the conference room: Stu Grimson returns to corporate America

August 16, 2019

From the press box to the conference room: Stu Grimson returns to corporate America Few people have both NHL player and insurance lawyer on their curriculum vitae, but Stu Grimson has enjoyed the best of both worlds. When his role as the Predators television analyst ended in August, Grimson sought a return to the latter. After earning his law degree following his retirement from hockey in 2002, Grimson practiced insurance and family law for about five years at Kay, Griffin, Enkema & Colbert PLLC. before working in broadcasting full time. You spend so much time and invest so much getting a law degree, Grimson said. I really did miss being able to apply that skill set.. Pittsburgh Penguins left wing Krzysztof Oliwa, left,. His careers next chapter. As fate would have it, Grimson connected with a fledgling recruiting firm to help navigate the next chapter of his professional career. Looking back: Stu Grimson recalls perks of being a Mighty Duck. From June 2014: Terry Crisp, Stu Grimson on their roles for Predators. Don Borgeson, CEO of Brentwood-based Wendell Robert Recruiting Firm, met Grimson via LinkedIn. Borgeson is also a former hockey player. He has a background in the game, hes been in the Nashville community for several years, and we have a lot of commonalities in our respective backgrounds. We hit it off right out of the gate, Grimson said. Within a week, Borgeson presented Grimson with an opportunity to work at Van Meter Insurance in Franklin as corporate counsel. We dont find people jobs; we take each company, evaluate them for who they are and their management style, then start a search based on that, Borgeson said. We individualize each companys search.. Retired National Hockey League player and former Nashville. Interestingly, Van Meter had also reached out to Borgeson in search of a claims manager. But as he learned more about what the company was looking for, Borgeson told the company that an attorney would make a better fit. We really moved outside the box, Borgeson said. The position that was originally meant for a claims manager was crafted to suit Grimson, an insurance lawyer with a strong business network in Nashville. It was clear (Van Meter) needed somebody with a background in insurance and a background in law, but also somebody with a network that would be of value to a group like Van Meter. Somebody with a business development dynamic could be vital as well, Grimson said. He hasnt left behind broadcasting entirely; Grimson is now a studio analyst for the NHL network. Im kind of one part lawyer, one part business development, he said. Back to college at 37. It hasnt all been easy for Grimson, especially as a 37-year-old who went back to college to finish his undergraduate degree, then completed law school in two and a half years. I woke up many mornings preparing myself to head to class in Memphis going, How the heck did I get here? he said with a grin. Many days, it was an absolute grind. The challenge has been competing (for) positions where my peers have a block of experience that may be more substantial than mine. But I think Ive been able to offset that with the investment Ive made in myself.. A law degree, he said, was adaptable enough to offer a range of positions to pursue. As one might expect, Grimsons reputation has preceded him in his professional endeavors. Its not every day that the new guy in the office is nicknamed The Grim Reaper, after all. But his on-ice reputation as an enforcer who collected more than 2,000 penalty minutes during his career didnt carry over to his post-hockey life. Standing at six and a half feet tall, Grimson is eloquent and professional, yet down to earth. I have people tell me all the time, Youre not who I expected you to be, he said. When they know the game and the role I played.I think they project on you a certain set of personality traits about who you are and how you operate. I think theyre disarmed to some degree when they actually meet me.. About Grimson. Earned undergraduate degree from Belmont University, then earned his juris doctorate degree from the University of Memphis. Was born in Vancouver and grew up in western Canada. Has lived in the U.S. since 1987 and is now an American citizen. Played for the Western Hockey League, Canadian Interuniversity Athletics Union and the International Hockey League before joining the NHL in 1989. Played for the Calgary Flames, Chicago Blackhawks, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Detroit Red Wings, Hartford Whalers, Carolina Hurricanes, Los Angeles Kings and Nashville Predators before retiring in 2002.

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