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RIT SportsZone Hockey Central: RIT vs Mercyhurst 2-27-15

August 24, 2019

>>Young goal tender Brandon Wildung, and if you weren’t with us in the pregame, John, here’s a young man that really wasn’t supposed to be the guy in net, but Jimmy Sarjeant out for the season.>>Sarjeant was complaining. Had some problems in August, and they diagnosed him late with a sports hernia. In fact, the Bills, he went and saw the Bills team doctor, and then, in fact, he will have surgery next week here in Rochester.>>Garbowsky scores! Matt Garbowsky in front with the lit of the lay. And the Tigers strike first. It’s 1-0. It’s so important to the Tigers to attack early, and they jump on the Lakers. Get the crowd into it. We talked about the MGM line coming up. That’s a sweet pass, right in front. Look at Garbowsky. Keeps it on the stick. Kind of glides to his right, and he beats a sliding Wildung. Watch this. This is about as pretty as it gets. Wildung overplays it.>>Mitchell lost control. McGowan trying to hold it in. Mitchell in the far corner. Here’s Garbowsky sending it down low to Mitchell, Josh Mitchell. Right in front, McGowan sends it inside! 2-0 RIT.>>That’s about as pretty as it gets. Mitchell with great vision. He knew where McGowan was. Great pass, McGowan gets it on the stick and then shows tremendous patience. I mean this is just- you don’t want to talk about chemistry. Look at McGowan, he’s got his head up, knows exactly where he wants to go. Kind of goes back towards- look at McGowan, just setting up Wildung. Great puck handeling there on the part of McGowan. The MGM line, big once again.>>Smith up the ice. Danny Smith goes off Todd and scores! Number 18, Matt Abt Congratulations! His first collegiate goal.>>We are talking about Abt and the energy. Watch this shot, now watch Danny Smith with the backhand and the puck just sits there. Just kind of comes out in front. It looks like it was knocked down by a Laker player. Let’s see if it goes off the stick of a Laker player, which it does out in front out by Zach Todd. And then that puck just kind of skirts out in front, and then nobody’s there for the clean up.>>Tigers come up with it. The slope cleared by Norrish. Going a head to Garbowsky. Woah Garbowsky! Are you kidding! Shorthanded goal! The foot is on the accelerator. It’s 4-0 RIT.>>Sensational, for one of the best players in the country that was all Matt Garbowsky. He’s been doing it all year long. Look at this. Look at the puck. Look at this puck handeling. Through the legs of one Laker player. Able to fend off another one, and then again schools the freshman goalie Wildung. Textbook, look at this.>>Abt will hold it in. Smith chopping ahead, Miller, the backhand, scores! 5-0.>>Wow, the route is on, and the mindset is let’s just get one, and let’s just start thinking about tomorrow night. That was another, another melt down out in front.>>Chase Norrish pushes ahead up along the left wing to Mitchell. McGowan cutting down the center. Here’s Garbowsky, the blast and scores! That’s the hat trick for number 9. Matt Garbowsky, his 24th of the season.>>Bacon, was just- he’s solid, just slow to react. Garbowsky wound up with the blast showing the force that he has on his shot.>>Mitchell sends it up to Norrish all sorts of time, and Bacon might have gotten a piece of that. Bacon with a pad save. Mitchell in front, and it’s McGowan with the goal.>>Wow, I know the penalty kill has been rough, but as you mentioned Norrish had about a year to shoot, and then they keep the puck in and there are just guys all basically left alone. Watch this. Keep the puck in. Great job here by the Tigers. There’s the shot, here’s the rebound and great pass. Mitchell’s had a great game tonight. That’s a heck of a pass to McGowan.>>Last time RIT scored 8 goals in a game.>>Was that Sacred Heart?>>Well Geno–>>Boom, boom, thank you.>>Did you see the card?>>No I did not, John. I just know my Tiger trivia.>>[Laughing] Was January of 2012.>>Oh well there we go. There’s number eight. The Tigers are mowing down Mercyhurst. It’s 8-0.>>Well that game, they won 10-0, and they have a snowman right now. It is snowman city happening here at the Gene Polisseni center. Everybody getting in on the action. Look at this I mean that’s just Bacon tries to dig it out. Thought maybe he’d gotten back but never really got into position for playing it. He just has a hard time digging it out. He get’s back. Look at that feat. Cameron’s cutting from behind.

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