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Playing Golf With A Corkball | 6 Hole Challenge

September 10, 2019

I hope y’all enjoyed coming along for
the front tee challenge the last two uploads out at Nashville Golf Athletic
Club that was so much fun had a lot of good swings in both of
those videos happy with the direction of the game currently however still need to
work on the wedges so that is something I’m gonna be focusing on here in the
future for today’s video got some fun we are gonna be playing golf with a corkball yes I know you might not have ever heard of a corkball it looks like a
baseball but much smaller the game started actually in st. Louis Missouri
years and years ago super fun game played in a similar fashion to baseball
but a little different you can look up the rules if you’d like to kind of see
how the game is actually played however we’re bringing the court ball to the
golf course today here at the little course in Franklin Tennessee we’re gonna
play the first six holes out here honestly see how this ball reacts I have
no idea probably gonna be tough to putt because the laces but we’re gonna find
out here’s the first hole par 3 118 yards tees I’m going to be playing from
I’m gonna hit pitching wedge here because I don’t think that this ball is
gonna quite fly like a golf ball this is the very first swing I’ve ever had with
the cork ball and a golf club we’re gonna find out how far this goes front
pin should be pretty accessible but you never know it cork ball I couldn’t tell their if I hid that that
bad that’s just how the balls gonna fly I felt like I hit it in the center of
the face we’re just gonna kind of roll with it we’ve got a little notch into
the green from there after that first shot there go ahead and pause this video
drop down below put a comment down are we gonna make a par here today I don’t
know we’ll find out comment below what do you
think alrighty here is where we ended it up
right there about 60 yards left to the green I’m be using a 60 here I need some
loft that one didn’t get in the air so let’s see what a sista can do that is ridiculous I had no idea what
that was gonna be out of that rub I mean I mean wow this would be incredible to make a par
on the first hole Wow are you kidding me that’s like a birdie number two par
three they are all par threes out here at the little course 120 yards to kind
of a middle back pin we’re gonna give the pitching wedge one last go according
to that first hole probably not the play but we’re gonna give it one more go with
the pitch honestly that was pretty good
that probably flew like 90 yards maybe I’m probably about 25 30 yards just
short of this pinned just short of the green
that was pretty good there I’ve got a hit up on the ball that’s what I learned
can’t hit don’t on it the balls not gonna get in the air so hit a bit more
up on it alrighty not too bad just short of the green little bump and run action
from here needed a little less bump and a bit more
run there that was a little speedy there that is not easy to roll the rock I’m
starting to realize that is a double bogey there on number two it is not real
easy to roll the rock with these laces the ball kind and just kind of maneuvers
around yeah and downhill downhill the ball doesn’t really stop too much so
gonna need to work on the speed to over through to par on one couple their own
two onto number three 117 yards here par 3 we’re gonna go ahead and go with
pitching wedge again I like the ball fly to that last shot
pitching wedge gives us enough loft to get it in the air we learned a bit after
the first swing so pitching wedge here off of three or hidden ease pitch and wedges straight
distance not so much the fourth hole will actually be a hole that I think we
can reach so these first three holes almost playing them like par fours even
though they’re par threes because of the distance just not quite there but the
next hole should be more reasonable distance might even hit the green that’d
be awesome all righty here we are just short of the
green about 30 yards left need a bit more run and less bump like I said for
this one so hopefully you can get it all the way up this little slope here the
runs just short of the pin we got that one all the way up the slope
a little long about 16 left for the par oh that’s disappointing
all right that’s a bogey here on three three over three three holes honestly
I’ll take that putting shipping and distance are definitely difficult so I’d
have to say bogey it’s kind of like par cars are kind of like birdies so all in
all I would say four he overthrew three is you know not bad I’ll take it on to
485 yards need to flight it over the bunker I’m gonna go put the camera
behind the green so you get a little better vantage point from there would be
awesome to hit the green unless my to fly 85 yards right pitching wedge I’ve never thought I’d have a birdie
putt here’s a birdie look I honestly never thought I’d hit a shot here today
that was ridiculous just watch the footage real quick that
was so close I mean just a couple inches away I mean I don’t think the ball would
have fit in the hole with the flagstick in there however that was an awesome
shot that got the blood pumping see if we can’t roll this birdie in all righty
this is our birdie look right here a little side piano see if we can’t roll
the rock stretch for me hey are you kidding me oh I thought I
had a birdie there if we would have made a birdie today I don’t even know that
was like beyond a pin slammer beyond a camera knockdown that would have I would
have had to have created something brand-new a birdie with a court ball on
to number five 126 yards par 3 pin looks to be pretty much in the middle we’re
gonna try to 9-iron here yeah we’re gonna go with the 9 hit that one relatively the same
distance as the pitching wedge I feel like pulled it just a fraction but
really not too bad I don’t know 9-iron pitching wedge I
don’t think we’re hitting that ball much further than we currently are no matter
what club I choose so I think pitching wedge 9-iron that’s kind of what we need
to hit the tee shots with all righty we are in the short grass right there not
too far about 25 yards left walking up here I I don’t really want to bump it
into there I think we’re gonna fly something all the way up onto the green
with a lob wedge I think that’s going to be our best bet for getting close all-in-all really happy with that chip
there probably should have bumped it into the hill because you’re not gonna
get any spin at all that did kind of trundle away from us about 20 feet left
for our park not to bow to speed from right there
pulled in just a little bit thought it would break
I think the laces held it up that’s alright three feet left for par bogey
not Park let’s go that was a huge to putt right
there we are four over through five with the cork ball here at the little course
today one hole left honestly I’m scoring better than I
thought it would I really thought I’d be making a lot of double bogeys hit a
couple good shots the shot back on for the tee shot definitely the highlight of
a day rolling in honestly at the to putt there from like 20-something feet it’s
really not that easy to do so all in all pretty happy with four
over through five on to number six see if we can’t make that elusive let’s go
number six par-3 140 yards yes that is a long long ways won’t be reaching it I
don’t believe yes we’re gonna sting it I’ve got to see what the port ball can
do with a stinger talk about a ground ball right there
that uh never left the ground hit it pretty solid it actually trundled well
on down there just short of the green we’ll take that this has been so much
fun today playing with a quark ball so if you like this video just drop a like
down below that’d be greatly appreciated hopefully we can get this something down
to make another par that would be three out of six holes making pars that would
be awesome that is what we’re looking at about 25
yards left to the hole we’ve got to looking for 30 par today
honestly can’t believe that can we roll the rock one last time let me in the door let’s go I feel like
that deserves a pin slam for three pars we’re gonna do a pen slam hope y’all
enjoy coming along the quark ball challenge really played better with it
than I ever anticipated let’s see we finished at a double two
bogeys three pars four over for the six holes that was a lot of fun I don’t
think you would want to play it much further back than I did cuz I think
somewhere roughly around a hundred yards is gonna kind of max out the distance no
matter what club you have but that was so much fun
so yeah here is the ball one last time it actually held up pretty good
none of the laces got messed up so we may have to try this again comment below
if you’d like to see a court ball challenge maybe with someone else in the
video with me playing a little match let me know I also can’t thank y’all enough
for the incredible support on the channel we’re over 26,000 subscribers
now truly amazing couldn’t be here without you so thank you so much
and y’all until next time we’ll see you only see ya


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