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Quickness Soccer Drill for Strikers

September 8, 2019

– Hello guys. This is Gabriel Carrera from
10X Soccer So today we’re going to show
you a drill for strikers. First of all we’re going to
do a footwork exercise. We’re going to go through it and then we’re going to
take a shot right away. You can use either the
inside, you know, the laces. And, you know, go for
precision now, it is required. Okay, so we’re going to go for this drill. We’re going to go, first of all… We’re going to step out. Bend your knees, okay. Go side to side without
touching the cones, okay. One more time. It’s a simple drill that you can add this to your game. So here we go. We go a little faster. Okay, one more time. Now we go, we add it, a little bit faster. (Soccer dribbling) (Soccer kick at goal) That’s it, come back. Come back running. We can even go backwards. Get the ball. (Soccer kick) We go again. Now we go forward again. (Soccer kick at goal) And then right back. (Soccer kick at goal) (Dribbling through cones) (Soccer kick) (Soccer dribbling with cones) (Soccer kick towards the goal) That’s it guys. So make sure to subscribe to the channel if you want to watch more soccer videos and thank you for watching. [best soccer tricks]


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    Great technique and quickness drill!

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