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RIT SportsZone Hockey Central: RIT vs Holy Cross 1-31-14

August 25, 2019

>>Skirving will deflect it in.
Mitchell is over there, and the corner-crew is starting a chant
here as Logan Smith tries to get it out for Holy Cross. Here’s an oppotunity as Vidal
goes in, the shot, the rebound and in front! And it’s put back
in! Ritolo couldn’t get over there
in time, and Holy Cross is off on a 1-0 lead.>>They had the rush going it
was a pad save but he left the puck out and it looked like it
was Logan Smith then who punched it in. They got out on the
break, they got out here on the ice, pushed it, here comes the shot,
Kugali unable to block it, Mike comes up with the save, with the
pad, unable to cover up, though.>>Let’s take a look up top
here, Johnny, it wasn’t a kick in.>>Let’s see here.>>It’s a…Well, I don’t know
if it’s incidental or no.>>I think it was incidental. It’s an interesting dynamic.>>In front with a goal!
Beautiful goal, who’s getting it is number 23, Webster’s Dan
Schuler. >>Puck just kind of
just…skirted out in front. When he battles along the
boards, this is what it’s all about. You gotta love
this, RIT working, getting rewarded for the work along the
boards. And then Schuler, in the right
spot, at the right time, it looked like that was Caleb
Cameron there along the boards. That puck free, and then Brad
McGowan able to just slide in front.>>Tigers tying it at 1 here, a
little over five minutes remaining in the first. This is a game to pursue of a
seven-game home stare of the Tigers. Time to make some hay
here.>>Well, this is the top right
now. It’s all right in front of you, a lot of home games.>>Well, as you say that,
Rousseau Ruski in front, that’s fifth of the year for
number 8 Sean Gustin. And Holy Cross, just like that,
takes the lead back. Perron-Fontaine back there,
there’s feed in front, trying to get Ritolo the save,
and the light goes on, the official says no goal. Play
continues on. >>They’re fortunate there. That
was open. >>You could take a look at that
as the goal light did go on but the play continues on here, not
blown dead, as Colavecchia at the red line sends it along the
near wall. Josh Mitchell battling for it.
Colavecchia on the far side sends it over. Skirving’s
camping out in front as the big pad save again, knowing what
to do on that rebound, kicks it right out.>>Yeah, Skirving was right
there on the door step. Did a nice job of kicking it,
Pummel purposely worries it.>>Shots are even in this
period, 14 each, the Tigers with an opportunity. Going in,
Skirving, can’t get in, just hopping over his stick. Domagala tying up Skirving
along the near wall, now Kaplan coming away with
it, he’ll get it out of his zone. Shane’s stopped from
leading the charge. Broken up by the Tigers, back to
center-ice this goes.>>And a face-up going back.>>Getting some good looks here,
puck posession’s a little better, towards the end of
the period. Here’s a, no goal, it skirts
through the pads, now where is it? Ooh, can’t tell.>>Can’t tell from that, let’s
see if we can…>>There’s the puck. Mike
doesn’t look comfortable tonight.>>[both] Ohhh!>>Well, that’s so close!>>It’ll be against the fan of
Domagala. All right, so too many men on
him, that was the call. And Domagala will serve here,
the Tigers’s 2nd power play comes late in the first, McGowan
moved down low, Skirving walking in and pushes it in! Finally
they go short-side and they beat Ginn! And we’re tied at 2.>>Got the puck perfect, that’s
Skirving’s spot, right there is a big kid.>>Smith losing his footing, now
Kugali with the charge, the defenseman coming up the ice. Sends it in, deflected behind
the net. And now the Tigers can’t afford
to get caught here, here’s Stockton going in, the quick
shot and a goal! That, folks, is number 27,
Hilton Grad, Shane Stockton.>>In the box, keep an eye on
number 40 for RIT. >>One on three for the Tigers
tonight, in front, Skirving trying to kick it in, and
Skirving is laid out by Bolton, Tigers hold it in. Colavecchia.
Back up top to McGowan. Colavecchia, scores! John, you
called it, the Tigers have tied it at 3!>>You gotta go to your breath’s
motto on the power play, that’s Colavecchia’s spot. Loves the
set up on that side of the ice,>>Noyes, now over to
Colavecchia. Colavecchia, side-step to check, Colavecchia
down low, the Tigers trying to win in overtime, oh just wide! We get a whistle. And I think something will come
in for Holy Cross over the hand pick. >>Boy, what a play. That puck
didn’t go in. Look at that, that’s a great
pass, fakes a shot, Tries to convert on the
wraparound there is Mitchell. And that puck steers away. Look at that. Get the different
angle there with that Barett coming back to help. I think the save, saved the game
though. >>Closing seconds here tonight
as the Tigers battle for the far side. Schuler comes up with it.
Schuler, over to Colavecchia and then Mitchell. Everybody
selling out the Holy Cross, that one up. Ritolo wants to give it
another shot to Noyes. Deflects it on up. And we have a
tie here tonight at the Ritter. Good game for the Tigers, a
hard-earned point.>>Yeah, you’re right, at least
they got the point, able to battle back, deficits at
1-0, 2-1, and 3-2, had some opportunities but you credit
both goalies, they stood tall in the third and certainly in
the extra session. The post game show coming up next as the teams
will shake hands at center ice. Our final score here tonight
from the Frank Ritter Arena, Holy Cross 3, RIT 3, this
is RIT SportsZone Live.

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