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RIT Men’s Hockey: Norrish Brothers

August 19, 2019

>>Up front with the Norrish twins this is your top power play unit this year. Goal from way out! That’s the co-captain Number 8, Chase Norrish.>>What are the odds two brothers never get hurt, get the same injury? The same exact injury.>>Pretty unheard of, safe to say. Yeah I’ve never heard of it happening but I’m not really sure we’ve kind of just kind of scratched our heads a little bit and could be genetic or something like that, but who knows. It just it happened, and that’s it.>>I remember getting a text from my mom the day he did his and she was, she was always disappointed and unhappy, but that I think the word she said was “why do you have to do everything together?”>>Did you guys then I guess rehab together then? I guess if you’re gonna go through a major injury. You know what you hate to see it happen do to your to your family member, but did that help going through it with with your brother of the rehab? Yeah, I think it helped quite a bit. Obviously we’ve been this far together. You know we’ve always kind of done things together, so it was weird that we were rehabbing at the same time, but yeah it definitely helped us for sure. You’re kind of — I was kind of playing catch-up a little bit because he did get hurt before I did, but yeah, I was kind of it helped us kind of push ourselves and stay on track, and just make sure that we were being smart, and making sure that we were coming back ready to play.>>That’s kind of been our whole lives We’ve ajust always been pushing each other and stuff like that, so I mean when you’re doing rehab together, you’re trying to push each other again. Just to get that much stronger to get back to where we were.>>How frustrating was it for both you to see this team which many picked to be the first in the league to watch the season end the way it did, and how frustrating was that for you?>>Frustrating is probably an understatement. I mean just, I mean not be able to play and help out, help out your team like that, that’s struggling in a hard time. It’s just yeah, frustrating doesn’t even begin to explain something like that.>>Becomes very difficult as a captain when you’re in street clothes to come in between periods, and say anything to the players because you’re not playing. There’s nothing you can do about it.>>As the season has come to an end for these RIT Tigers–>>I think for anybody who’s who’s gotten hurt and have to watch your team kind of struggle a little bit and not perform as best as we could, I think it’s hard to watch for anybody. It is it is what it is. You know, you kind of you battle through it, and you come back as prepared as you can and you just move forward. You get excited to play.>>You’re looking for positives out of everything. I think we’re a better team because of it. And scores! That’s the first collegiate goal for Darren Brady.>>A lot of young defensemen got a lot of quality ice time and are making decisions very very difficult this year because of the improvement and the ice time that they were able to receive to make us a better team.>>We’re just really excited to have the group of guys that we do this year. Our goal set this year just to focus on you know starting one period at time, and one shift at a time, and just go from there. Chase Norrish, the fed and in! Sixth of the season for Chase Norrish, and the Tigers around the board.>>Game on.

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