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December 10, 2019

When you compare what Starphire is going to do with with high school teams or even college teams the level will be lower than what
we what we we’re striving to be. We’re taking basically the best players from
all the local colleges putting the best team together and competing with the
entire West Coast. The Starphire has been around for a
couple years but before that it was the Southern Oregon Fuego. They were kinda
the semi-pro team the last 10-15 years. And we played in the NPSL, the National
Premier Soccer League. Finally this opportunity came along to play United
Premier Soccer League, the UPSL this last year. So for us you know we’re playing
teams from San José, San Francisco, big cities down south. Reno, we play a couple teams in Nevada. For these young guys you know, some of them are college players,
some high school players some are you know past that, and so what Starphire
really does is develop them hopefully to either go on to the next level, wherever
that is or get seen by pro scouts. It’s definitely unique variety of personalities and skill-sets and everyone brings something different to the table. But everyone together seems to
be putting it together pretty well. I mean of course it’s gonna be a little
more difficult. New guys who are you know as young as 17 and guys who are way older than that, but you know we’re all here for one thing and that’s just to play
soccer together and we’re all here to you know excel and be the best that we
can. So I mean it’s all coming together because we’re all here just to you know
play the best sport. We have big goals. We want to bring professional soccer to the Rogue Valley. We have been granted a property to build a small soccer stadium on. But the other part that we’re working on is
developing you know, doing camps and clinics perhaps even having a
youth academy in the area and not only that but we want to be a
partnership with the community. We’re gonna be playing against
division one players. We’ll be playing against people who eventually will go pro. The most exciting part about all this is just seeing the great talent we have here in Southern Oregon. These guys that have the opportunity to play beyond high school. But I think this semi-pro
team will be competition with the best players on the West Coast.

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