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Our Impact | Hockey Without Borders

August 24, 2019

My name is Craig Klinkhoff from Montreal, Canada. And I am an ambassador for Hockey Without Borders. In the last two weeks we’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with the people who are involved with running the programs here in Sarajevo and Subotica. Overall, the feedback we’ve received is incredible. When we speak to the coaches who are responsible for the programs here. We speak to the parents of the players and the players themselves. Everyone has spoken highly of the coaches that are living here. We’re so happy to see that our coaches are all loved by the players that they’re coaching. The parents, they can’t say enough good things about them. Just to hear the way they talk about them, is just incredible. Hi, I’m Matthew Robins from Montreal, Canada. And I’m an ambassador for Hockey Without Borders. I spent last season here in Subotica coaching and playing with the Spartak program. The Spartak community has very much become a second home to me. I have many fond memories here and it’s great to come back and see the progress that Uros and the Hockey Without Borders coaches have made. And the positive influence that they all have on the kids both on and off the ice. Having HSF ambassadors in Serbia and in our club is first of all the quality of working with the kids. Originally they came to learn kids ice hockey but at the same time, kids are learning English and they progress in every meaning of life. Not only sport but language, culture, education, whatever. Everybody is pushing towards different levels of life. I feel that we are really fulfilling one of the most essential needs of a community, with regards to hockey. More than equipment, more than helping to rebuild the facilities. Communities like this really need coaching support and hockey knowledge. Growing up as Canadians in the hockey program, we’ve had the benefit of years of experience just of playing recreational hockey and the benefit of playing under experienced coaches and being able bring that here and share that with players in Serbia or in Bosnia, is really what this program is all about.

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