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Stanley Cup Playoffs Recap [What the Puck?!]

August 23, 2019

I do in fact it is one of the greatest I
think we say this all the time because there are so many series and a lot of
them are really great but this has been a consistently good I hockey playoffs its for tapering off a
little bit now surrenders bad clearly a hard time so
remark Andre flurry that the long streak over up shut out period by by flori was
broken yesterday by Karl had when and the Penguins Britney made it 11 min
21 the Penguins went up 3-1 and then the Rangers answer back as
months ago lol scored a straw man on the Asus their their your
the names you’re not hearing Rick Nash martín Saint Louis you’re not
hearing about the big scores on the Rangers Richard you’re not hearing about
because that the Penguins are figuring out how
to shut them down at the blue line and florio everybody
thought would be sort of the the linchpin in the Rangers actually
possibly winning the series flurry as been phenomenal so and so too
has long cause he’s played really well but what we’re seeing now is now can and
Crosby being rejoined by penguins coach Dan Bylsma for the first time in a long time it
happened I would say in Prague in 30 game 4 on the Columbus series it’s really work
magic the problems they have of course are both in like to work from behind the
net working behind the net your the only one
guy back there but they seem to be judiciously
switching of who it is it’s going to be back there and mountains go last night coming on a
back and from the left side of the crease was just a spectacular back and that
language didn’t even see that I it doesn’t seem that the Rangers
had anymore joy it didn’t really seem like they had a
time did in beating Philadelphia they were just the better team this time the show on whether or not the
better team the margins in Louis has not been able to produce in this series and the Penguins defense a lot better
than a lot of people thought Chris the time also playing really well up there without
with Crosby and Malkin so I don’t see even being a ranger fan I don’t see eg
tremendous reason for hope for a comeback year maybe they can
pick game 5 of in Pittsburgh come back to leave Madison Square Garden has been
kind to the Rangers certainly in the series and and and that
was disappointing to that they didn’t get any left out of being at home I didn’t play
like that and what doesn’t mean you just win because your home they didn’t even seem inspired and I
don’t know that falls on a lengthy no I don’t know who that falls under the team
just not playing well they don’t have the firepower and Rick Nash a you know the end of this
series we’re going to talk about read national lot because was he worth all that why can he produce
and I like ally Joe Thornton produce in the regular season and we get to the
playoffs in and he’s a little bit an empty suit an
empty sweater as a work moving on to a couple mother
series the Montreal Boston series that is a a real up series Montreal up to 21 now playing game for tonight at the Bell
Centre Montreal and and it’s going to be fantastic to see that crowd there the halves are up to 21
the PK Sudan story that we talked about from game 1
still lingers but this is just a great all-party tournament the the through
them are playing and I tell you this is an all hockey
rivalry right now and you’re seeing it played out you’re
seeing hard hits you don’t see ordinarily a playoff you’re seeing scraps you’re seeing close
game mucho won the last 14 22 it’ll be interesting to see how the
Bruins respond to being down the haven’t had to do it a lot it was surprising when they lost game 1
and where against Detroit in the last series but they responded
beautifully to that they did I respond nicely to be down in
game 2 in this series but coming back out a bluesy game being down 2-1 with
the chance of going home down three to one be interesting to see how that team
response to what what what happened the other night in Montreal moving to
course to the king seriously Kings at I don’t know how to explain it I mean
everything is going right for them and Jonathan Quick is doing what he did in 2012 his point
out up his head he’s a he can be I think the
best goalie in hockey and at times and when he is I don’t know
what you can do i mean that the Ducks have not been able to penetrate all
Corey Perry largely absent in the series but so was
the entire team but you always look at the scores when you’re getting shut down
you’re losing I in you lose two games two straight
games at home of course its yeah it’s kinda home-and-home here
with with LAN and I but there is an advantage to being on your eyes and and now you’re just starting to see
the Kings be seem to gain momentum with every game
with the Ducks do not win tonight I mean it’s easy to say they’ll be down three
nothing one is that happened while hasn’t
happened since last week that a team game that back from being down three games to love
but it’s not going to happen in the series the Ducks needle went I’ll be
interesting to see out what happens there the wild and and
Blackhawks are all restaurants a routine a black art
they’ve looked good they have a lot amazing now I I don’t
think they’re both amazing and they lost game 3 to the to the wild that a huge win for the wild and and
that series you know I don’t think that’s a team you
can count out the Avalanche made a mistake and counting them out a little
bit I think I don’t think they took them seriously they needed to and the Blackhearts I think ur gonna be
admonished to start taking I think that crumbles gonna start
getting to take this while team a little more seriously they’re very very good and and I i think
that that’s going to be a an issue tonight so d-series while not
as good as the last series and certainly tonight could change all
that make them just brutal I the 1 series that should have every
hockey eye on it is march on Boston I recommend you watch
a game tonight ok


  • Reply WiredPyro May 8, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    Habs vs Bruins is an amazing series so far 
    loving it

  • Reply Lallin92 May 8, 2014 at 9:24 pm

    I think the Pens are going to win the Cup this year

  • Reply AngryMrBungle May 8, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    Go Penguins!

  • Reply Xavier Thomas May 8, 2014 at 9:52 pm

    Everyone talks about McDonagh & Giradi but Martin & Letang have been putting on a clinic. Rick Nash is not a big game player and St.Louis is a no show. Rangers need to blow it up in the offseason if they and Lundqvist ever want a ring.

  • Reply Matt Li Puma May 9, 2014 at 1:05 am

    Finally some fucking hockey on TYT "Basketball" Sports

  • Reply jimmycrackedcorn226 May 9, 2014 at 7:38 pm

    Wait- Hockey being discussed on TYT basketball?! Amazing!

  • Reply Ryan Olson May 9, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    Finally some hockey news!

  • Reply MegaIronica May 12, 2014 at 2:50 am

    "Old Rick Strom" glad to hear his name in the channel again but kinda sad in the same time 🙁

  • Reply Derek Carroll May 16, 2014 at 1:57 am

    TYT sports is lame now especially since they totally sucked at covering the nhl so sad :/

  • Reply Anthrage May 16, 2014 at 6:29 am

    Kind of hard to take TYT Sports seriously with so little coverage or commentary on the epic Habs-Bruins series…

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