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Prolong the life of your hockey stick

September 7, 2019

(upbeat music) – Hey, guys, Jeremy
here from How To Hockey with The Hockey Movement. And in this video I’m
talking about three ways we can prolong the life
of your hockey stick. These things can be expensive so wanna make sure we can squeeze every last dollar we can out of them. Let’s get right to it. There’s two main ways a
hockey stick’s gonna break. The first one is right along the bottom of the blade right here. And the second one is along the shaft. I break most of mine along
the bottom of the blade. So I’m gonna talk about that first. It’s pretty common for hockey sticks to break along the bottom of the blade. But a lot of the newer hockey players don’t know about this. So what you can do is
grab your hockey stick, grab the toe right here
and then grab the heel and give it a little twist. And if that’s opening up right there, if you see a crack or
anything, that opening up, your hockey stick is pooched. What happens is when you shoot then the blade is gonna open up and you’re gonna lose a lot of power and a lot of accuracy. So test your stick right now, see if there’s any give. It should be nice and firm. If the blade wiggles or twists at all it might be time for a new hockey stick. How can you prevent the bottom
of your blade from breaking? The easiest way is just to
always keep it taped up. So you can see my tape’s worn off here and I’ve continued to stickhandle with it. And it doesn’t even matter
if you’re just on the ice. Even the ice stickhandling
contact with the surface is gonna be wearing that away. A little bit slower than
if you’re off the ice. But it still does wear. So you wanna re-tape your stick any time you see any of
the blade coming through. That’s gonna help prolong the
life of your hockey stick. You can see the compos
of material on the stick starting to wear through and you start to see the
layers of the hockey stick. That means I’ve been using this stick without having it taped up and that will eventually
lead to this blade breaking. So I gotta tape this thing up. There’s two main ways you’re gonna break your stick on the shaft. That’s either from repeated impact shots and stresses of the stick. Or from a hack or slash. And sometimes the hack can lead to a break from an impact shot. You can see right here there’s some nicks out of the hockey sticks. Mostly out of the paint, superficial. But sometimes that creates a little break on the stick right there. And it’s not gonna break
your stick right away but what happens is the
more you use your stick the bigger that break gets and eventually it leads
to the stick breaking. So two ways that you
can prevent your stick from breaking on the shaft. Number one is to put a little
tape in the high-impact spot. So as a center-man what
I would normally do is tape up the high-impact spot on my stick where most of the hacks and slashes happen which is basically from
the CCM logo and down. So I just take some black hockey tape, tape that all up and that’s gonna reduce a lot of those hacks
and slashes that could lead to the breakage of the stick. You’ll see above that spot there’s not too many hacks or slashes. They’re not as powerful of slashes when you get them up high. So I’m putting a little bit
of tape around the bottom. It doesn’t look good
but it can help prolong the life of your stick. The third thing that you can do to prolong the life of your hockey stick is to take it easy on the slapshots. Yes, the slapshots can affect your stick and lead to it breaking because it’s a really high-impact shot. So every time that blade hits the ice, every time that blade hits the puck, you’re basically smashing a piece of hard rubber rate against the blade. And it’s gonna lead to micro
breaks inside the blade and eventually lead it to breaking. Also on the shaft, I mean, you guys see the deformation that happens when you flex that thing, huge bend. So the more slapshot you take, the more it’s gonna stress that stick and the more likely it’s gonna break. So if you play in a league
where there’s no slapshots, if you take it easy and
don’t take 50 slapshots every time you’re at
warm-up or pick-up hockey you’re probably gonna have
your stick a lot longer. (smack) Alright, guys, that’s all the tips for how to prolong the
life of your hockey stick. Hopefully these tips will help you save a little bit of money. If you like these videos,
hit that subscribe button. We do new hockey videos every single week. Thanks a lot for watching. We’ll see you in the next video. (upbeat music)


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    hey jeremy, what stick would you recommend for a beginner that's 6'2", and I'm probably just going to use it for playing on a pond with friends so I don't want to spend that much money.

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    I use one strip of black electrical tape on bottom of blade before wrapping the rest with the cloth tape. Extends time before re-taping by a lot!

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    Tape is your friend for saving your stick. I started taping from the CCM logo down, all the way to the toe and it makes a huge difference. Use black tape on a black stick for the shaft and it looks pretty good. Keeps those initial chips from happening.

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  • Reply ssminnow99 March 15, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    I do a few things. for minor paint chips I use my kids nail Polish with super glue over it. for bigger areas I use moldable epoxy and the nail Polish and super glue over that. the epoxy works great on skate blade holders as well.

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