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NHL Playoffs: Players’ Tribune – What It Takes, Episode 5 • NHL Live on Hulu

August 27, 2019

– I was a Kings guy. Gretzky retired, so I became
a New Jersey Devils fan. And they won a Cup, but I think against Dallas or something. Was it Dallas or no? I don’t know. They won a Cup at some point. That’s all I remember. – Hold on. Wait, wait. – Didn’t they get three of them? – Yeah, exactly. They won three. Jay Pandolfo, Johhny Mad
Dog, if you’re watching this, just know that he was a fan of you guys. Marty, just know that I’ll text you after. We’ll straighten that out. – Favorite Stanley Cup moment, either personally, or just as a young kid growing up playing street hockey? Who was your…. Flyers for you? – My team was the Rangers, actually. – Whoa. Really? – Yeah. So I remember in ’94
watching that with my dad, and then I think there was a Game 6. Pavel Bure had like a
penalty shot on Mike Richter, and he made a huge save.
And they go back for Game 7 and win that for their first
one in like 50-something years. So that was pretty cool. I remember that pretty vividly. – Mine’s probably
personal: winning in ’07. I remember scoring the final goal, a slapshot from the …
from right in the slot, and there was like three
minutes left in the game. You just knew it was over.
And, you know, we went to the wall and O’Donnell grabbed me. It was his last season,
and he went out on top. We were pretty happy in the huddle. That’s pretty, pretty special when you get to lift the Cup. And you see guys that, you
know, play all these years and never get to do it, and then finally get to
do it and go out on top. It’s pretty special. – What went through your body when you scored that goal? What were you…. Did you blank … did you blank out? – Yeah, I just put my hands in the air and just skated to the wall and, you know, I got mobbed after that. It was a good moment, and
something I’ll never forget. – Gio, growing up you were a Leafs fan? – Yeah, watching Doug
Gilmore, Wendel Clark, when Gretzky, you know, he should have had a
high-sticking penalty. – Says all five million people
in metro Toronto right now. – Went on to score, and then
score a hat trick in Game 7. It was sort of … sort of tough to watch. But those were some good
years when they went to the conference finals. I just remember being so disappointed because it would have been
a Toronto-Montreal final, which would have been pretty cool. But yeah, they had some pretty good teams. I watched some games in
the Maple Leaf Gardens, and the atmosphere was great. So I’d say growing up in
Toronto and cheering for them, those were some, some moments
that stick out, for sure. – Doughts, you were a huge Kings fan? – Yep. That was just solely
because Wayne Gretzky is my favorite player. I idolized him, you know, had a 99 jersey and whatnot growing up. When I found out I was potentially
getting drafted to L.A., we knew I was either going to
L.A. or the team after that. And like I so badly wanted
to go to L.A. Like my room, the GM and stuff came to visit
me before the draft, and like my room was still at that time like L.A. Kings pillowcase
and L.A. Kings sheets. I didn’t live at home anymore, but…. I guess I would’ve…. Yeah, I would’ve. I had like an L.A. Kings phone. Anyways, so I just loved Gretzky. I loved him so. Then I got to play for
them, so it was pretty cool. – Who was the guy that
you grew up idolizing? Who, Trev, who was the guy for you? – Honestly, Doug Gilmour was the best. Wendel Clark. You know what? It was Gary Leeman. – Really? Screamin’ Gary Leeman? – Loved Gary Leeman. I wore number 11 growing
up. I loved Gary Leeman. – Yep. Sick hands. He was one of my favorite
players growing up. – Was he a D-man? – No, he was a forward. He’s a forward, yeah. He’s a winger, right? A winger. – Yep, Gary Leeman could shoot it. – He was fun to watch. – JVR. – Um, yeah…. – Mess, since you’re a Ranger guy? – Actually, Adams Graves. He was my guy. – Gravy, great call, too. – Yeah, yeah. Loved watching him play. And then, there was one
of those years where he did a signing in Jersey, probably like 15 minutes from my house. It was kind of random because
it’s like an hour-plus, probably, from the city,
took him to get there. But I remember being there for hours and getting something signed from him. So that was always a pretty special thing. – That’s cool, man. – Yeah, it was awesome. I got a chance to meet him at the draft years later, so it was kind of cool. – Full circle, right? – Yeah, comes full circle,
and connect it all back. Yeah, so that was cool. – I’m probably Lemieux. Mario. Yeah. He’s … he was
probably my guy growing up. The long stick, the toe drag. – The pole vault. – Yeah. He can … he can move the puck from one side to another pretty quickly. And, you know, that’s something I’ve kind of taken to
my game as … growing up, and definitely helped. – Now, in retrospect, looking back, what’s one thing that you’d
tell your younger self when you first came in the league? Based on what you now
know, based on experience. – Work on the mental side of the game. Confidence is so huge in our game. You know, we’ve all felt
it, and we’re all…. When you feel it, you’re in the zone. But it’s the times when
you’re not feeling it, you still gotta be able to
perform and be a good player. – That’s the biggest thing. You just said it: confidence. When every time you step
on the ice, you know…. When you have the puck
the game just slows down when you have confidence. Try to build confidence
in people and yourself. It takes you a long way. – For me, I would … just be, again, try not to get too high
or too low because, again, there’s lots of different swings, obviously, over the
course of a long season. So there’s gonna be things
that don’t go your way, but trying to stick with
it through those times, I think that helps you have more success in the
long run, and just really, just sticking with that process. And trust that they’re gonna
lead you to have some success, and really kind of live by those. – When I was young, you
know, nothing really bothered me. Nothing fazed me. Now, things start to faze me,
the more older I get. Like…. But I remember when I was
young, I wasn’t in the gym, I wasn’t really leading by
example in those types of ways. I was leading by example on the ice. But I think I learned as
I got older, you know, how much those things
affect the rest of the guys on your team, and how it can
make your team come together. So I’ve really improved in that area. So I kind of wish I had that … had a better grasp of
that when I was younger. – One hundred percent. Confidence. I remember coming in and
guys … it goes quick and you know, you’re a young guy
coming in. You’re just like, you know, “How quick
could it go?” You know? – Sure – Now, it went quick. – At 971-whatever games, now. You’re looking at a
thousand games this year. – Yeah. It’s like, “Where did it go?” – Right. Exactly – But yeah, confidence is so big. Just enjoy it. We have the
greatest job in the world, you know? Just enjoy it. – I would double down on that. I would say just …
just enjoying every day. Just enjoying every day in
the league. The days fly by. I remember being young
and being in the minors, in the American league, and
then when I was in the IHL, old IHL … because you had veteran guys that played in the NHL. “We see. Enjoy it bud. We see. Enjoy it, young guys. Have fun.” And whatever, “What are they saying?” But next thing you know you’re 23, next thing you know
you’re 25, then you’re 28. Then you’re 30, and it does fly by. It really does, and before
you blink your eyes, it’s…. in my case 34, 14 years later, playing pro and then into career number 2. So I think it really does
fly by. It’s cool to hear that all you guys are really passionate, and you guys are really
obsessed with hockey. I think if the cameras weren’t here, and the lights weren’t here,
and you guys had your gear and you guys are putting your gear on and you guys are coming out here to play. – A little early still, Weekesie. – See that’s great, so then you can’t…. Then you can’t recruit me then. Then you can’t recruit me for
the summer games. Perfect. Guys, thank you guys so much. James van Riemsdyk, Corey
Perry, Mark Giordano, Drew Doughty, Trevor Daley. Thanks all of you that are tuning in and that are gonna have an
opportunity to watch this. I’m Kevin Weekes. We’re signing off.

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