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RIT on TV: Student Project Fights Extremism

August 26, 2019

>>REPORTER: We found out that 17 students,
mostly marketing majors, here at RIT worked together all semester to create a social media
campaign to combat radical extremism and now the U.S. State Department has invited them
to go to Washington to present it. [TICKING CLOCK]>>REPORTER: So far, the campaign has 642 “likes” on
Facebook, and features a mini documentary with lots of news stories about terrorism
and testimonials.>>STUDENT: “We have created a platform for you to
voice your opinion and take action.”>>REPORTER: Olivia Hauck, from Irondequoit,
helped create the campaign and hopes it will reduce persecution of Muslims and refugees.>>Olivia Hauck: And we think if more people
can differentiate between radical extremism and Islam then more people are understanding
and compassionate and that kind of helps curb the people that are online seeking out those
radical groups. [GUNSHOTS]>>REPORTER: The U.S. State Department is
looking for a campaign to combat ISIL’s online recruitment tactics and the RIT project
could be picked.>>Olivia: ISIL uses social media a lot to
recruit members and to gain sympathizers. So we feel if we put something out there online
that can kind of combats that, that people then at least have something else to look
at and something else to understand and maybe that can sway opinions.>>REPORTER: The RIT project is up against
similar campaigns produced by students in Azerbaijan and Brussels, Belgium where terrorism
is much more a part of daily life. We’ll know if the local students win by the end of the
month. It’s called “its time to ex-out extremism” and they even have a hand signal. And they’re
hoping that people will do this and take pictures of themselves and post it online. At RIT,
Rebecca Leclair, News 10 NBC.

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