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On The Clock: Season 2, Ep. 3 – The Pick | Chicago Blackhawks

August 20, 2019

Today, I want the list of the players in your regions who aren’t on our list who you believe
are gonna be drafted. DAN ELLIS:
He’s a pro on and off the ice, great mentality,
I think he reads the play well. JIM MCKELLAR: I’m
only betting on the athleticism. I got a gut feeling
about it, that’s all. And in June of ’18, he’s 6’1″ and a quarter. Alexis Gravel. Usually, when you’re picking
in the top 10, you have a pretty good idea of how the first four or five
or six picks are going to go. This year, it’s really
just the first two picks. After that,
I think it could go a number of different ways. It’s a lot of excitement,
and I think all year, you kind of build up to this. It feels crazy
to be here, actually. It’s really fun,
it’s exciting, a little
nerve wracking at times. Now I’m only looking forward
to Friday. (♪♪♪) ( chatter ) STAN BOWMAN: When you’re
picking eighth overall, you know that you’re gonna get one of the top eight guys that you have rated that year, so, you know,
your focus is narrowed quite a bit, and you also know
you’re not gonna get the number one
or two ranked guys ’cause those are
sort of already spoken for. So, you’re really focusing in on a group of probably
five or six guys. What do you think, Mark? -You ready to roll?
-Yeah, I am. Dallas, let’s get started. ( crowd cheering ) The first selection of the 2018 NHL Draft… -…belongs to…
-Let’s go. the Buffalo Sabres. ( crowd jeering ) Let’s go, game on. The Buffalo Sabres are proud to select Frolunda defenseman
Rasmus Dahlin. ( crowd cheering ) A little Buffalo action
up there. The Carolina Hurricanes select, from the Barrie Colts, Andrei Svechnikov. ( crowd cheering ) All right, here’s
where the fun starts. Yep. From Assat
of the Finish Elite League, Jesperi Kotkaniemi. From the Boston U. Terriers,
Brady Tkachuk. From the Sault Ste. Marie
Greyhounds of the Ontario Hockey League, center Barrett Hayton. -Hayton?
-Hayton? ( crowd murmuring ) Hayton? ( woman speaking indistinctly
over PA in distance ) Hmm… BOWMAN:
There was a lot of changes. I mean, I don’t think
anybody predicted what happened. -You surprised by that?
-I am. -Two centers in the top five.
-I am. BOWMAN:
You know, with Montreal
taking a centerman there, and same thing with Arizona, I don’t know
that people expected those two guys
to go in the top five. …the Detroit Red Wings select, from Halifax
of the Canadian Hockey League, Filip Zadina. ( crowd cheering ) BOWMAN:
The forwards going as they did, and then Zadina slipped
a bit beyond, but when both Hayton
and Kotkaniemi went on the top five,
that meant that some players
were gonna be there that we didn’t
really expect to be, so we had some conversations
there after the… Detroit picked at number six. Well, I’d take
Boqvist. He’s the most
talented. He has the biggest upside for guys on
the back end, so… BOWMAN: Mark and I have
a great relationship. We have a lot of discussions
throughout the year, and, you know,
when it comes down to it, Mark sees these guys
a lot more than I do. I had a chance this year to see the players that we’ve picked
early in the draft quite a few times,
but generally, I don’t get
to see them as often. You know,
that’s Mark’s primary job is, he knows these guys
very well as players. He knows ’em off the ice. He knows their habits,
their motivations. So at the end of the day, you have to put
your trust in someone who’s been doing it
for a long time and has a really good eye
for talent. Let’s go with Boqvist. Okay. -You’re in?
-Yep, we’re in. Boqvist. Boqvist. The eighth selection in the 2018 NHL Draft will be made
by the Chicago Blackhawks. ( crowd booing ) They like us. WOMAN: Are you ready to go?
You can go up there. KELLEY:
Yep. GARY BETTMAN: I’m great.
How are you? -KELLEY: Hey, Gary.
-BETTMAN: Good to see you. -What’s your name?
-Aiden. -BETTMAN: Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you. On behalf of
the Chicago Blackhawks, -I’d like to thank…
-( crowd booing ) the city of Dallas and the Dallas Stars for putting on a great event. I’d like to congratulate
the Washington Capitals on their Stanley Cup victory. And with our choice,
eighth overall, the Blackhawks
are proud to select, from Brynas in Sweden… Adam Boqvist. Go ahead. NIKLAS BLOMGREN:
A high skilled
right shot defenseman, really good playmaker, he can control the game
on the power play, and I think he’s got really
good skills, five-on-five, too. KELLEY: Every time
that Boqvist came up, I know that
everyone kept saying he could be the second best
defenseman in the draft. FACCA: I just think this guy’s
