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RIT Men’s Hockey Media Day 2018

August 23, 2019

[MUSIC]>>After winning the Atlantic Hockey championship
in 2015 and 2016, the RIT men’s hockey team has been bounced from the conference tournament
in the first round in each of the last two seasons. It’s unfamiliar territory for these Tigers
who realize they have a lot to prove this year.>>We’ve got to play better at that time of
year, but I think it’s what you do from the start to the end of the year that really builds. So it’s not something you can just turn on
come playoff time. I think it’s something that we’ve got to continually
try and get better with every game we play.>>We’re not happy with how the last two years
went as far as how we finished in the playoffs. Obviously, disappointed losing to the last-place
team in the first round. It’s not something this organization should
be used to and it should never happen. I know we have a little chip on our shoulder
going into this year and I know guys have been working really hard this summer to get
back to where we need to be.>>I think every year we go in with a goal
of winning a championship. It hasn’t changed even though we’ve got our
one championship already in the four years. We’re not settled with that, we’re not done. We want another one and not only do we want
another playoff championship, we want a national championship. So that’s what we’re going for this year. And that’s where our mindsets are. Hopefully we can go in and prove that this
year.>>One of the biggest questions heading into
last season remains this season. Who will step up and take the number one spot
in net between Christian Short, Logan Drackett and Ian Andriano?>>Last year it was tough because there was
unknown. We didn’t know how the two freshmen were going
to be. Christian had not played a lot until that
point, but we did have a bit of a resume on him. This year I think it’s a little bit clearer. So we’re really going to go off of what we’ve
seen here in training camp, try not to muddy the waters and be a little more direct with
who our starter is going to be. Maybe the experimentation might come with
just the first game and maybe even the first three games in that they’re non-conference,
but even those non-conference I don’t think we want to take lightly. We’re just going to have to see where we are
with that. But we’re going to try and put our best foot
forward right off the get go and go from there.>>The Tigers open the season on October 12
and 13 with a pair of road games at UMass-Lowell before returning to town on October 20 for
Brick City Homecoming Weekend when they host Colgate at Blue Cross Arena. For RIT SportsZone I’m Kevin Roche.

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