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RIT on TV: Facebook changes algorithm

August 19, 2019

ANCHOR>>Check out your Facebook page tonight. We bet you see a difference. Facebook has changed its algorithm so that
you see more pictures from your friends and fewer posts about recipes and news stories
that paid money to get your attention. News10NBC chief investigative reporter Berkeley
Brean discovered an impact they’re already seeing at one of Rochester’s biggest employers. Berk? REPORTER>>RIT is a Facebook publisher. Any entity that posts on Facebook is. The changes Facebook made might make your
experience better. But it’s making it harder on brands and institutions
that rely on Facebook to get their message to you. What does RIT hockey have to do with this? Well, anytime the Tigers win — which they
did on Sunday — the victory gets posted to RIT’s Facebook page. For a win, the hockey team usually gets about
200 likes. After Sunday’s win — only 90. TYLER>>It’s my job basically to keep track
of what’s being said about RIT on social media at all times. REPORTER>>Dave Tyler is the director of social
media for RIT. TYLER>>We’re definitely seeing some impact
on our numbers in the amount of reach we’re getting organically. REPORTER>>Facebook started making changes
this month after it was accused of being the conduit of fake news and after the company
realized that the experience of scrolling through the website was making people depressed. So now you’ll see more pictures of your friends. But what about the stories from questionable
sources? Dave Tyler showed me the Facebook survey that
will try to rate publishers’ trustworthiness. One question is — how much do you trust these
domains? Tyler says he’s concerned about how that
can be manipulated. And we’re going to go back to another popular
sports team for that example. TYLER>>So the Buffalo Bills are a publisher
on Facebook. If a group of Miami fans decide they’re going
to invade the Facebook page of the Buffalo Bills and comment on them as untrustworthy,
is that going to have an effect on Buffalo’s rating? I think that remains to be seen. REPORTER>>Just imagine what that could mean
for a political candidate if his or her opponent and their supporters went on that survey and
voted them untrustworthy. You would never see their posts on Facebook. In the newsroom, Berkeley Brean, News10NBC.

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