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PRANKS! 12 Funny Pranks Compilation & Best Halloween Prank Wars

October 10, 2019

This is Sara and here’s Katie. They are roommates and this Halloween they
are playing prank wars. Come along and learn 12 cool ideas on how
to prank your friends on Halloween or just any other day. No, no please don’t, please let me go! It’s Halloween! Here’s an epic idea on how to prank your siblings
or friends right when they wake up in the morning. Take any balloon of your choice and blow it
until you have the desired size. Now grab a permanent marker and draw on a
face. You can be naughty and draw a super scary
face on your balloon but it’s probably better to go for a nice smiley one. Seeing a close up of these big eyes and mouth
the second one wakes up is scary enough for sure. If you want the balloon face to be even more
poppy, go ahead and color it with a bunch of colorful permanent markers. This is perfect so let the prank wars begin! Silently enter your friend’s room while they’re
still fast asleep. Attach a string to the balloon and using a
piece of tape stick the string end to the ceiling. Leave the balloon hanging right above your
friend’s face so that it will be the first thing they see when they wake up! To make the good morning surprise even more
awesome, tape your friend’s or roommate’s slippers to the floor with a piece of a duct
tape. Finally, grab red acrylic paint and apply
it to the bottom side of the door handle! What a nice set of good morning surprises
hihi! Psst. Ouch! Argh! What?! Morning! -Good morning! Hey do you need a bathroom? I really want to take a shower. Yes, I do need a bathroom! Alright, it’s payback time! Take all the towels in the bathroom and hide
them in a washing machine or anywhere safe where your friend won’t be able to find them. Grab a white towel and red acrylic paint. Unfold the towel and squeeze a generous amount
of red acrylic paint in the palm of your hand. Rub the hands together to evenly distribute
the color allover. Now press your hands on the towel and you
get the perfect red hand stains! So cool and scary – that’s exactly what
we need. The terrifying towel is all done so let’s
put it back on it’s place. Bathroom’s free. Ok, thanks! Ew! A very easy, but really funny prank is to
apply a bit of acrylic paint or food coloring on the bathroom or kitchen faucet. When your roommate or friend will want to
brush their teeth, they’ll be in for a spooky surprise! I hate you! I love you too, Mwah. Do you still need bathroom? I got to brush my teeth. Sure, it’s all yours. That was so thoughtful, really. I know, you have a smart roommate. Seriously!? I got you! Hey should we watch some scary movies tonight? Sure, perfect. I can bake some cupcakes. That would be awesome. Of course it’s going to be more than awesome. Of course these won’t be the usual yummy and
innocent little cupcakes. When there are prank wars, prank cupcakes
are the only ones you can serve. You can make these delicious treats from scratch
by following any kind of recipe or buy a premade mixture. Once your batter is ready, take a baking tray
and place in the cupcake liners. These are so pretty – red, with a bunch
of black spiders! Perfect for Halloween. Fill the liners with your cupcake mixture. Don’t pour in too much – about half way or
three quarters is more than enough. Bake your cupcakes and when they’ve cooled
down, it’s time to decorate! This is when you transform the yummy cupcakes
into naughty prank ones! Grab a toothpaste and squeeze it on top these
delicious treats. Make a nice little swirl so it looks extra
neat and delicious. I mean check this out! It seems so tasty! Toothpaste looks exactly like white frosting
or cream which makes it perfect for pranks. Of course, you need to add some sprinkles
on top because presentation is super important. Voila these cupcakes look so yummy and they smell delicious so they are ready to be served! Cupcakes are ready! Mm… these looks delicious! Ew! What is this you’re so mean! Got you, I got you! I’m going to make us popcorn, you’re impossible! You didn’t expect this to be a normal tasty
popcorn, did you? Well one portion will be normal, but your
friend’s one has to be served with a little surprise inside. Take a little cup and pop in a bit of salt,
pepper and some oil. Stir well until combined and you’re left with
a smooth mixture. Load a bit of that awfulness on a spoon and
drip a few drops on a popcorn that has a little cup shape. Mm… this is going to taste divine! Oh, I love that movie! Yeah, it’s my favorite too! Did you put something in there!? That’s disgusting! You should see your face. I hate you! I’m the best pranker woohoo. Trick or treaters! Remember what happened last year? Hello! You can pick whatever you like! Of course I remember what happened last year. That’s why I prepared this. What?! You made him cake pops? Yup, but they are special cake pops! To make a special cake pop grab a brussels
sprout and pop it on a lollipop or cake pop stick. Now dip your awesome veggie pop in some melted
chocolate. Roll it back and forth to cover the brussels
sprout completely. Finally you want to decorate the cake pop
with some sprinkles to make it look even more irresistible. Brussels sprouts plus chocolate – what a
delicious combination, right? Not really but that’s why it’s perfect for
pranks. Place these beautiful creations on a cake
pop stand and you can serve them to friends or enemies! You’re the best! I know! Hi! Creative costume this year. Enjoy! I bet he’s enjoying his cake pops! I know! I’d love to see his face! Yeah! Alright, today was fun, but I’m going to get
ready for bed. Okay. Prank wars are not over just yet! For the scary shower prank all you have to
do is unscrew the hose that is connected to the shower head. Now take some food coloring or acrylic paint
in any color of your choice and squeeze some in the opening on one side. Screw the hose back to where it’s supposed
to be and the next person who’s going to take a shower is in for a big surprise. I hate your pranks! Well good that today’s over. You wish it was over. Who wouldn’t be terrified when seeing a big
scary spider! This prank is so realistic and petrifying
but also very simple to do. Simply stick a big fake spider inside a lamp
shade using a piece of double sided tape. When your friend, sibling or roommate turns
the light on, the scary spider will come say hi! There’s a spider! There’s a huge spider! Are you sure it’s a real one? You’re crazy! Auch! Goodnight! Hope you guys liked the video and if you did,
don’t forget to subscribe and click the little bell button down bellow. I’m gonna give you 3 seconds so you can do
it right away. OK. 3, 2, 1… Now you’re the part of the sarties
notification squad, which may just be the coolest squad out there. If you love Halloween and you love food, you
got to check out my DIY Halloween costumes out of candy, where I show you a bunch of
DIY ideas on how to dress up this Halloween! Thank you so much for watching guys, I love
you and I’ll see you soon, bye! Boo!


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