the jack of all trades. I think, he passes
the puck really well, he sees the ice real well, he’s got a ton of moxie
to his game, He can shoot the puck, gets it through traffic, um, I just think he, you can win with this kind
of player from the back end. KELLEY:
More impact than Tkachuk? I think so.
I think, offensively… I think that puck’s
gonna get out of the zone. Don’t get me wrong,
I love Brady Tkachuk too, but, um, if I had
to take one or the other, I have this kid higher. BLOMGREN:
There’s a chance
he might be the, at the end of the day,
second best value in the draft
once it’s all said and done. Just behind the curve, really
behind the curve physically, but he’s a gamer. Behind the curve, physically, but playing-wise,
not so far behind the curve. -No, but he’s– he’s–
-Right. There’s still an upside–
there’s more to come because of his strength and… BLOMGREN:
He’s, he’s a hockey guy. He had a bit of a–
maybe not as good a year as he was expecting
when he started, from a– He probably thought
he was gonna play in the elite league in Sweden, but he was almost
a point a game in junior, and he’s been good
in the tournaments. -KELLEY: Character, good?
-Yeah, good kid. Um, they nickname him
“The Sheriff” because he takes over
every conversation, but he’s a good kid. -Teammates like him?
-Yeah. -Coaches like him?
-Coaches like him. KELLEY: Yep. Okay. Anyone else
want to weigh in on Boqvist? MIKE DONEGHY:
He can really shoot the puck. He can really shoot the puck. DONEGHY: Really.
Like, the goals he had over in that tournament,
he was– he– -He creates offense.
-DONEGHY: He can score
from the blue line, -he can score from inside, so…
He takes it upon himself to try to create offense. -MCKELLAR: Hi, Adam.
-ADAM BOQVIST: Adam. -Jim. Nice to meet you.
-Hello. -Adam. Thanks.
-Welcome. Hey. Nice to meet you. -Good to see you.
-Good to see you. -Heh. Adam.
-Mark. Nice to see you. What do you know
about the Chicago Blackhawks? Uh, lots of Swedish defensemen. -KELLEY: Yeah.
-And I know– -Too many?
-No. -No.
-And I know you have the great 88. KELLEY: Yeah?
Um, if you could take one player you played with
in Brynas and play with the rest of
your life, who would you take? -In the A team or juniors?
-Anywhere, yeah. BOQVIST:
Uh… Uh, I’d take my brother. KELLEY:
Okay. All right. How many times have you
and your brother played on the same team? Uh, yeah, almost all of life. KELLEY: Oh, so you played
a lot together? -BOQVIST: Yeah.
-Okay. Are you guys close? -Yeah.
-You hang together? -Yeah. Almost every day.
-Are you competitive
with each other? Uh, yeah,
we talk about everything. KELLEY: Yeah? But do you guys
fight at all, or…? Yeah, of course,
when we were younger, but now we have grown up, and… Don’t fight as much? BOQVIST:
No. Only on the ice. ( Kelley laughs ) Uh, so did he
talk to you a lot about coming over here for this,
what he went through? BOQVIST: Uh, yeah,
he used to say that to me. Enjoy the weekend,
have fun and, yeah, be yourself. KELLEY:
And with our choice, eighth overall,
the Blackhawks are proud to select, from Brynas in Sweden, Adam Boqvist. ( crowd cheering ) KELLEY:
When we make the choice, I feel really confident, because we’ve done so much work, there’s been
so much conversation, we’ve had so much input, I feel like the staff is
100% on the same page. ( crowd cheering ) KELLEY:
Adam… -How you feelin’?
-Good. It’s pretty appealing
thinking of him being part of our team in the near future. Just watching the way that Adam
played in his age group– and he was a dominant offensive
defenseman in that group– then you have confidence that, giving him some time to mature
a little bit physically, there’s no question
he’s gonna be an impressive
offensive defenseman, and we felt that was something
we couldn’t pass up. Yeah, I do, very much. He has a chance to be a really
kind of special defenseman, run the power plays… -Is he nervous?
-MAN: No. He was good. Yeah, it’s good. We’re gonna do
a FaceTime with Toews. -Are you?
-Yeah, it’ll be good. -Congratulations.
-Thanks. -Welcome aboard. All right.
-Thank you. TOEWS ( over FaceTime ):
There he is. BOQVIST:
Hello. Ha ha. TOEWS: How does it feel?
You still, uh– Nerves a little shaky,
still kind of crazy? Yeah, of course,
when I talk to you. Heh. TOEWS:
Heh, yeah, right. All the guys here
are all lookin’ up highlights -and they’re checkin’ out
your game and, uh…
-Yeah? …we’re all pretty excited
to have you, so lookin’ forward to seeing you back in Chicago
pretty soon, man. BOQVIST:
Yeah, thank you. TOEWS:
All right, well, enjoy it.
See you soon, brother. -BOQVIST: Yeah, see you.
-TOEWS: Take care. (♪♪♪) ( laughs )


