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Nike Tour Premiere Golf Shoes Review – Brooks Koepka’s Golf Shoes

September 9, 2019

hi everyone Kevin here from golf guy
reviews and today we’re looking at the Nike tour premiere golf shoes. now this
shoes got quite a lot of unique features so I’m gonna go through some of the
details I’m going to give you an on feet review and then I’m gonna let you know
what I think so if you enjoy the video please hit that like button and feel
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golf shoes clothing and tech so first of all let’s take a look at the overall
design and look of the shoe now I think this is going to be very much a Marmite
show you’re either gonna love it or you’re gonna hate it and I have used a
synthetic leather upper right across the whole of the shoe and that’s going to
give you a two year at waterproof guarantee and the way that they’ve put
the upper together is using a few different techniques really so on parts
of it you’ve got a seamless design here where you’ve got this piece of thin
leather meeting this part of the toe box and another part you’ve got seams
running across the shoes as well one thing to note about the synthetic
leather upper is that it is a very soft feeling upper it does feel very high
quality to me across the toe box that’s really nice and soft it’s got a good
feel to it and like the quality of this little patch across the left-hand side
of the toe box on the right shoe to help with the durability where you might rub
your toe across the grass when you swing and again the feeling of the synthetic
part across the fastfit system feels nice and high quality it’s a decent
looking TPU and again around the ankle support there
of the foot it’s nice and soft but it does feel good quality there of course
the fast fit lacing system gives a slightly different aesthetic look to the
shoe as well and you can see here that they’ve used this piece of the synthetic
leather upper to cover the workings of the fast fit system which we’ll go into
in a little bit more detail in a minute so that’s giving it a very unique style
of shoe so in certain parts of this show I think it can look a little bit big and
chunky certainly on my feet I think it does but then also it’s trying to look a
little bit sleek and stylish as well with the way that they’ve covered the
workings of the fast fit system so it’s a bit of a mishmash of styles to be
honest and as I said I think you’re either going to love it or you’re gonna
hate it so let me know what you think down in the comments of this one I’ve
got or admit I’m not the biggest fan of the looks of this one
for me personally I’d either rather a more traditional looking show or I’d
prefer at the other end of the spectrum a more trainer style show
I think this sits somewhere in between the two and for me it’s not what I would
personally want to wear on the course but that’s personal opinion there’s
plenty of people out there that love this show a lot of the professionals
using it on tour at the moment pretty sure I sort of kept the last week
rocking a pair of these so you know who am I to say but that’s just my personal
opinion on that one so the real unique aspect of this shoe
that we want to take a little bit more focus on is the fast fit system so you
can see there’s no usual style laces you’ve got this elasticated pull tab at
the front of the show so once you put the shoe on you give it a good tug and
it’s pulling the inner lacing system which is hidden under this piece of
leather here it’s pulling that tighter in around the foot locking down your
foot and then when it’s time to take the shoes off you’ve got the red tab on the
side you give that a good pull you hear a slight click and that loosens it up on
the inside and you can slip your shoe off easily now for me I’m a huge fan of
the BOA lacing system and I’m also currently gaming the Puma disc system
which really gives me a good lockdown fill and same with the night the fastfit system you can’t deny it it gives you a really really good fit right
across the foot and it really locks down your foot in the show when it comes to
the design and the style of the lacing system I’ve not got a problem with the
elasticated vent it’s a different way to go for me personally again I think I
prefer the look and the mechanisms that you use in the twist based systems that
are out there on the market but in terms of lock down and fit it’s doing the same
job and I can’t fault it whatsoever for that my foot feels just as a lockdown in
this show as it does any of the other laceless systems out there on the market
one thing I’m not entirely keen on to be honest is where they’ve tried to hide or
they have hidden the internal workings of the fast fit system you can see that
actually it still protruding from the leather that it’s covering and
for me I would rather not see any of it at all or have a system where it’s more
integrated in the design of the show comfort wise the night tour premier is
using a fine on midsole all the way through the length now that’s a you know
that standard nike midsole it’s been tested for years it’s nice and soft it’s
nice as comfortable there are softer mid soles on the market for me nike has softer mid soles in the market personally I prefer the feel of the
Lunarlon foam I also prefer the feel of the react foam which is a far newer
construction just created my opinion money to compete with the adidas boost
midsole this gives a good amount of support it’s not too soft it’s not too
firm the midsole gives a nice bit of comfort on the inside of the show you’ve
