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NHL Tonight: Looking Back on Rick Nash’s Career

August 27, 2019

let’s start with the big news in Columbus today or out of Columbus I should say the retirement of Rick Nash retiring from the NHL after 15 years in the National Hockey League he was the first overall pick back in 2002 finished his career with impressive 805 career points Scotty when you think about Ric Nash’s career what what are you gonna remember the most oh goal score size speed off the wing hard to defend against lots of break ways use that big wingspan coming off the wall off the boards getting to the front of net goal score I mean obviously I remember in Columbus I mean he had almost 550 points there probably had some of his best years I mean at the end of his career he’s a little nicked up unfortunately for him probably wasn’t as productive as he was in the early parts of his career and he’s still 34 right now and so it’s kind of a young age for a really quality hockey player won two gold medals in the Olympics for Canada so it seems really 34 hearts see for a guy of that stature to be leaving the game unfortunately didn’t have a chance to win a Stanley Cup but hey it’s it was a great career he’s a phenomenal hockey player yeah you know being playing in Columbus for a few years you kind of see what a guy like that leaves his mark in in Columbus and you know playing in those games you saw so many 61 Nash jerseys you talked to people in the community and he was just a staple and obviously it calls a Columbus’s home now so just the impact he had on the ice the player that he was the speed the skill the shot everything he talked about but in a community he was a fan favorite to give this time back to the community hospitals you name it he’s gonna have a great life there at Columbus look this year 805 next-closest from that draft class house into steam 500 great so uh do you think his jersey goes up in Columbus in the rafters first guy is there anyone up there right now I was yeah I would say so what probably would right we’d probably debate that for for 20 minutes but no this is a guy that you know came in as an 18 year old he made his mark right away numerous all-star games for for the Blue Jackets and you know a staple and like I said when your you’re been away from the team for five six years and there’s still 61 national tour Z’s you’ve left an impression in the city and you know I would definitely probably be a classy move by the organization yes absolutely all right no no retired numbers right now for the guns okay it’s organizations so we’ll wait on that so what do you make of that timing of this because you saw reports out there that there were multiple teams really interested in acquiring a rick nash and the services that he brings with his career the resume we saw at this point of the season but now obviously these teams that yeah interested have to go to plan B what do you make of the timing Scotty well it’s I think he’s probably getting lots of calls he’s fielding a lot of calls had lots of options lots of people kicking the tires and I just feel that he probably doesn’t feel that he’s capable of coming back and ready to come back and I think he’s just gonna let these people know ahead of time that hey I’m done I’m gonna retire and let them look elsewhere because uh he would be a nice pickup like we’re talking you wouldnt have to give up anything to get Rick Nash and I mean the guy can still skate and he’s got the good hands and he could be a great asset to a team that’s pushing for a Stanley Cup championship it’s process that you just recently went through different circumstances of course but what is that process like who are you talking to what’s going through your mind internally well probably the people he’s talking to the most is his family his wife and his kids and you know the health is the number one priority for for anybody in any sport you want to leave the game being able to wake up in the morning have a coffee enjoy your life and you know maybe there’s some headaches or some grogginess whatever it may be I don’t think he’s feeling a hundred percent so for him to be honest with himself to look in the mirror and say this might be you know it for me you know – it might take a while to kind of you know say to yourself okay I got announced this and and you know it’s a big step for him and his family going forward and you know nothing to hang your head about what a heck of a career he’s had and you know he look at those goals he’s a unbelievable player yeah 15 seasons in the NHL stick tap to him and the career that he had absolutely it’s hard though I mean you know when you grow up playing hockey and that’s all you want to do is play hockey and then you’re kind of given a schedule you work out you go to camp you you’re on the team you follow a schedule it’s it’s different when you’re done playing because you just always see yourself as a hockey player that’s all you’ve wanted your whole life so as long as you have some good hobbies and things you like to do and can stay busy I think that’s important or if you like the game stay in the game so I’m sure Rick Nash should be fine he’s done very well I’m sure he saved his money but there’s no question like you said hard see your Health’s the most important thing he’s got his head there and you got to be careful at this age you don’t want to you don’t want to have another concussion especially since he’s had quite a few and it seems like it still might be lagging on all right we wish I would asked it I would recommend having a baby yeah keep you pretty busy sure the heat old dogs just getting close to taking that next step he’ll probably putting the skates on before you know it

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