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NHL Tonight: Discussing the Blue Jackets’ Playoffs Clinching Win (Apr. 5, 2019)

August 28, 2019

Speaker 1: Pioneering and Barofsky came up big when they need it the most and you keep these guys on your team for that specific reason that the deadline right. Speaker 2: You roll the dice in such a monumental way organization wide top down who knows what the fallout might be if it doesn’t go well. And the first part of it going well means making the playoffs yeah. Penner and keep him Brodsky knowing that they both are likely to leave. But that doesn’t matter now. They kept him for this game this moment when they needed something to happen when they were struggling and hanging on Borowski perfect in the shootout scenario Aaron who is magnificent. The entire game. The goal he scored in the game was gorgeous. The goal he scored to win the shoot out pretty as well. This is why they kept him because these guys can do things that the guys they would have acquired for them cannot do right. Speaker 1: And if they wanted in the playoffs they’ll need these guys to be great again and good on him both because a lots falling around both those guys and yet in the big game when it mattered they both stepped up big time and look at the excitement they’ve got to see Borowski kicking the puck at the end of the game he’s giving it the pump there’s there’s excitement these guys are excited to be in the playoffs and you know it’s Easter’s in early April put all your eggs in one basket and the way you go. That’s what Columbus is doing. You have to do it. I’ve said it all year. You just can’t trade guys because you’re you’re not. You’re going to lose him at the end of the year if you’re not going to get equal value back. How are you going to replace Bob Borowski. He’s been dynamite down the stretch. Yeah he struggled throughout the course of the year but he’s been dynamite down the stretch and if he’s ready to go in the playoffs and you’ve got a second Nebraska playing at the top of his game over the best goaltenders in the world when he’s on top of his game how can you not like their chances moving forward and tell me or tell me Aaron is a game breaker and in playoffs you need game breakers to get in the playoffs you needed the game breaker your two best players were the two best players in this game in the shootout and pioneer and both goals actually gorgeous gorgeous and now you’re in the playoffs and that’s what the that’s why you keep these guys and you can’t replace them. Speaker 2: You know I give the Columbus Blue Jackets a lot of credit for adding players at the debt on line and went out on a limb. Yeah a lot of people thought the limb was going to snap but he went out on a limb. He acquired a lot of players to help this team get into the playoffs. Their stars got them there. And now anything can happen. Speaker 1: And you mentioned pioneer and and the one thing that won’t show up on the stat sheet tonight was that back check on Kevin Shannon cricket might only in the season as well. There’s a huge play on chat and Kirk coming down on a breakaway. A very smart play a lot of people think. People think you have to get ahead of the player you have to pull the puck back. Well he pokes the puck toward his goaltender and breakaways end it. And that that that could have saved that was could be the difference or seemed to be the difference between one point and two points and not only offensively but defensively in the game. He was tremendous. So it’s it’s fun there at the their stars got the job done. What can you say they’re going to do it. Speaker 2: They did it and they’re a dangerous team. I mean if you think they can win tomorrow night gets a 98 points the difference between first in the metro you know and they could be wild card to we could be just six points. Yeah. So to suggest that they’re a massive underdog if they play against if they get watching now whoever plays Tampa that’s why tomorrow matters right. Yes. Between Carolina who has ninety seven Columbus who now has 96 Columbus has the row tiebreaker. So Carolina kind of has to win to make sure they get in. Who would you want to avoid Tampa. Because I think if you get in that metro group of four all the teams are good. All the teams are pretty evenly matched the home teams will play to be the favorites but not by a huge margin. So their work is not done yet. As you take a look at the standings the Atlantic 1 2 3 is said Metro only capitals are set because the penguins get home ice or the penguins could. Speaker 1: Be a wildcard team and play well watching. So everything can switch between two three four five in the metro tomorrow could be interesting Sarah. Speaker 2: Blue Jackets in capitals both have 720 goal scorers in their lineup and we all know what happened last year in the playoffs with Columbus going up two games to zip and then eventually losing to Washington could we almost going up three games to Yeah Yeah double our time at the post sorry Zeller could we see that again and I think if you’re Columbus you want another crack at them now and not that you know not that you want to set your your seeding somehow but if it happens I don’t know Columbus is too worried. I mean I agree with you I think they definitely everybody wants to avoid Tampa in the first round because they are so strong that they’re so strong and you let them get beat up against another team maybe a little bit before you play in the second round don’t play in the first round. And for Columbus they wouldn’t have to play into the conference finals if they missed him in the first round anyhow. But I’d like to see that the Columbus Washington first round would be interesting just in the fact that Columbus might one little vengeance from last season. Speaker 1: All right what about this. Real quick. What do you got to Washington’s locked in. Speaker 2: They have nothing to play for. They can be right. They play the islanders. If the islanders win the islanders guarantee themselves Second making sure that Pittsburgh can’t get home ice. So you wonder if Washington somehow flattens out their lineup. The islanders get Homeland fighting flu bug around and through the lone man load management. Yeah and all sudden now Pittsburgh can’t get home ice makes it harder for Pittsburgh to potentially get to the second round to play Washington. Speaker 1: That is that too many days off. No. If you have your starters you’re going to have a bit of a layoff of tween now and the start of the season. Well I mean no doubt. Eighteen minutes of hockey. OK. You know they put a lot of just having to think about as the teams had to put their rosters together tomorrow. But then you run the risk though Pittsburgh doesn’t win and then Pittsburgh gets slide to fourth and you might get them anyway. Speaker 2: You know what watch what you wish for. I don’t I don’t think about that now. Speaker 1: I think you just go and play. It’s like this is gonna be our roster. We try to win the game whoever’s playing. Speaker 2: We rest some guys which is fine but whoever is going to play conspiracy theories all you guys you know what it always backfires. It always gets we’re going to go on the job. We want to set this up. Oh man that’s not the way we planned it. All right. So I’ll go play to win the game.

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  • Reply Kyle R April 6, 2019 at 11:44 am

    Heck it. Bring on Tampa. I wanted the Caps, but the Jackets would have to play Tampa eventually if they’re serious about winning a Stanley Cup.

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