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NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs – Second Round Betting Preview and Picks (5.4.17)

August 14, 2019

Prepare yourself for the hot takes because I am triggered after last night’s con job by the Penguins. Maybe it was a little karma from the hockey gods for that hit on Sid but for the love of McJesus there’s no way the Pens should have won that game or the first two of series for that matter, and Bonino should go to hockey prison for that disgusting acting job at the end of the game. The Caps have now out-shot the Pens 111-65 in five-on-five play and I’m ready to throw analysis of the window and start picking my bets out of a hat. Hence my choice of head wear today. I’m going to analyze the Sens and Rangers Game 4 and tell you the picks I would logically make tonight and then literally pull a pick out of my hat for the moneyline in the total and see which method works better. Here goes nothing. Looking at Ottawa they came out flatter in game 3 than the tire I had to change last week and they were really never in the contest mustering just 5 shots in the 1st period. Mika Zibanejad and Mats Zuccarello ran the Sens rampant all night and Craig Anderson was less than ordinary for the second game in a row. The Rangers have now won three straight games at Madison Square Garden and after everything I just said I don’t see a terrible home team winning a fourth consecutive home game and the Sens +150 money line has me absolutely drooling. Anderson’s numbers at MSG are still otherworldly and when you look at the numbers from game 3, Ottawa in New York were actually really well matched during even strength play if it weren’t for an awful goal to make the game 2-0 in the first the Sens wouldn’t have been chasing the lead as much and they wouldn’t have opened themselves up for the counter like they did. I like Anderson in the Sens to rebound this evening and peel away from the Big Apple with a 3-1 lead in the series. I think this game ends something like 2 to 1 for Ottawa so for those not keeping score at home that means I like the Sens +150 money line and I like the under 5. Now let’s see what the Hat thinks. Thank you producer Craig. This is my selection. We have the Rangers. Rangers moneyline so we have one disagreement so far, and let’s go for the total. Producer Craig if you will. Stir the stew and drum-roll please. Look at that, over five. Complete disagreement, classic. All right,m so let me know on Twitter if you’re on Team Rob or Team Hat and make sure to give me a follow @Robtrocity. Good luck tonight and remember you lose 100% of the bets that you or my hat don’t make.

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