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    I love the hawks

  • Reply Max Lee July 26, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    Being in the war room before the draft must be crazy. TV analysts and “scouts” at home have their idea of what going to happen on draft day but I always wanted to know what the guys in the room know. Barrett Hayton, Vitali Kravtsov and Zadina’s fall were a surprise to me. I knew there was a chance for them to go top 10. It sounds to me like they were really surprised with the Hayton pick. I had Hayton at 13 on my rankings to Dallas but I knew he’d go higher in the actual draft. Kravtsov i saw as a guy that could crack the top 10 and TV analysts said similar things but it sounded after like all the teams knew he’d go top 10. Veleno’s fall surprised me a lot too and when I heard the hawks announce that they’d select a Drummondville player I was happy because I was sure it would be Veleno. Although I wasn’t surprised that we liked Bueadin. I had him at 32.

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    Love these kinds of videos

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    Undersized d man he might be a good player but the offensive defenseman is not what they need. Hawks just took the best d on paper. Should have taken a solid player that could help fill out roster not a luxury player.

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    Love the video Bhtv!!! LET'S GO HAWKS!!❤❤

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    Wow a shocker he was around . thanks Arizona and habs . now go learn hawks style and hopefully see you on Madison soon . good picks last two yrs . we all know you win from within . with this young core plus seasoned veterans could be fun . congrats to Stan and all his scouts . tweak the team on the fly . first 20 gms measuring stick . ok lets rock and roll fellas

  • Reply Upriver Gaming July 26, 2018 at 8:32 pm

    Good choice for the future but with the “One Goal” mentality, he doesn’t fit in right away. I was hoping for Wahlstrom, Bouchard or Dobson but hearing that Adam could be the next Karlsson is definitely promising. Regardless, in 3 years our top 4 of Boqvist, Jokiharu, Mitchell, and Beaudin will be one of the best corps in the league. However, as for right now, with the way the Hawks are built currently I just don’t see them going anywhere. If they do crack the playoffs it’ll be on a wild card and I would say if they make it to the second round that would be a shocker. Still, Mark Kelly and the Hawks scouts are some of the best in the NHL and I have full faith that, while winning in the Kane and Toews era is done, the next group of Hawks will take the reins.

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