got a really good amount of padding actually this is really quite a heavily
padded show on the inside you’ve got a good amount around the ankle you’ve got
a good around around the hill and the toe actually feels quite significantly
padded I think that’s possibly to reduce any feelings of the fast fit mechanism
that lies in front of it but there does a good job and it really does securely
keep your foot in place if anything I found that the shoe actually run quite
small for me I’m a uk nine which is what I’ve got
this in when I put it on I instantly feel that I need a bigger size the toe
box did feel quite cramped for me when I was using a normal pair of my sports
socks that i wear for golf so personally I would go up half a size and then you can
make use of the fit system to make sure that your foot is lots of nicely in
place also on comfort when you look at the midsole that they’ve got in there
you’ve got to be honest quite a bog-standard midsole running
through there there’s no special points where there’s increased padding at all
to help with the comfort and it’s not overly thick it’s pretty bog-standard in
my opinion and which is a little bit disappointing for a shoe that currently
retails at 170 pound in terms of traction the soleplate has got a TPU
base and you’ve got seven of these cleats they’re plastics pipes in there
that are going to give you plenty of traction there’s nothing too funky or
unique going with the soleplate there you’ve got some
of these raised points across the whole cell plate which reminds me a little bit
of the react or a little bit of the G tour that nike also put out but they’re
not as they’re not severe they’re not as harsh as those shows so your main
element subtraction is going to be coming from the spikes we’ve a little
bit of the rotational traction coming from the soleplate but again I think it
looks nice on this black version that I’ve got here it’s nice and plain there
are different color ways that these shoes got going for it as well there’s a
white version there’s an energy version or energy version and there’s a white
and teal version I believe that I saw out there as well but this is the black
version which would look nice and smart with a pair of trousers I’m not sure I’d
personally be able to pull this off with a pair of shorts I think these are
slightly too big and bulky for me to be wearing with a pair of shorts but again
that’s totally up to you I’ve got little skinny legs that I don’t think could
carry them off but it doesn’t mean that other people out there can’t I think
there’s not going to be too much of an issue it just depends on your personal
taste so with the night tour premiere on the feet I think from a side profile
they’re actually quite a good looking shoe and they’re on the more traditional
end of a style of show to be fair rather than the trainer style but then when you
look at them from the top that’s when you see the different contrasts of the
textures that they’ve used here with the different parts of the synthetic leather
upper and for me it’s quite a busy looking shoe from the top even though
these are plain black and you can still see as I mentioned before in a video
that the top piece of leather is hiding the fast fit technology on the inside
again you can kind of see a little bit as well where that piece of leather has
been used to cover the facet system it doesn’t sit flush on the show there’s
parts that are raised you can just see on the inside a little bit of the first
lace that’s kind of protruding from the edge of it so you just get a little
hidden a little peek at the technology that’s going on underneath again that’s
a style choice that night I’ve decided to make personally I would have
preferred it if it was fitting flush and truly covered it and didn’t show me
anything whatsoever but that’s up tonight and the way
have chosen to style the show so to summarize the nike tour premiere golf
shoes this is a premium spiked golf shoe that’s looking for the top end of the
market really in terms of the looks-wise you’re either gonna love it or you’re
gonna hate it hope I’ve given you enough information there so you can start to
make a decision for yourself the fast fit system locks down across the shoe
nice and tight it’s an alternative to the BOA and the other disc based systems
out there in terms of fit it locks it down in my opinion just as good in terms
of looks I’m not so keen personally but that’s totally up to you it does fit
nicely and seamlessly in with the shoe they’ve done a good job with the design
just personally I’m not overly keen on the way that this piece of synthetic
upper is covering the system and you can still kind of see the lumps and bumps
underneath fit wise it’s a nice and comfortable show
it’s your foot is nice and locked in all the way through I don’t think you’d have
any problems with comfort and lasting for a full 18 holes of golf that being
said I believe that there are more comfortable night shoes out there on the
market retailing at less than this one so for this currently retailing for
around 179 pounds in the UK I think there are alternatives that was
certainly warrant new considering but if you truly love the style and you want to
have the latest night golf shoes out there on the course then this is
definitely one for you to take a look at I hope you enjoyed the review please hit
that like button if you have and remember to subscribe so you can keep up
to date on all my latest review videos of golf shoes clothing and tech


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